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Published on May 5, 2014

Author: jasonbaumann



These slides are from the upcoming Boxless Media presentation to the Chicago Bar Association - for CLE credit. We will discuss how to use social media to build a personal brand that will help you stand out in a crowded market of job applicants.

The Social You: Position Yourself for Success Jason M. Baumann Founder & Chief Strategist | Boxless Media

Personal Branding Identify Define Live

Why Social Media “There is No Greater Place to Build a Brand than on Social Media.”

Social Media Numbers 1.23 Billion Monthly Active Users on Facebook 244 Million Monthly Active Users on Twitter 300 Million Users kinda on Google+ 277 Million Users on LinkedIn 2,996,749 Users in Chicagoland Area 34,836 Attorneys in Chicagoland Area 4,374 Recruiters/Legal Recruiters in CA

The Social Revolution Social Media is Taking Over Business ▪ Social Media Marketing ▪ Social Selling / Sales 2.0 ▪ Social Recruiting Social + ____________________ ▪ Social Customer Service

The Genesis of Talent Research YOUR NAME HERE

Recommendation  Google Yourself First Fix any issues… ▪ Secure data sources ▪ Remove questionable sources ▪ Flood with positive content

Platform: Facebook  Facebook is the largest of all social media platforms  Current Numbers  1.23 billion monthly active users  757 million daily active users  Most popular age group is 25 to 34 (29.7% of FB users)  It is okay to be personal on Facebook  Are Your Privacy Settings Correct?  Have You Enabled Timeline Review?  Facebook accounts vs. pages

Recommendation  Learn about your FB privacy

Recommendation Start with your future posts. Set a global preset or you have to do it for each post.

Recommendation Use the Activity Log to change previous posts.


Recommendation View your profile in the eyes of the public or any other specific user.





Platform: Google+  Google+ is one of the most important platforms because of its relationship with Google Search / SEO  Current Numbers  540 million active users  300 million active users using the stream  > 1.5 billion photos uploaded weekly  Amazing features include: Communities, Hangouts, Pages, Authorship and Integration with Google Search

Recommendation  Engage on Google+ Google+ Engagements ▪ Create & maintain professional image ▪ Positive, indexed content ▪ Content can be private but should not be, because it’s Google

Platform: Twitter  Information spreads faster on Twitter than any other medium – even faster than an earthquake.  Current Numbers  560 million active users  342,000 tweets are shared each minutes  Micro-blogging site limited to 140 characters  Originally designed for the mobile only  Twitter is about conversation  Twitter has a brand new look to be more user-friendly (Facebook-like)

Recommendation  Engage on Twitter Twitter Engagements ▪ Create a professional profile ▪ Create positive content ▪ Join conversations with hashtags

Platform: LinkedIn  LinkedIn is the new face of business networking  Current Numbers  277 million active users  35+ is the most popular age group on LinkedIn  2,996,749 Users in Chicagoland Area  34,836 Attorneys in Chicagoland Area  94% of Recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates  100% of the Top 50 US Law Firms have a LI page  Mobile LinkedIn users fill out an average of 44,000 job apps daily  LinkedIn is about making connections  Get involved with posts and groups

Recommendation  Build a Professional Profile Profiles starts a complete profile • Fill out entire profile • Click “Complete your profile” until the button disappears

Recommendation  Build a Professional Profile Use a professional headshot or similar • No pets (unless you’re a vet) • No group shots • No children, babies, family pictures • No unprofessional pictures • No logos or avatars

Recommendation  Build a Professional Profile The most important text is your summary • Never link the summary empty • Take advantage of the 2000 characters • Write for recruiters and their systems • Share specific accomplishments • Break it up visually

Recommendation  Build a Professional Profile Include what you want recruiters to see • Don’t list your high school summer job • Include successes with jobs • Include volunteer experiences • Include skills/languages/interests/etc. • Seek out recommendations

Recommendation  Research Future Employers  Research all of their social pages  Look for connections with their employees  Seek referrals from employees  Be an educated interviewee

Recommendation  Build a Professional Network The Bigger the Better… ▪ 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degrees of Connects ▪ Use connection requests ▪ Use “Get Introduced” buttons

Recommendation  Engage on LinkedIn Those who ENGAGE will be FOUND

Tips from Recruiters/Others  “Warm usually trumps cold”  “Bad social media can kill a referral”  “If my software doesn’t find you, I probably won’t find you”

Wrap Up 1. Google yourself before the recruiters do 2. Learn about and fix your Facebook privacy 3. Engage on Google+ 4. Engage on Twitter 5. Build a professional profile on LinkedIn 6. Research future employers 7. Build a professional network 8. Engage on LinkedIn SIMPLY PUT… Check and Fix then Create and Engage

Contact Me for Help Jason Baumann Founder and Chief Social Strategist Boxless Media 700 South Clinton Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607 (773) 313-3530 Ext. 101 Twitter: @BoxlessMedia / @jbaumann Email: Website: Blog:

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