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Published on September 19, 2008



Chefs A’ Field : Chefs A’ Field THE ACCLAIMED PBS TELEVISION SERIES NEW SEASON COMING TO PBS NATIONWIDE – SUMMER 2009 The nation’s best chefs – and their kids – in a culinary adventure from farm to table… Slide 2: WHAT IS CHEFS A’ FIELD America’s very best chefs— and their kids—venture out to farms, fishing boats, forests and ranches for a look at where great food comes from. Each episode features a top American chef and their children who go in search of fresh, quality ingredients, interacting with those who grow and catch our food. Then, we venture back to the kitchen for a family-friendly cooking lesson… And a sneak peak into the kitchens of America’s best restaurants. 13 x Half Hour Programs on PBS Nationwide Season 4 Premiers Spring / Summer 2009 ABOUT THE SERIES Chefs A’ Field Slide 3: WHAT IS CHEFS A’ FIELD ? A “cooking series with a conscience,” Chefs A’ Field pioneered the idea of green cuisine, garnering critical acclaim, ratings popularity, numerous awards and proving to be one of the most popular cooking / lifestyle series of its day. Viewers discover why thoughtful agricultural and sustainable seafood practices make a difference in how foods taste and hold their nutritional value. And in the kitchen, Chefs A’ Field simplifies professional techniques and encourages cooking with family and friends. Ideas for how to cook with kids, shop with a environmental mindset and get everyone closer to where their food comes from is presented in an entertaining and educational means fit for viewers of all ages… ABOUT THE SERIES Chefs A’ Field Slide 4: WHAT IS CHEFS A’ FIELD ? NATIONWIDE ON ALL PBS STATIONS Airing in 98.9% of all U.S. Homes HIGHEST VIEWERSHIP OF ANY PBS “LIFESTYLE” SERIES* 115 Million + Households MOST SOUGHT-AFTER VIEWERS* 59 Million Viewers: Women 25 – 54 58 Million Viewers: Men 25 – 54 AWARD-WINNING SERIES LIMITED NUMBER OF SPONSOR SLOTS AVAILABLE Maximum of 4 Major Sponsors *Source: TRAK MEDIA / PBS. 9/08 ABOUT THE SERIES Chefs A’ Field Slide 5: WHAT IS CHEFS A’ FIELD ? CULINARY ADVENTURES FOR ALL AGES …family friendly programming WELL ESTABLISHED REPUTATION SUSTAINABLE “GREEN” COOKING… CELEBRITY CHEFS COOKING… GARDENING… TRAVEL. Combines the most watched trends in Television 4TH SEASON OF ACCLAIMED SERIES BEGINS SUMMER 2009 NATIONWIDE ON PBS AIRING IN ALL MAJOR MARKETS ABOUT THE SERIES Chefs A’ Field >> Click FOR PDF COMPLETE OVERVIEW Slide 6: WHO’S WATCHING…National Coverage NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION Airs in all major markets & internationally Currently airing in over 98.9% of US markets Largest market share of any lifestyle or cooking series* Daytime & primetime airings Airings internationally in Canada, Asia, Europe, etc… Airs for 5+ years in all Markets Sponsor messages continue at NO additional cost National reach of 180+ Million Households Food Network & HGTV have reach of less than 50 million HH More than 15 Million cume viewers per episode *Source: TRAK MEDIA / PBS. 9/08 ABOUT THE SERIES Chefs A’ Field Slide 7: WHO’S WATCHING… Top Ratings TOP RATINGS: The Top Rated PBS Cooking / Lifestyle Program Average series rating of 2.2 Highest ratings average of any PBS daytime series Ratings of 4+in major Markets Daily/Weekly continual airings in all markets Prime-time & daytime dayparts Top lead-in/out ratings of any 30-minute PBS series More than 125,000 episode airings to date *Source: TRAK MEDIA / PBS. 9/08 Neilsen Media /LCTS Television ABOUT THE SERIES Chefs A’ Field Slide 8: WHO’S WATCHING… Premium Viewers ABOUT THE SERIES PREMIUM PBS VIEWERS ARE WATCHING : PBS Viewers are wealthy, educated, loyal. “The most sought after demo today. “ – Ad Age Series reaches more than 115 Million households Highest viewership: Men & Women 25–54 59 Million Women Age 25 – 54 58 Million Men Age 25 – 54 Strong Appeal to Families, “Moms” & Heads of Household *Source: TRAK MEDIA / PBS. 9/08 Chefs A’ Field Slide 9: MOST DESIRED DEMOGRAPHIC… Chefs A’ Field viewers are WEALTHY: 3 in 4 own their own home Average personal income of $69,823 (average household income over $105,000) 79% more likely than the average US adult to have more than $75,000 worth of stock Chefs A’ Field viewers are EDUCATED: 75% more likely to have post graduate education than cable viewers 50% more likely to have the job title “President” than the average US adult    Chefs A’ Field viewers are ACTIVE: 48% are active gardeners 69% have cooked or entertained for friends in the last 3 days 75% have made a major home goods purchase in the last 6 months 60% took a domestic trip in the last year; 40% traveled Internationally Chefs A’ Field viewers are LOYAL: 66% make purchases based on company reputation over price 70% viewed PBS sponsors as companies “they would go out of their way to support” 43% would pay more for a product by a company they trust 48% find a brand they like and “stick to it “ 46% are willing to give up convenience for a product that’s environmentally safe WHY CHEFS A’ FIELD ? Chefs A’ Field Slide 10: WHO’S WATCHING… Loyal Viewers WHY PBS? VIEWER LOYALTY… 35% of viewers believe PBS sponsors are “committed to Quality & Excellence” 43% of viewers feel “more positive about companies that sponsor PBS” 34% of viewers are “more likely to buy a product or service from a PBS sponsor” 28% of viewers believe “companies that sponsor PBS are leaders in their industry” 40% of viewers agreed “companies that sponsor PBS care about issues important to me” WHY PBS ? Chefs A’ Field Slide 11: UNCLUTTERED ENVIRONMENT… WHY PBS? STAND OUT IN AN UNCLUTTERED ENVIRONMENT UNCLUTTERED IS BETTER: With less non-programming minutes per hour than any of the commercial or cable networks, PBS delivers your message in a program-rich, clutter-free environment. CATEGORY EXCLUSITIVITY: Sponsors messages are uncluttered by competitors spots. MAXIMUM OF 4 MAJOR SPONSORS: A maximum of 4 major sponsors are allowed per program, leaving your message to stand apart. EMBEDDED SPONSOR MESSAGES: Sponsor messages are embedded in the series. programs Sponsor spots are included within approx. 2 minutes before/at end of program. This all means that sponsor spots cannot be “Tivo’d” or avoided, but draw the attention of viewers. WHY PBS ? Chefs A’ Field Slide 12: FAMILY-FRIENDLY GREEN CUISINE… FAMILY-FRIENDLY GREEN CUISINE PIONEERING PROGRAMMING CULINARY ADVENTURES FOR ALL AGES FIRST COOKING SERIES EVER PRODUCED IN HDTV BEHIND THE SCENES GLIMPE INTO AMERICA’S BEST RESTAURANTS AWARD-WINNING & CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED COMBINES THE MOST-WATCHED TRENDS IN TELEVISION POPULAR LIFESTYLE TOPICS FAMILY FRIENDLY PROGRAMMING WELL ESTABLISHED REPUTATION & AUDIENCE SUSTAINBLE GREEN THEMES COOKING… GARDENING… TRAVEL ABOUT THE SERIES Chefs A’ Field Slide 13: AWARD-WINNING SERIES AWARD-WINNING PROGRAMMING JAMES BEARD FOUNDATION AWARDS “Best National Television Cooking Program” “Best Television Cooking Special” 2008 DAYTIME EMMY AWARD NOMINATION… 2 CINE GOLDEN EAGLE AWARDS for “Excellence in filmmaking.” 43RD CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ~ HUGO GOLD AWARD 2008 PARENTS CHOICE AWARD “for exceeding standards set by educators, scientists, artists, librarians, parents, and kids.” WALT DISNEY WORLD 2006 & 2007 EPCOT FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL FOOD & WINE MAGAZINE “TASTEMAKER AWARDS”: “the top innovators and trendsetters in the world of food.” 2008 NEW YORK FESTIVALS ~ GOLD WORLD MEDAL THE FILM ADVISORY BOARD’S ~ “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE” THE WHITE HOUSE NEWS PHOTOGRAPHERS AWARD “Best Documentary” ABOUT THE SERIES Chefs A’ Field Slide 14: CRITICAL ACCLAIM What are they saying about Chefs A’ Field ? ABOUT THE SERIES “A marvelous window to dinner's origins… It could make even the most hesitant eater want to reach in for a bite. A+ Highly Recommended.” ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY “A splendid culinary adventure…” THE TIMES-PICAYUNE “Watch it now. Watch it as a family.” RELISH “Parents need to watch this series. This show offers families a great reason to tour local farms, buy some of their fresh produce, and join forces in the kitchen to prepare a favorite dish or two.  out of 5.” COMMON SENSE MEDIA “Let Emeril continue to pump it up, leave the Iron Chefs to seek out ingredients ever more exotic: A quiet counter-trend in culinary TV has emerged.” SEATTLE WEEKLY “Chefs A’ Field looks scrumptious … we were most impressed with the subject matter and leisurely pace that celebrates its subject without getting preachy...” THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE “Chefs A’ Field was praised by Julia Child, who lauded the show’s ‘refreshing focus…’ We agree.” FOOD & WINE MAGAZINE “Look out for Chefs A’ Field...if you like food, even a little, you do not want to miss this one.” THE ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION “Chefs A' Field stylishly explores the relationship between chefs and their food sources…” THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE “A beautiful and thoughtful program...” THE NEW YORK TIMES “Chefs A’ Field makes an important contribution to the burgeoning debates about our food chain… It is a happy marriage that evolves on Chefs A’ Field.” MICHAEL POLLAN, AUTHOR Slide 15: BENEFITS OVERVIEW SPONSOR BENEFITS OVERVIEW: ON-AIR EXPOSURE DIGITAL PLATFORMS & ONLINE EXPOSURE SERIES AFFILITION & PROMOTIONAL RIGHTS MATERIALS: VIDEO, RECIPES, PHOTOS, LIBRARY ACCESS TO CHEFS & PROGRAMS OUTREACH & EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS VIP ACCESS, EVENTS, PRESS & PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS MERCHANDISE & HOME ENTERTAINMENT SPONSOR BENEFITS All Sponsor Benefits stay with the series in perpetuity, for the life of the series and in all media and episodes. Chefs A’ Field Slide 16: ON-AIR PROMOTION 2 X :15-SECOND SPONSOR MESSAGES EMBEDDED IN EVERY EPISODES: ON-AIR SPONSOR PROMO’s: 2 x :15 sec. exclusive spots in each episode Embedded in program content Maximum of 4 major sponsor spots Donation of footage & production services On-Air spots include logo, URL, tagline, etc. Spots air with the series, in perpetuity & in all media (5+year of airings) Chefs A’ Field SPONSOR BENEFITS Slide 17: SPECIAL PACKAGES ~ ‘Shorts’ SPECIAL BREAK AWAY PACKAGES & STAND-ALONE PIECES A series of short programs/packages created exclusively for sponsor Marketing/Promotions Original packages created for series sponsors Broadcast quality; HDTV & online formats Unlimited use in sponsor promotions & marketing; meetings, in-store, events, online, give-away’s, etc. Lively, informative and entertaining format Branded with sponsor graphics & information Relevant topics & subject matter important to sponsors Access to series archive of images, photos, video Highlight sponsor products and key messages SPONSOR BENEFITS Chefs A’ Field Slide 18: OUTREACH… show your message DEDICATED & BRANDED CONTENT IN SERIES EDITORIAL CONTENT IN THE BROADCAST SERIES Themes, information & products relevant to sponsors may be included in the series on-air content. *in compliance with all PBS rules & regulations DEDICATED & BRANDED CONTENT IN OUTREACH MATERIALS: Sponsors receive dedicated and branded pages and content in the series outreach: COMPANION BOOK FAMILY MATERIALS EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS HOME ENTERTAINMENT EVENTS & SCREENINGS Chefs A’ Field SPONSOR BENEFITS Slide 19: PERSONALITIES & MATERIALS License and unlimited use of materials & personalities Access to library of footage and materials from all 4 seasons of the series Restaurant-quality recipes from nation’s top chefs available for full sponsor use & integration Integrate chefs and other materials into your events & marketing WHTV will work with sponsors to create promotional opportunities & activations SPONSORS RECEIVE FULL ACCESS TO THE PERSONALITIES, CHEFS, RECIPES, FOOTAGE, PROGRAMS, PHOTOGRAPHY & BRAND of CHEFS A’ FIELD. Chefs A’ Field SPONSOR BENEFITS Slide 20: AFFILIATIONS…chefs, recipes, footage, library… SPONSORS RECEIVE FULL ACCESS TO THE SERIES: NAME & AFFILIATIONS Esteemed reputation as a pioneering food program. Top rated program. Winner of every Major Award. National Partnerships with major organizations and non-profits. ESTEEMED LINEUP OF CHEFS & PERSONALITIES Featuring more than 60 of the nation’s very best chefs. Some of the most respected farmers and artisanal producers anywhere. FAMILY-FRIENDLY RECIPES More than 100 restaurant-quality recipes from the nation’s top chefs. Recipes available for sponsor use in promotions, branding, online. LIBRARY OF FOOTAGE Hundreds of hours of true HDTV footage. PROGRAMS 50+ award-winning programs from the Chefs A’ Field series Chefs A’ Field SPONSOR BENEFITS Slide 21: ON-LINE MEDIA ON-LINE MEDIA BENEFITS CHEFSAFIELD.COM Sponsors will be prominently featured on the series website Fixed front page logo & link Banner ads Prominent exposure on category-relevant pages Promotional tie-ins to sponsors Sponsor advertising pre-roll on digital clips COMPLETE MEDIA PACKAGE for SPONSORS Sponsors will be offered a complete Media Package for their own, unlimited uses, including: Digital video clips High Resolution Photography from the series Chef’s original recipes (may include sponsor products) Audio / Video Podcasts Special messages from series participants & chefs Educational materials (elementary & adult) Outreach activities targeting parents & teachers Tips & information, including green living/cooking tips Outtakes, behind the scenes & special features SPONSOR BENEFITS Chefs A’ Field Slide 22: EVENTS & VIP ACCESS EVENTS & VIP ACCESS Events, chef demo’s & screenings in key markets Exclusive benefits and participation in series events SPONSORS PROMOTED IN EVENTS & SCREENINGS Sponsor messages & logo included in screenings / events Sponsor signage and information Exclusive sponsor opportunities to integrate product/branding EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO SERIES MATERIALS & PERSONALITIES Integration of chefs, participants, footage for your events Create special events in your targeted markets EXCLUSIVE ACCESS & VIP INVITATION Receive exclusive invitations to events & screenings Special access to meet series personalities, celebrities, etc. Chefs A’ Field SPONSOR BENEFITS Slide 23: HOME ENTERTAINMENT HOME ENTERTAINMENT DISTRIBUTION BY PBS HOME VIDEO Includes: PBS.ORG Barnes & Noble Stores Apple iTunes Netflix Amazon Paramount Entertainment Libraries, Museums & Educational Institutions SPONSOR LOGO & RECOGNITION APPEARS ON ALL HOME ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTS: DVD’s Books Podcasts / Vodcasts Streaming Video All Media SPONSOR BENEFITS Chefs A’ Field Slide 24: OFF-AIR PROMOTION SPONSOR PROMOTION IN SERIES MATERIALS PROMOTION OF SPONSOR NAME & LOGO IN ALL MARKETING MATERIALS & PRESS RELEASES: Maximum placement of your name, brands, logo in all materials related to the series Sponsors included in all press releases, promotional materials and listings Major marketing and promotions campaign to coincide with series release SPONSOR BENEFITS Chefs A’ Field Slide 25: EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH Original Chefs A’ Field Educational Curriculum & “Family Activities” including lessons, information, themes, sponsors and products from the series. DISTRIBUTION 15,000+ Schools nationwide via Farm to School Partnerships PBS KIDS and other PBS resources Partnerships, including sponsors BRANDED CONTENT FOR SPONSORS Content will emphasize messages important to sponsors Available for sponsor distribution, use & branding Inclusion of sponsor name, logo, and information License to all materials offered to major sponsors SPONSOR BENEFITS Chefs A’ Field Slide 26: SPONSORSHIP LEVELS SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES Sponsorship packages range from in-kind contribution to $400,000. Sponsorship packages specially created to meet partner budgets, goals and fiscal. Major sponsors receive industry exclusitivity. All sponsor benefits are recognized throughout the life of the series, in perpetuity. Sponsor recognition and benefits include13 episodes / season. SPONSOR BENEFITS Chefs A’ Field Warner Hanson Television will work with sponsors to create a sponsorship package that meets your needs, budget, and fiscal cycle. Slide 27: NON-PROFIT DONATION NON-PROFIT DONATION YOUR DONATION TO CHEFS A’ FIELD MAY BE A NON-PROFIT DONATION. Significant tax incentives may apply to your sponsorship. Our team will work with you to maximize the tax benefits. FISCAL SCHEDULES Warner Hanson Television will work with sponsors to determine a payment schedule to meet the individual needs and cycle of each participating organization. SPONSOR BENEFITS Chefs A’ Field Slide 28: FOR MORE INFORMATION FOR MORE INFORMATION: HEIDI HANSON: PHONE: 202.255.9093 HEIDI@WARNERHANSON.COM WARNER HANSON TELEVISION WARNERHANSON.COM Visit CHEFSAFIELD.COM CHEFS A’ FIELD Chefs A’ Field

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