CHI sessie 2: brainstorming, personas and storyboards

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Information about CHI sessie 2: brainstorming, personas and storyboards

Published on February 24, 2014

Author: erik.duval



Presented to my students on 24 February 2014

HCI: sessie 2 KU Leuven, B, 24 February 2014 ! Erik Duval @ErikDuval 1



hci story of the week?

<20% responsive design…

work of past week…

try to write more from user perspective: what is she trying to achieve
 and how is that problematic?

still using feedly? ! (also for non course blogs?)

vandaag ! vomi: brainstorm nami: consolideer, pitch, persona, storyboard ! & sven


PenO3cw 16 19


important to ! know your user
 & her tasks & context be able to recruit
 test people

design a student app

think of typical ! difficulties tasks context …

just an app ! start with as little as possible (but not less)

don’t worry about practicalities (for now) ! (and maybe not completely crazy stuff)

user generated content apps


the user


storyboard • tekenfilm, film, reclame, interactieve media, • afkomstig van Disney, jaren ’30 web sites, ... • help discussie te triggeren !42


hoe • inleiding, achtergrond, voorbeeld, besluit, ... • wijs media toe aan scènes • video, audio, diagram, kaart, foto • werk interactiviteit uit • controle door gebruiker op navigatie • identificeer kleine “scènes” !44


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tegen volgende week

blog resultaat van vandaag brainstorm, personas, storyboard leg uit hoe papers wel/niet helpen om te verstaan wat je vandaag deed blog hci story of the week blog +/-/? van sessie deze week blog voor vrijdag
 & comment voor zondag

? @ErikDuval 62

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