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Published on July 21, 2018

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Slide1: YOUR EXTENDED ARM IN INDIA . . . . Slide2: O VERVIEW o F I NDIAN E CONOMY G DP USD 2000 billion, growth rate 6-6.5% P opulation 1.25 billion, strong workforce D emocratic country, independent judiciary E conomic liberalization started in early 90’s, gradual reduction in custom duties from 75% to 6.5% L arge scale infrastructural development E merging economy, difficult to ignore. T he center of gravity is shifting eastwards and India will be one of the motor force in globalization Slide3: I NDIAN C HEMICAL I NDUSTRY V alued at US$ 130 Billion, contributes to 13% of industrial output and 7% of GDP. O ne of the fastest growing sectors of Indian economy, growing at more than 10%. F ragmented and dispersed industry - multi product and multi faceted. I ndustry focus on employing latest technologies and cost efficient production. L arge players in bulk chemicals. Both large and small players in fine and specialty chemicals/ingredients. M anufacturing hub of multinationals for servicing global requirements. V ery strong in specialty and knowledge based products, natural products. A bundance of technically skilled manpower, minerals, feed stock and natural products. A mong the top 10 chemical producing countries of the world Slide4: C HEM C ONNECTIONS (I NDIA ) – A N I NTRODUCTION A part of Reliance tea group, active in tea plantations & processing, chemical manufacturing, trading & transportation. A young company, providing sourcing services dedicated to international, polymers, pharma & food ingredients distributors and traders. Q ualified team of 25 professionals having diverse industrial experience A ctive in sourcing of chemicals, polymers, pharma/ food ingredients, minerals & metals from India. M odern office with latest communication infrastructure in central business district of New Delhi, the capital of India and branch office in Mumbai. E thical business practices. Open & transparent partnership with principals. Slide5: O UR S TRENGTHS E xperienced promoters, understand the rapidly changing requirements of international trade. Knowledge of what to be sourced from where. Q ualified team of engineers, chemistry, pharma and commerce graduates, experienced in the same line of business. L ocal people, speaking local language ensures easy communication & closer relationship with manufacturers L arge scale contacts in Indian industry. Association with several international companies has strengthened our buying power and earned respect in the industry. C omprehensive database - directories of manufacturers, import/export statistics, local law books/manuals and industry notifications S trong logistic arrangements, contacts with shipping companies, freight forwarders, clearing agents, consultants and information providers Slide6: S OURCING F ROM I NDIA - W HY & H OW C ompanies around the globe continuously evaluate supply chains and seek suppliers with competitive prices. China, India and other developing economies are becoming hub for cost efficient products. China has the advantage of having upstream and downstream product chain of bulk products, while India excels in specialty chemicals, APIs, spices, herbs and knowledge based products. F or companies seeking spot procurement, cost advantage may be India's primary draw, but companies focusing on good quality & regular supplies finds India a better option. Immense benefit can be derived from quality and manufacturing flexibility offered by Indian producers. Sourcing from India also helps overseas companies in balancing trade risks. W hile the cost advantages of sourcing and procuring from India is obvious but there are entry barriers. Most companies often delay their entry due to the initial capital and management outlay required to maintain own office and the complex operational environment in developing countries. The best way to handle such situation is to employ the services of a local Indian sourcing company. Slide7: P harma & V eterinary API’s, Intermediates, Formulations, Excipients, Neutraceuticals, Vitamins, Cellulose Derivatives, etc. F ood & F eed Antioxidants, Preservatives, Stabilizers, Colors, Sweeteners, Vitamins, Soy/Maize products, Minerals, Hydrocolloids, Herbs & Herbal extracts, Spices, oleoresins, Processed Fruit & Vegetables, Flavor & Fragrances, Nuts, feed-meals, Aqua Feeds, etc. H ome & P ersonal Care Active Ingredients, Emollients, emulsifiers, Preservatives, Surfactants, Thickeners, Sunscreen, UV absorbers / Filters, Rheology Modifiers, etc. F lavors & F ragrance Aroma Chemicals (Cinnamic Aldehyde, Styrallyl Acetate, Benzyl Alcohol, PEA, Styrene Oxide, PTBCHA/OTBCHA), Menthol, Turpentines, etc. P aint/ I nk/ A dhesives Resins, Binders, Pigments and Dispersions, Additives, Fillers, Solvents, Plasticizers, TiO 2 , Wetting and Dispersing Agent, Thickeners, etc. P olymers/ P lastics Resins, Binders, Plasticizers, Fillers, Pigments, Additives, Flame- Retardants, Stabilizers, Processing Aids, Antioxidants, etc. M inerals & F illers Kaolins, Mica/Quartz, Talc, Silicon compounds, Wollastonite, Calcium Carbonate, MnO, Bentonite, Attapulgite, etc. A gro Inorganic and organic chemistries such as Magnesium Sulfate, EDTA Chelates, Sulphur, Insecticides, Fungicides, Pesticides, etc. O thers.. Products for Rubber, Detergents, Textile, Paper, Lubricants, Oil Drilling, water treatment, metalworking, Construction, Glass, Leather, Solvents (IPA, ETAC, GBL), Composites, PU, etc. P RODUCTS A T A G LANCE Slide8: C HEM C ONNECTIONS (INDIA) Enquiries received from principals Understand product & desk search Contact the qualifying manufacturers & introduce the principal Arrange offer, certificates, specification and samples Visit supplier and undertake plant audit Arrange pre-shipment inspection, if required Logistic support & post shipment follow up. Commercial negotiations and order placement Analyzing India’s strength product Suggest principal & generate enquiries Finding out competent suppliers using database and personal contacts Arranging Exclusive Representations Contract Manufacturing B USINESS P ROCESS Slide9: Coordinating, updating and educating Indian producers about Regulatory matters Promoting Principals within the Indian industry, visiting exhibitions, personal meetings Joint promotional activities alongwith principals (advertisement in trade journals, joint participation in exhibitions, etc.) Distribution agreement arrangement Planning and accompanying Principal’s visits to India (even to remotest places) Co-coordinating with industrial and govt. bodies and keeping principals informed about govt. policies, socio-economic & political situation of the country. Visiting principal’s offices from time to time to update & exchange views. Informing partners about new market/products development possibilities Due diligence of suppliers V ALUE A DDED S ERVICES Differentiation between suppliers Plant Audit/inspection Quality inspection through approved agencies Single point contact Combined buying power One stop sourcing from South East Asian countries like China, Korea, Malaysia, etc. Packaging & stuffing inspection Close follow-ups : Arranging offer, samples, pre & post shipments follow up, timely shipment, shipping documents etc. Claims/disputes settlement/Mediation in settling matters even with financial support Market study of specific products Slide10: Principals Turnover (Millions) Industries Served Markets served AMIK ITALIA SPA (Italy) € 100 Industrial and Specialty Chemicals Italy & Brazil CARBON GROUP (Ireland) € 40 Industrial and Specialty Chemicals Ireland & UK CHEMFIELD INTERNATIONAL (S. Korea) $ 40 Bulk & Industrial Chemicals South Korea CSC JAKLECHEMIE ( Hungaria ) € 60 Industrial & Life Science Chemicals Hungary & Czech Republic DEPOTCHEM AMGAL (Israel) $ 120 Industrial and Specialty Chemicals Israel DINKO (Belarus) € 30 Industrial Chemicals Belarus, Russia EIGENMANN & VERONELLI (Italy) € 200 Specialty Chemicals, Pharma/ Food Ingredients Italy ELTON GROUP (Greece) € 120 Industrial and Specialty Chemicals Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia & Ukraine GROLMAN GROUP (Germany) € 125 Paint, Ink, Adhesives, Rubber, Plastics etc. Germany and Other countries GRUPO TRANSMERQUIM ( Latin America) $ 700 Industrial & Speciality Chemicals and Polymers Whole of Latin & Central America (14 countries) GLOBE CHEMICALS (Hamburg) $ 145 Plastics, Paints, Pharma, Food, Rubber, etc. Latin America & Africa International Distributors we work with. . . Slide11: Principals Turnover (Millions) Industries Served Markets served HSH CHEMIE GmbH ( Hamburg ) € 150 Specialty Chemicals for Food, Pharma, Feed, Coating etc. Central and Eastern European countries KEYSER & MACKAY (Netherlands) € 140 Paint, Adhesives, Plastics, Ink, etc. Benelux, Switzerland, Poland, France KG INTERNATIONAL (US) $ 50 Industrial and Specialty Chemicals Florida and the Caribbean Islands MEADE-KING, ROBINSON (UK) € 70 Industrial & Speciality Chemicals UK OXIQUIM S.A. (Chile) $ 150 Industrial & Speciality Chemicals and Polymers Chile & Peru PALMER HOLLAND, INC. (US) $ 250 Specialty Chemicals US PROTEA CHEMICALS (South Africa) $ 400 Industrial and Specialty Chemicals South Africa REDOX PTY LTD (Australia) $ 350 Industrial and Specialty Chemicals Australia RINEN CHEMICAL GROUP (Brazil) $ 35 Industrial and Specialty Chemicals Brazil QUIMIDROGA S.A (Spain) € 600 Industrial Chemicals , Food, Feed & Polymers Spain, Portugal, Maghreb region QUADRA CHEMICALS (Canada) $ 400 Bulk and Specialty Chemicals Canada & Shanghai International Distributors we work with. . .

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