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Published on February 28, 2008

Author: Umberto


The Web Lecture Archive Project: Archiving Lectures for HEP:  Steven Goldfarb CHEP Mumbai, India - 15 Feb 2006 The Web Lecture Archive Project: Archiving Lectures for HEP The Web Lecture Archive Project:  Partnership University of Michigan UM ATLAS Collaboratory Project Department of Physics Media Union CERN Technical & Acedemic Training Summer Student Program IT American Physical Society Primary Goals implement an electronic archival system for slide-based presentations on the Internet; assess the ability of the system to improve upon and complement existing archival methods; determine the resources required to install and maintain the system as a standard archival service. The Web Lecture Archive Project Project History:  Pilot Project (1999) Bring Sync-O-Matic 3000 to CERN CERN Summer Student Lectures LHC Meetings, Seminars, Tutorials Great Success with Students Especially for early morning lectures… Sparked Interest at CERN, LHC Academic, Technical Training ATLAS Management Early Discovery Years (2000-2001) CERN Training First Attempts at Production Mode Need for Tools, Methods, Automation First ideas of Lecture Object, Standardization CERN Auditorium First Steps Toward Electronic Archival, Equipment for Video Streaming Ann Arbor Emphasis on Addressing LHC Activities Archival of Plenary Sessions, Tutorials Project History Project History (cont.):  Recent Activity (2002-2006) Most R&D Moved to Ann Arbor Lack of CERN Support for General R&D Standardization Definition of Lecture Object Standard Description of Media, Slides, Metadata Porting of Repository to Lecture Object Creation of Transformations to Build, View Lecture Objects Automation Motivated by Larger Scale Production of Lectures at University Web Lecture Capture Device Project Automation of lecture construction from audio, video, slides Automation of publication (immediate web upload following talk) Automation of video capture  Robotic Camera Project History (cont.) What is a Web Lecture?:  Web Lecture Components What is a Web Lecture? What is a Web Lecture?:  Most Common Web Lectures What is a Web Lecture? Seminar or Plenary Session Audio, Video Slides Immediate Publication Short or Long Lifetime Tutorial Audio, Video Slides, Screen Captures, White Board Capture Additional FAQ, Problems, Recipes, etc. Labor-Intensive Production (Delay before Publication) Typically Long Lifetime What’s Out There?:  WLAP Archives University of Michigan Portal Current, maintained, more than 700 web lectures published CERN Portal Original WLAP portal at CERN, no longer maintained actively (being re-thought) CERN Training CDS Agenda Server (academic training) (summer student lecture program) CDS Agenda server (video only, with mixing of slides / speaker) The Rest of the World Google: "web lecture" OR "electronic lecture” 57,000 entries (only a few percent actually point to web lectures) Some premium examples (video only - but awesome content) (Stanford on iTunes) (MediaSite - excellent!) What’s Out There? Current Research Focus:  Lecture Object Standardize Storage of Web Lecture Ingredients, Recipe Archive media in standard formats (mpeg-4, jpeg, etc.) XML extension to SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) Describes slide timing, media location, other information SMIL = W3C Standard Add metadata with RDF (Resource Description Framework) RDF = W3C Standard Standard Procedure for WLAP Current Research Focus mpeg-4 jpeg XML Description meta data Lecture Object Transformations Current Research Focus (cont.):  Web Lecture Capture Device (Automating the Process for Large-Scale Recording) Obstacles to Fast Automatic Lecture Recording & Publishing Video Capture & Compression Slide Capture & Compression Timing & Metadata Capture & Inclusion Manpower Costs Video Recording Processing of Data to Create Lecture Object WLCD Solutions Video captured by IR sensing robotic camera IR light-emitting necklace for speaker Two cameras: one follows necklace movements, tells other where to look Video signal encoded and compressed in real time to mpeg-4 Slide capture directly from presentation computer VGA signal taken by splitting signal to projector Synchronization based on time-dependent changes to signal Non-changing video compressed to fixed images Lecture Object generated from input Metadata extracted automatically from slides with OCR (audio eventually) Published directly at end of lecture Current Research Focus (cont.) Future Directions:  WLAP Focus for R&D Issues of greatest relevance to HEP, Education Automation WLCD, Robotic Camera Standardization Move to Standard Lecture Object Non-Proprietary, Long Lifetime, Adaptable to New Technology Discussions Begun with CERN New SMAC Project Based on SMIL Integration Live Web Lectures a Must H.239 Now Standard on Most H.323 Video Conferencing Units Dual Video Streams Capture and Build Lecture Objects on the Fly Adaptability, Proliferation Lectures Everywhere Maintained, Mirrored Web Repositories Viewing with PDA’s, iPods, Phones, … Future Directions

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