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Information about CHEER LEADING

Published on June 18, 2007

Author: Seasham


Slide1:  The North Way Origin of Cheerleading:  Origin of Cheerleading Cheerleading first originated at Princeton University with students yelling chants in unison to get fired up before a game. A few after, Princeton graduate Thomas Peebles introduced the idea of organized crowd cheering to the University of Minnesota in 1884, but it was not until 1898 that University of Minnesota student Johnny Campbell stood in front of the crowd, and directed them in a chant, making Campbell the very first cheerleader. Soon after that, the University of Minnesota organized a 'yell leader' squad of 4 male students. Up until the 1920’s cheerleading was a male dominated sports, but during this decade more women began participating due to limited availability of female collegiate sports. National Cheerleaders Association :  National Cheerleaders Association In 1948, Lawrence 'Herkie' Herkimer formed the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) as a way to hold cheerleading clinics. The National Cheerleaders Association held its first clinic in 1949 with 52 girls in attendance. The next year, the clinic had grown to 350 cheerleaders. By the 1950s, most American high schools had formed cheerleading squads. By the 1960s, cheerleading had grown to be a staple in American high school and collegiate sports. Organized cheerleading competitions began to crop up with the first ranking of the 'Top Ten College Cheerleading Squads' and 'Cheerleader All America' awards given out by the International Cheerleading Foundation (now the World Cheerleading Association or WCA) in 1967. In 1978, America was introduced to competitive cheerleading by the first broadcast of Collegiate Cheerleading Championships on CBS. Elements of Cheerleading:  Elements of Cheerleading Jumps Motions Stunts Tumbling Crowd Interaction Jumps:  Jumps Jumps are used in cheerleading to increase crowd appeal. When executing jumps there are three things to keep in mind; technique, timing and height. Basic Jumps:  Basic Jumps Toe Touch Front Hurdler Pike Hurdler Stunts:  Stunts Stunts are one of the most dangerous aspects of cheerleading. They are a major part of the sport; they not only increase crowd involvement but also they are visually appealing. The most basic intermediate stunt is the Liberty. From this stunt many different variations can be 'pulled'. Liberty and Basic Variation:  Liberty and Basic Variation Liberty Arabesque Intermediate Variations:  Intermediate Variations Scale Heel Stretch Advanced Variations:  Advanced Variations Scorpion Bow and Arrow Motions:  Motions Motions are something that Niles North has always been very strong in. Motions make up a very big part of scoring when it comes to competition. Motions are to be tight and placement has to be accurate in order to receive full points. Slide12:  Basic Cheer Stance High V Low V Punch Bow and Arrow Touchdown Low Touchdown T Right L Left L Right Diagonal Left Diagonal Right K Left K Half T Tabletop Tumbling:  Tumbling In more recent years, tumbling has become a larger aspect of competitive cheerleading. At IHSA competitions many of the squads dedicate at least 45 seconds of a 3 minute to routine to just tumbling.

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