Chemical Reactions With Acids

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Information about Chemical Reactions With Acids

Published on March 1, 2014

Author: littlevagabond



A tutorial covering, in the simple term, the how of neutralisation, acid metal reactions and acid carbonate reactions.

Learning Goals: To understand what neutralisation is To understand reactions between acids and metals To understand reactions between acids and carbonates

Sodium Hydroxide Cl Na Cl H+ Cl H+ Na Cl H+ Cl OH+ H+ Hydrochloric Acid OH+ H+ OH+ H+ Na Cl

Na OH- Cl Cl Na Na OH- H+ H+ OH- Cl H+

Na OH- Cl Cl Na Na OH- H+ H+ OH- Cl H+



Concentration of acid (M) Volume of gas produced (ml) 0.1 5 0.2 10 1 50 3 100 4 200 An acid reacts with a metal to produce a salt, water and carbon dioxide. An experiment was carried out testing 5 different concentrations of acid, to see how gas each gives off when reacting with a metal. Draw a graph of these results

In your garage, you discover 3 identical bottles with no labels. Each contains a clear liquid. You know that one is an acid used to clean the pool, one is a base used to clean clothes, and the other is just water. But they all look the same! You’ve heard that some acids and bases give off dangerous fumes so having a sniff is a bad idea. You remember that in year 9 science, you used a plant to tell which samples were bases, which were acids and which were neutral. You look out into the garden and notice that you have this plant growing there. Write down the steps you would take to tell which is the acid, which is the base and which is the water

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