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Published on May 8, 2009

Author: kmott


My Science Fair Project : By Chelsea My Science Fair Project Table of contents : Table of contents Research Scientific Question Hypothesis Prediction Procedures Materials Results Conclusion Application Slide 3: Research Resting Heart Rate : Resting Heart Rate Resting heart rate is the # of times your heart beats in a min. when you are resting or sitting or standing still. The best time to check your heart rate is in the morning when you first get out of bed. The average RHR for an 8-11 years old is 62 BPM. The average RHR for 12-15 year old is 60 BPM Target heart rate : Target heart rate Your target heart rate is the goal you should try when you are exercising to make your heart strong. Target heart rate depends on your age.Your target heart rate is 60% to 80% of your maximum heart rate. Your maximum heart rate is 220 min. The average target heat rate for an 8-11 years old is 130. The average heart rate for an 12-15 years old is 115. Slide 6: Scientific Question Scientific Question : Scientific Question Will walking,skipping, jumping,jumping jacks make my heart work harder? Slide 8: Hypothesis Hypothesis : Hypothesis I think that running will make my heart work the hardest Slide 10: Prediction Prediction : Prediction IF my heart rate is the fastest during running then I know that my hypothesis is correct. Slide 12: Procedures Procedures : Get my resting heart rate. Do each activity for 60 seconds. Record heart rate after each activity. See which activity made the heart rate go the most Procedures Slide 14: Materials Materials : Materials Record sheet to results Stopwatch / countdown timer Jump rope Pencil Clip board Tennis shoes Gym clothes Water bottle First aid kit for emergencies Fan Slide 16: Conclusion conclusion : conclusion I found out that jumping jacks made my heart work the hardest. Jumping jacks made my heart work harder than running,skipping,jumping rope,and walking. Slide 18: Results Results : Results Results : Results Slide 21: Application Application : Application I learned about the importance of exercising to keep your heart strong. Now I know what activities to do to make my heart beat go up.It’s good to know your target heart heart so you can get the best benefits for your heart. Slide 23: Resources Resources : Resources http://www.Amercanheart

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