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Published on September 19, 2018

Author: Ekeedaa


How to pass Chemical Engineering exams- a simple study guide: How to pass Chemical Engineering exams- a simple study guide What is Chemical Engineering? : What is Chemical Engineering? It is mainly uses the principles of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics. It is used for production, transformation and transport of chemicals, materials and energy. It is the combination of Engineering with Chemistry. It covers all the fields from biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals etc. Key concepts in Chemical Engineering: Key concepts in Chemical Engineering It is has global applications in everyday life. The perpection of Chemical Engineering has changed widely. It important subjects under this field are Engineering Mathematics-II, applied Mathematics-I, Engineering Graphics, Basic Physics. Knowing the basic concepts of Mathematics and Graphics is very important as it the key of building other concepts in Chemical Engineering. A study Guide to pass Chemical Engineering exam: A study Guide to pass Chemical Engineering exam Knowing the syllabus will solve half of the problem as each subject has a large syllabus and completing them can be a tough job. Make a proper time-table and work on each subject daily. Follow this time-table strictly for passing the exam. Practice is the key to success. So practice Mathematics daily. It will make your base strong. Chemical Engineering Online Courses has a lot of lab examinations too. Pay proper attention on it. Slide 5: Complete all theoretical assignments and lab workbooks as it will help in clearing concepts. Make notes on each chapter and also make a formula sheet for remembering the chemical equations. Revise all the chapters on a daily basis. Don’t mug up things as it will not be helpful. Get hold of past 10 years paper and practice from them properly. Be confident and stay calm in order to pass the exam. Slide 6: For More information please visit here: https://

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