Checkerboard floors and masonic symbolism in movies and music - Part I

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Information about Checkerboard floors and masonic symbolism in movies and music - Part I

Published on February 23, 2014

Author: uniquelee



Disclaimer: A small two-part presentation illustrating the use of the checkerboard symbol (and others) in the media and the music industry. Other symbols are shown in conjunction with it. This is for education purposes only DISCLAIMER:. I do not own anything presented herein. All data uploaded and collated is simply a collection of zeros and ones, otherwise known as binary language that enables the creation of words and pictures in the digital realm. i do not own, nor did I create that language. All information shown here can be freely discovered on the Internet.

Commercial movies, music videos and occult symbolism: all hidden in plain sight

This presentation is for awareness. The perception that drives what you will see presented here is the thesis that occult symbolism is flooding your subconscious mind with imagery that, upon ‘face value’ may seem innocent; even innocuous to the eye. However, there is an inter-connecting tree of subtle memes that underlie the apparent projection as ‘art’. The first meme that reveals itself is the One-Eyed Symbolism. Also called “The Eye of Providence”, this is a very old, ancient symbol that many identify in many different ways, and under different names. It is for you, the viewer, to glean what you will from this collection of images and to draw your own conclusions as to what you see; and to understand why you see it, and why it is being used, and for what purpose. The second meme is the Checkerboard Floor. Again, you the viewer are asked to investigate and conclude why this widely used symbol is saturating the music and movie industry to the point where it’s no longer adjudged to be simply ‘coincidence’ or a common, harmless visual embellishment to moving pictures. You, the viewer are also invited to view movies more closely and to pay attention to what happens (action) on the checkerboard floors and to whom, and why.

The following images display some ‘artists’ projecting the “all-seeing eye” and the sub-themes of trans-humanism (post-mankind – a new variant of man), Bears, Mickey Mouse (double MM) and Disney. It is hoped viewers will seek some answers to the questions that may arise as to why these things are connected. Why would they be inserted into the ‘public eye’ for all to see, and delivered in a way that, initially, may seem infantile or irrelevant on first viewing – television adverts are created for infants if they are viewed with the correct, discerning eye. Pay special attention to ‘stars’ who use images featuring the likes of a Monarch butterfly, augmentation by, or adoption of mechanistic or machine-like parts affixed to various places on the body (such as the face); opposing colour schemes (such as red and black; red/blue or red/yellow or others (such as green/purple, as well as the chess-board or checkerboard floor); quadruple pillars and/or twin columns or pillars/poles; and, the word associations or numbers (or both) being emplaced together with the image in order to steer the mind into an illusionary or distorted conclusion that the chosen word or phrase supporting the ‘art-work’ apparently first presented. But, as the viewer may discover … there is much more to it than ‘meets the eye’

Here are just a few examples of the One Eye Symbolism, and note some of the gestures and imagery or iconography that is placed within each. Even the ‘organised religions’ take part in the one-eyed symbolism…sometimes… (next slide)

One Eye Symbolism The One-eye symbolism can have two forms; “in the light”, or “in the dark”. The above two pictures from commercial movies ‘Brave New World’ and ‘VThe Visitors’ show this meaning. Both movies, curiously, have the same sub-themes – a movement against mankind, and the nature that is man.

Two examples of how ‘showbiz’ and ‘celebrity’ are used to promote these symbols, unbeknownst to the general readers of these papers & magazines. Bullets are held in magazines too, curiously. December, 2013 As usual, Scarlet/Red is the prominent colour to use, and note the split/balance/divide of two females - two pairs of One-Eyed (2 of the Left Eye /2 of the Right Eye). The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ message delivered with the image also has 3 magical sentences starting with ‘New’ (or Neo)

“Now You See Me” is about a shady organization named “The Eye” that controls these entertainers. While most viewers are dizzied with the senseless action of the movie, an important message is being communicated: The occult elite controls the entertainment business … Do you see it? – The Vigilant Citizen The other sub-theme is the “best robbery of all time” and demonstrating who controls the 4 horsemen (and Red/flame-haired/Scarlet woman) …now you see your digital credit, now you don’t

Above Image courtesy of December, 2013 – ‘Ellen’ displaying the same ‘hidden’ eye symbolism for whatever public reason declared. The “dualism” is apparent with the twin scarlet-red seating (tables, flowers) which are placed in front of the flames of the fire-place, observed though subconsciously, to the rear of the scene Image link -

The “All-Seeing Eye” and Pyramids usually appear together, but not always. Arches or “double MM” (as in Disney’s M-ickey M-ouse); a Rainbow, (or the Electromagnetic Spectrum of Light) and Pentagrams may also appear with any of the symbols mentioned. Constellational animals such as bulls, scorpions, lions, tigers, and eagles/pheonix - themselves all symbols of the dominant “Kings” of the Beasts in the wild, or nature - are also sometimes used in conjunction with the other symbols shown above, such as twin pillars, primary colour Red, mirrored symmetry, butterfly, Rabbits (and Alice in the looking glass/wonderland), ‘V’, compasses and squares (cubes), and checkerboard floors.

Hoodwinked! Pity the poor, foolish man who becomes a Freemason! In the very first degree ritual, that of Entered Apprentice, a blindfold is put over his eyes, and a cabletow is hung around his neck. 1 Symbolically, the dumb candidate is "HOODWINKED.“ Little does he know that his superiors intentionally set out to deceive the candidate (in this case, Pink, shown right) and they contrive their deceit through all the ritual degrees up to and including the 33rd. (See UN/UK 33 slide later) 1 Texe Marrs, Codex Magica, p21

Demi Lovato again shows the subtle black and white dualism or ‘alter ego’ theme (above), and below, the Temple/A-pex/Road to nowhere imagery between twin pillars. The 4 side images with Barney the dinosaur beside the Octagonal Pool (with Selena Gomez),,the multi-tentacled Octopus, and two-toned spiral So, is this just normal, symbolism you’d be likely to encounter or see during the daily hum-drum of everyday life, well, sure it is… so it seems…perfectly normal. I mean, an Octopus is innocent enough, right?

On December 5th, The National Reconnaissance Office launched a new spy satellite called NROL39 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Its logo features a giant octopus engulfing the world with the ominous words “Nothing is Beyond our Reach” underneath. Is there a better way to portray a nightmarish, big-brotherish totalitarian government? No. In fact, this exact imagery was used to portray “evil communists” a few decades ago. 1 1


Top left to right: Inference to involvement with Electroshock therapy for Selena Gomez (lightening bolt striking her mind); [Monarch] butterfly signifying a transformation; the pointed-out hand gestures; the witch in the Wizard of Oz; checkerboard floor variants ;the pink feline/cat facial mask (kitten/Pussy cats), upside down roses, and more butterflies (ringed)

Two screenshots from Coolio’s “Gangsta’s paradise”, and Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” which plays with the Good/Bad girl duality, using the same occult symbols: Checkerboard floors; the fingers to the lips and “Secret shhhh”; Left hand Baphomet, Skull and Cross-bones with the Red Love Heart (with the light in the left eyes) in quick frames, and the rock ‘tongue-out’ Beyonce live on ‘Good Morning America’ and Britney Spears’s “Unprotected”, “where she emerges from her private stage door with a checkerboard floor shown in frame, and later, demonstrating the narcissism and “selfie-importance” themes surrounding herself with pictures of herself, and the level of fame, and the two-tone colours using blue walls against the black/white checkerboard floors

In the video, “Crazy in Love” with JAY Z, we see the first scene is the ‘Road to Nowhere”, copied by Rhianna in the fist image overlay. Two frames that pass by quickly show the number 33. Beyonce is also dressed in white in the beginning scene, but she ‘changes’ (zebra print/black and white clothing) after emerging from the destroyed car later, after the vehicle is consumed by Lucifer, depicted by JAY Z and the Flame of the Light-er, he deliberately drops onto a trail of fuel, which in turn ignites the car’s destruction taking place under the ‘Arch’

Beyonce, known for having more alter egos or “split personas” than the average pop mannequin, uses the monarch butterfly mirror images in the video ‘1+1’. The usual red, blue, crimson colours are typically used in sexual suggestivity, and the “smoke from the mouth” posture is also hinting at a more powerful archetype. The eyes are shown in ‘tortured blinded-ness’ in the last image, a theme that Pink used in her ritualistic performance in the preceding slide. Top left image we see the leopard print also makes another appearance. The viewer may spot a few more butterflies as we progress…

Beyonce (Sacha Veyonce) - whatever alter ego is summoned for the ‘performance’, the familiar icons and symbols appear. Sometimes only captured in a single frame, we see the One-Eyed symbol, Ice (coldness) to the 3rd eye, mirrored monarch butterfly imagery, and here the distinctive animus archetype is depicted by the leopard print clothing, depicting a change in [her] nature. For further research into animal prints (Zebra/ Tiger/ Leopard) do investigate MK ULTRA SEX KITTEN programming and see where it leads you, the viewer. Katy Perry is the latest user of this symbol in ‘Eye of the Tiger’.

Speaking of Miss Perry, in the song ‘I kissed a girl’, we see her on the bed stroking her ‘kitty’ (as you do!) beside her Bunny Rabbit. You may see the Rabbit in other screen caps but a slide may be dedicated to this unusual, hidden meme. Some Women may admit to having a private ‘friend’ called a Rabbit in the bedroom too, but it won’t be cuddly. Katy does love the Left-Eye symbolism (top right - even a wink!), and even her friend, fellow monarch Keisha makes a formal right-eyed introduction and cameo. And hey, it’s ok to kiss a girl. When you wake up and see that hunk in bed beside you, It’s ok, it was just a dream.. In ‘Hot N Cold”, a groom(ed) gets cold feet at the wedding Alter/Altar (i.e. Katy Perry) and bolts for the Temple door, only to be pursued on foot, bicycles, and car by Katy and her troupe of bridesmaids, all 7 of whom brandish baseball bats (hopefully for the after-wedding ceremony). Of course, it was all just a dreamy vision by the groom(ed) as Katy brings him a random Zebra (and rainbow) for no apparent reasoning at all. Yep, all normal. Black hearts at church weddings are a must too, it seems (below 2 nd from left). But hey, it’s a Love-shaped heart, right? Just like the butterfly-shaped bow (below). The honeymoon should be a blast though. 7

Nicole Scherzinger’s ‘Boomerang’ (featuring no boomerangs at all) illustrates the black and white monochrome/Checkerboard motifs, Pentagram, as well as the two-tone shades for the Wavy pattern and the cross in the first two slides above. She uses heavy Monarch butterfly asymmetry too, as beyonce does, but using monochrome. Wynter Gordon “StiMela” (you see the ‘M’ ? ) demonstrates the simple Blue/Red opposites, Mandala/Monarch Symmetry and the Leopard print. Leopard print, It’s so now, you see. Just a trend… oh yeah, can’t forget the left eye cover (below)

One may also notice a recurring theme with some of these ‘fabricated’ personas. Apart from the usually occult album covers, (imprinting subliminal symbolism such as those ringed above) One may also see the various PRINTS they apparently self-elect to wear, such as Leopard and Tiger prints

Red … Leopard print … blue No Cross tattoo yet… Demi Lovato (of TV series ‘Glee’ fame) sings “This is Me” in 2008. Although just ‘starting out’ on the vocal career, we do see signs creeping in that should be familiar to those with discerning eyes. The male wears checkered T-Shirt under black leather jacket and later, in checked grey/black shirt. And, the leopard print of the female supporter who kindly hands the microphone to her. Leopard print is another subject that deserves more focus a little later on.

As can be seen in the images above, the more-than-familiar symbols emerge yet again; the ‘Shhhh, it’s a secret‘’ fingers to the lips; Zebra and Spotted print (Kitten/Pussy/Cat/Animal/Mask) Birdcages, which represents an empty mind; (as in ‘gone cuckoo’ and the movie ‘One flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest’; locked in a cage), the usual checkerboard floor appears behind the Jonas brothers (pictured below) who apparently co-wrote the album alongs with the ‘independent’ and completely-in-fullcontrol-of-her-musical-talents, Demi Lovato. Of course. Zebra’s and Lightening bolts (above picture) with the colour oppositions of black/white/yellow and blue, and the obligatory checkerboard board trousers completes a “KeyCode outfit”

In another series of 1 frame images, water symbolically ‘spurting’ from Fire Hydrants (again we see opposites of Fire and Water) and being showered in glory, ‘V’ symbols around the eyes (as in the circular camera shot with the left hand placed to the left eye), the X of reincarnation, and the Pheonix/ Eagle T-(for-Tau) shirt worn by the central figure.

Nicola Roberts from X Factor; the manufactured group ‘Girls Aloud’ doing a solo track, ‘beat the drum’. No surprises we see a few familiar symbols creeping in. The double ‘V’ hand symbol, the ‘M’ (from the word DRUM), loitering about the shop where the checkerboard floor is (and the only shop she steps into). She stands by the slogan “Join the family” (which or what family?) and you may see a Triangle/Pyramid (with All-seeing eye as an upside down pyramid) above the ‘M’ in the last picture of the sequence (which also seems to be mirrored). As in the first shot, she wears the black and white stripped Zebra print, but she also wears leopard print underwear too. Cover drive, ‘Twilight’, shows the monochrome and eye symbolism, playing on the Checkerboard Floor theme in the first image, and then in her outfit. Another symbol that has curiously been noted is the use of ladders and ascending/descending. We see the two-tone heart motif as usual (last picture) and note the dancer in the red leopard print with the ladders.

LMFAO video above features a ‘6’ on the earphone. Way too many leopard and zebra prints and yes, you’ll notice they’re all dancing on the Zebra Crossing/ Checkerboard floor. Wynter Gordon (who?) below in “buy my love” (from the PHARMACY?). This singer is unknown to me but as I compile this presentation, it’s perplexing at how many of these ‘artists’ use the same exact symbolism as their elevated ‘Queens of Pop’’ do, such as the red heart, Leopard print, and the ‘V’ (with Left Eye emphasis) and ‘Heart’ hand sigil (bottom centre). Sadly, no winking from Wynter here 

“Willow” Smith (a quaint reference to the occult) is a child-Star, employing all the various signs and symbols of a mini monarch. Checkerboard floors, Stars, Red and Blue (opposing) paint colours, One-Eye symbolism, the Right Hand baphomet and Zebra Print. Let’s also not forget the latest indulgence – Narcissism, shown here with the “(I) Eye Heart Me/I Love Me” emblazoned on the T-shirt below The final picture (bottom right picture) with the woman in the red Zebra print performing the splits like most teachers do, exemplifies the rowdy, lawless nature of today’s classrooms that teach and empower the youth to become warriors and warriorettes (bottom left picture) and to show self-love (narcissism and ‘I-Heart-Me’), and the doctrine of ‘do what thou wilt’

Christina Aguilera is no stranger to using the occult in videos. Above, she ‘winks’ the Left Eye and you will see the Checkerboard Floor in the form of Ear-rings. The red and blue contrast with hair against the red seat and wears black and white in the control room shaped like a box (below right), whilst making hand sigils as she orchestrates the video on screens. Below, she rides the motorbike upon the blurred checkerboard floor track and surrounded by light (below left) and casting lightening from her hands. The video also features a dancing robot; further ‘winking’ at the subliminal transhumanism theme

“Money for Nothing”, Dire Straights’ contribution to MTV was one of the first videos to be aired. As TV has pretty much confined mankind to a boxed cube called a room (or prison/prism/cell for the mind) this video exemplifies what TV does to the mind. Pay attention to the many static blank TV screens (above) Whilst the two characters move material goods about (you know, delivering healthy microwave ovens, TVs, ect) what else can one expect to see on M-TV? Some provocative shots of women’s naughty bits and the Moon landing. Also notice the character with the cigar has red eyes. Too much M-TV already maybe? Interesting the timer on the microwave (with a head inside) displays 12:00 (0r 1+2+0+0 = 3) and the woman under the subtle arch-way/M (above). The second character has been dressed in the grey/purplelight purple two-tone colours, along with the Checkerboard floor and the red and blue. Don’t forget the bird cage, open, but no bird in the room! The “Ian Pearson Band’ (ringed) shown in the screen capture above was the name of the animator for this Dire Straights video (ringed) and not a real band, but marketing and product placement was already underway using video in this way.

The 1980’s era saw the emergence of videos when MTV (say it quickly, it’s a mantra!) first aired music videos, the first being Dire Straights ‘Money for Nothing’ with it’s symbolic checkerboard floor for all to see (and the hypnotic, trance-like effect TV has on people who stare at it long enough) but other musicians and artists used that symbol too. 80’s band Propaganda used it heavily for their hit ‘Duel’ which has the same symbolism and colours as todays modern counterpart Monarchs, including the exact same two-tone colours the vocalist wears (circled above) As with Tom and Cerys’s festive Xmas video, we see drugs being placed into drink glasses (top right), chalices and/or cups (usually red wine), cages (for the mind); a child carries a doll or mannequin through an alley full of groping hands and mirrors. What the sequence (above) showing the singer in 3 generations of age and ‘breaking the glass’ with the very doll she clasps while walking through the many groping hands, may reference how long the suffering of the mind controllers have held precedence over the child/performer, or maybe it’s just artistic license again. The song ends back on the checkerboard floor once both the male and female have been released, freed themselves of their binds and gags, and ‘break out’ of the cell and the jailer (above).

The use of the checkerboard has been used exclusively within the music industry and videos where visuals help to describe the song (apparently) being audibly sung. If you turn the sound OFF and simply watch the videos objectively, you may see subliminal themes pop out from under the shiny polish of a videographer’s mind. Are these “artists” really in control of these videos? Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews sing a cheery, heart-warming, Xmas tune to the children above. As it’s depiction is ‘hellish’ (Tom plays the Devil/lLORD archetype complete with longer fingernails and note the upside-down 7/ L /EL circled), it’s perfect for viewing while watching your sons and daughters open their presents. We see little Angelic Cerys (dressed first in virginal white) trapped in a cage (you will see this theme more and more) upon the LORD’s checkerboard floor, and after being released, she is drugged with spiked red wine which magically transforms into her polar opposite alter-ego (a bit like the movie ‘Legend’) – with opposite black outfit and black wings. After accompanying her up the 3 steps into the Seat of Power or St Peter’s Chair, she uses her shapely hour-glass figure (‘V’ symbol) to seduce the ‘LORD‘ and ‘turns the tables’ on the LORD/EL by entrapping him (Tom Jones) into the descending bird cage in the final scene, smiling a devilish smile at success. The table/Altar Cerys dances on also has a ‘coffin’ shape to it, although it tapers to a point, or A-pex (circled green)

70’s Rock band Queen imitator’s ‘The Darkness’ also did a jovial Christmas song, “Christmas (don’t let the bells end’) is hardly the best tune in the world if you were to hear it on the radio. But, if you looked a little closer, you may have spotted a few closer calling cards of the creator (of the video). Why would the viewer not be surprised to see the now-apparent subtle themes – why of course you’ll be laying in front of a fire on a Tiger print. making the heart hand /pyramid sigil - of course you’d expect to see the Robot (transhumanism) in front of the tiger’s face revealing just the left eye (Robot with red eyes). Yes, someone always gives you a box with checkerboard floor wrapping paper (I know, lovely use of the two-tone colour scheme) and, of course the giver of the boxed present will give you the Left-Eye wink to let you know who gave you the key that is brought out from the checkered box, as it shines and gleams and sparkles, ‘cos that’s what Christmas is about – all that good, wholesome materialist stuff people like getting into debt for. And, of course, Christmas wouldn’t quite be Christmas without the red car with the Number 7 on it. It’s always good to know the LORD’s name / number plate. This subject matter regarding Christmas and Christianity is relevant and will become clearer next as we draw towards the end of this presentation. Merry Christmas from the Darkness…

1980’s group ‘Mister Mister’ used the checkerboard floor and the altruistic, aristocratic themed video ‘Is this Love’ to portray a few darker themes seen in today’s music videos. We see the ‘selfie’ photographing (top, 2nd from left) seen in socialite circles, double arches (MM), regalia and some unwanted sexual advances on the marble kitchen table by the male who enters/descends down the stairs and the arch, surrounded by the checkerboard floor. It’s enough to make you dizzy! As the video plays, the hero (Mister Mister’s lead singer) walks through the checkerboard floor hallways, passing a smiling woman holding a red bear. I will urge you, the viewer, to indulge your curiosity and investigate what bears mean as a symbol in this context. Or, you can wait and maybe you may see why the animated movie “Toy Story 3“ has some darker meaning you may not have ‘seen’ before. Finally, showing facial expressions of revulsion and disgust, the red-haired woman who fights off the male’s sexual advances, is rescued and whizzed away from it all by the chivalric hero in a silver car

Adam and the Ants ‘Prince Charming’ plays with the Cinderella archetype, although reversed so he himself plays Cinderella who does go to the ball, complete with checkerboard floor and socialite mask-wearers, after receiving an alter-ego/persona change from the heavenly-lit fairy God Mother, played by screen actress Diana Dors (who was cast quite a lot in Hammer House of Horror episodes in the 1970’s) swings in to the ballroom with flair and bravado as he ascends the heavenly stairway. He also ‘breaks the mirror’ (bottom middle) as a lot of music videos do today. Whether it is a narcissist/abused trait, or another ‘hidden’ meaning or expression is left for you, the viewer, to deduce what that symbol may represent in context to the video (as eluded to from previous and preceding slides). As a side note, Adam Ant, curiously, was legally sectioned under the Mental Health Act for taking a gun into a public house in England in 2002 11 years ago. (link )

‘G’ This poster showing America's first President, George Washington, as a Mason, is distributed by the George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association. It was printed in the Scottish Rite Journal (August 1992) Source: Texe Marrs, Codex Magica, p63

The above scenes are from an MTV-sponsored advert, featuring the world’s best masonic “secret” symbolism flashes up in one frame to reveal 3 symbols (below) and above left, the infection of the checkerboard as it spreads into the ASIAN pop market, where the same expression can be clearly seen. Below is a scene from the TV series ‘Caprica’, when Zoe is in her illumined consciousness within the virtual world her father, Graystone, creates (which can be seen as the equivalent to today’s Internet Virtual dream-world), complete with checkerboard floor and light of illumination overhead (with overlay of frame from MTV). G

Music videos seem to use the checkerboard floor with impunity – the question is WHY. Is this simply artistic licence by the producers or is this the will of the artist’s own mind and Heart?

Music videos feature the checkerboard floor more than most…including ‘artists’ such as Kylie ‘those shorts’ Minogue (in red and blue), Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha, ect

Disney’s Child, Demi Lovato’s “give your heart a break” (above) performed at the Peoples choice Awards and “let it go” below. No coincidence the same checkerboard appears in both, along with (the pentagramic number 5) large screens mezmerising the audience, and the ‘red heart’ (symbolising sacrifice) is displayed to the left and right. Demi wears the red, symbolising the “Scarlet Woman” archetype as most female singers and ‘celebs’ do, and, as seen in the iconic movie ‘The Matrix’ (below) which also has the black/white theme (with the woman holding the striped bag beside her) surrounded by the ‘black suits’ that represent the agents, and the system as a whole. Also recall ‘Caprica One’ from the TV series ‘Battlestar Galactica’ (below)

Various multi-layered occult symbols such as checkerboard floors, Disney ears, One-eye symbolism, Orbs, ‘V’, and pyramids from Rhianna, Pink, Lady Gaga and “Queen Bee” Beyonce

But, those dance routines.. aren’t similar to a Masonic ritual/ ceremony, are they?

Rhianna The two images above are examples of the duality of colour schemes used (red and blue), and some old familiar symbols and colours used in juxtaposition to one another. Deaths and ritualistic acts sometimes are performed upon the checkerboard floor. As seen in the following slide, the two scenes from movies ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Conspiracy’ depict a sense that some form of depravation is associated with the floor itself, and the letting of blood upon it.

Twin Pillars and checkerboard floor “Conspiracy” (2004) “Resident Evil” (2004)

Mila Jovovivh has been in the “business” for some years now since a very young age, and the labels she wears are very telling for the ‘career’ she’s had. In the above ‘’Resident Evil’’ movie, Alice (a reference to Alice in the Looking Glass) awakens in a shower naked, confused/degraded, and disorientated, and the Checkerboard Floor is the usual symbolic pattern the viewer sees. The T-Virus is injected into a White Rabbit (another allusion to the Alice themed Mind Control) and the Umbrella Organisation (represented by the Red Cross of the Knights of Malta) seems to be the primary instigators of the production (and release) of the T-Virus, resulting in an air-borne plague that turns mankind into ferocious flesh-eating Zombies. Alice attempts to leave the facility where she ‘awakens’, only to find herself “killed again” whilst attempting to escape the underground facility which is controlled by Artificial Intelligence; an intelligence that uses a small female child as the projection which communicates with Alice (Mila). The DVD cover (left) show the ubiquitous One-Eye symbolism with the Maltese Red cross inside the eye.

Mila has been photographed with numerous symbols that may indicate a darker, hidden history. The above top pictures show Mila holding Teddy Bears (3 of them), the title of the movie “Lolita” in 1990 when she was under 16, and later, as she becomes more of a ‘woman’, we see the butterfly motifs appearing as well as the Leopard/Tiger/Zebra print. Viewers interested in this topic should visit for more on this and other related subjects

Mila Jovovich has been a ‘child’ interest to the industry for a long time. Above are ALL the signature symbols that you’d expect to see attached to someone who has had a career molded from the beginning. The top images show the pedophilic nature of some of the fashion magazines when she was only 11-14, and the words associated with this ‘’young woman’’

A selection of images that ask you, the viewer, to interpret and ask the question; why use these symbols? Can One honestly concur it’s plausible to assume they are simply ignorant to the symbolism itself and are simply innocently performing them for the public eye to ‘see’ as just currently ‘hip’ or ‘trendy’, or ‘cool’ to mimic them so much ? Even the children are doing it. This image (left) was found on a local church close to where i inhabit. The picture to the right is of the infamous ‘Baby P’ case within the State of England some years past. Maybe the Church should investigate the ‘Owl’ and checkerboard floor (as above) symbolism (that’s a hypothetical musing. Of course the ‘church’ knows what the symbol means on the occult level), and maybe consider informing the meaning of them to the innocent, or stop using them.

Back quickly to Mila Jovovich. The movie, ‘’The Fourth Kind’’ stars Mila, but this movie references the ideas of transdimensional possession by violent, occult forces, namely of Sumerian origins. The main symbols that present themselves are the one-eye symbolism, split-screen (split-personas) cinematography, a strange (to most) connection to the presence of the Owl (the biblical Watchers) at the time of the “abduction/possession”, and the idea of the ‘’AllSeeing Owl’ with an owl’s ability to spin its head 360 degrees and see all. Nothing escapes its gaze. As shown above; within the movie, the Owl and the ‘’abduction/Possession’’ occurs when … of course, at 3.33, another pointer to hidden meanings and insider nodding. The movie itself is given a strange perspective from the viewpoint of how Mila narrates the experience – like a play within a play – this is a ‘’real’’ event, but played/acted by Mila, but she herself is portrayed by the other actress. More on 3 and 33 in later slides.

The Ashlar Stones and The Pyramid Masonry is a peculiar Egypto-Babylonia-Jewish institution, and so the pyramid itself hearkens back to the Dynasty of the pharaohs and to the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt. The stones which make up the pyramid are also of esoteric significance. In the Masonic philosophy it is taught that unenlightened man is in a rude, natural state. Having little or no "light" and without the spiritual illumination offered by the Mystery Religions he is likened to an imperfect or rough ashlar stone. But once enlightened and illuminated, he is crafted into a man of education, sophistication, discipline, and culture. He reaches upward toward spiritual perfection. He is then a perfect ashlar stone. In many pagan religions this concept of the Rough vs. Perfect Ashlar was taught. In Freemasonry, it is heavily emphasized. The pyramid's structure is fitted only with perfect ashlar stones, it is said, meticulously chosen by "The Builders" who watch for flaws and reject the rough, or imperfect ashlar. 1 Likewise, the higher level Masons discover that the pyramid reflects, or parallels, the New World Order (Novus Ordo seclorum) they and their Illuminized superiors are building under the watchful eye of the Great Architect of the Universe, whose secret and sacred name (shhhh.. Remember?), the Royal Arch Mason learns, is Jah-buh-lun (or Jah-Bul-On – a thrice, 3-part title) Regarding a ‘’New World Order’’, the following slide (and in particular the Planet of the Apes article) may make some viewers chuckle … Texe Marrs, Codex Magica, page 268 1

As this news article appeared on Sunday, 5th January, 2014, it seemed pertinent to place it here for context concerning the previous slides as a whole. If what you, the viewer, are looking at within this presentation, it is hoped you will see the connections (as a whole) as to why you see what you see in media, movies, fashion, cosmetics and drug/pharmaceutical companies, music videos and all projections that flow out from the mind-control instrument you allow into your living rooms – The TV. Possession may be a strong word, but possession can infer a loss of mind, ability, personal will-power, choices, self-determination, and other darker elements that come with commercial brain-washing via the media and Television

In making this speech I claim no religious authority whatsoever. I am a committed - but I have to say vaguely practising - Church of England Christian, who will stand up for the values and principles of my faith… And with 3 bibles sold or given away every second…a book that is not just important in understanding our past, but which will continue to have a profound impact in shaping our collective future. Third, we are a Christian country. And we should not be afraid to say so. I’ve already mentioned the lions’ den (in reference to the Cathedral he’s speaking at!) Just think about some of the other things we all say. Phrases like strength to strength… …how the mighty are fallen… …the skin of my teeth… …the salt of the earth. …nothing new under the sun. According to one recent study there are 257 of these phrases and idioms that come from the Bible. These phrases are all around us, from court cases to TV sitcoms and from recipe books to pop music lyrics. In total, there are almost 30,000 faith based charities in this country.. And that brings me to my third point. The Bible has helped to shape the values which define our country. Indeed, as Margaret Thatcher once said, “we are a nation whose ideals are founded on the Bible.” Really, David, … Really? Are you sure this isn’t your “Road to Nowhere”? For now, let us return to what happens on those checkerboards and see what else is on show

28 Days later – the attempted rape scene performed on the checkerboard floor and a mirror, which is, symbolically, a dimensional gateway, eluding to the degradation of the victim-tobe. Mirrors are also connected with narcissism (“selfies”)

The “Selfie” phenomenon – The new, dark face of narcissism The “selfie” phenomenon (the ‘art’ of taking a photograph of oneself, usually in a mirror) was a big manifestation in 2013 (as was celebrity child-births and pregnancies, namely William and Kate being the most important focus of the year) and, although it seems innocent enough – the idea that you should “love yourself” first – has a cuddly feel to it. However, this type of narcissism has a dark undertone to it. It births a dependency culture. A type of emotional energy vampire, of sorts. Needy. As has been shown with previous slides, most if not all the ‘celebrity’ and music ‘stars’ promote the ‘i (eye) love (Heart) Me (the mirror persona)” with some of the more prominent musicians and actors wearing these slogans emblazoned upon their clothing, or making the hand sigils of the ‘heart’ (a reference to the shape of a woman’s vagina). The ‘Selfie’ is actually pointing more to ‘selfishness’ more than understanding who (or what) you are as a man or a woman; honesty, integrity, dignity, respect for oneself and others. This type of narcissism/Selfie can be destructive as it depends upon ‘feeding the ego’ (the mirrored image of the false persona that looks upon its own reflection) of the ‘selfie-taker’ and implies a ‘don’t care about you lot, just me’ attitude. Most people would not consider this behaviour right, or true, of these strange narcissistic habits in a normal reality. It only seems to ‘exist’ or be able to exist within the digital internet media realm.

“Devil’s Advocate” “A Clockwork Orange” “The Matrix” “The glitching kitty Cat”

“Constantine” “Terminator 2”

“Eastern Promise” (2007) Viggo ‘The King’ Mortison (Lord of the Rings) bloodletting on the checkerboard floor in the Bath-house, shown in David Kroenenberg’s 2007 movie

In the movie, “The Godfather”, Luca brasi, after having a knife plunged through his hand and impaled into the wooden bar it rests upon, ends up being garroted from behind in the bar. The ‘Sleeping with the fishes’ scene (on the window) ends with luca, obviously choked to death upon the checkerboard floor

TV series “Supernatural” features the checkerboard floor and the association with it to/with ‘Death’. Also note the checker-type tablecloths and shirts of the deceased

Skull and Crossbones – The ‘Bonesmen’ – Skull and Bones

In the movie “Men of Honour”, the ‘testing ground’ for ‘cookie’ (as Robert De Niro affectionately calls the ‘judged’ Master Chief diver) just happens to be upon a black and white checkerboard floor. Attention is also directed to the Arches and the ‘Court’ bench which has the twin pillars of Jachin and Boaz connected by the Royal Arch (circled). The ‘Golden Headress’ (Golden helmet) may also hint at another known symbol found in the times of dynastic Egypt. Judges wear the nemes or wig, even today.

“Batman” “I should be so lucky” – Kylie Minogue

The third element to the memes in the media, in general, is Artificial Intelligence, or “A.I”. This topic has been employed for over 100 years, so it’s no new idea. Many futuristic writers, such as H.G. Wells, Sophia Stewart, Philip K Dick, John Carpenter, Douglas Adams, to name a few ‘seers’ and others, have explored the future and how it may or will appear. This topic is also the most pernicious as it is a double-edged sword, promising ‘easy living’ and a ‘better life’ as Humanity Version 3.0 adopts robotics and cybernetics (DARPA) into their spheres to supply some benefit to the family home – SMART technology, ‘apps’, implantable CHIP and BMI (Brain-Machine Interface) automatic lights, heat-retention and generation and insulation, push-button service by an autonomous thing which will offer help to ‘decomplicate’ the hum-drum existence the system of [mind] control demands. There is also, however, a very dark path which is being offered by proponents of Artificial Intelligence to which there is no path back from; which there is no salvation for. The analogy would be the genie in the magic lamp. Once that genii is out the bottle, so to speak, can it ever be placed back in? Human v3.0 may simply opt-into (or be ‘convinced’, ‘encouraged’ or ‘persuaded’ to accept) to jump into that very bottle themselves, trapped; and no-one may never rub that bottle (which actually becomes the very prison the people seek freedom from) again, in order to be freed from the cage and the darkness within. Or maybe, there’s simply no one ‘human’ left to rub the magic lamp.

The next few slides connect to the Artificial Intelligence/Robot memes that slither and slide along with some of the themes and concepts (or understandings) that have been demonstrated previously already Although movies have toyed with the ideas shown in futuristic movies such as Lawnmower Man, Minority Report, A.I, I, Robot, Surrogates, Transformers, Battleship, Eagle Eye, War of the Worlds, Wall-E, Equilibrium, Elysium, District 9, Independence Day, Star Wars, Battle for Los Angeles, and even TV series such as Falling Skies, the sub-theme of Artificial Intelligence and/or ‘cloning’ is always in there, somewhere … ‘Terminator’ is probably the best example of Artificial Intelligence gone terribly wrong for Mankind, and as seen in the TV series, Battlestar Galactica’, and the precursor to it, ‘Caprica’, the message is loud and clear: Be careful what you do with the Promethean Fire.

‘G ’ The ‘3rd Eye’ The Atlas Stadium using Red / Blue (opposites; like Male and Female 3rd eye above) where teams play the ‘pyramid’ game

The previous slides featured scenes taken from the TV series, ‘Caprica’. ‘Caprica’ is set prior to Battlestar Galactica and the main protagonist, Grayson Industries (a parallel that seems to point at DARPA of today’s ‘world’) references a lot of Greek influences, archetypes, religio-philosophy and mythology, such as the ‘One True God’, symbolised by pointing to the 3rd eye (previous slide and right) The index finger (be careful where you point!) points to the temple (or forehead). The series culminates in the ‘Apotheosis’; the infamous ‘Atlas Stadium’ is where a ‘pyramid game’ is played by competing sides, and virtual reality and hi-technology is entrenched in everyday life. It also promotes the ideas of Trans-humanism with the introduction of the First Generation of Cylons as ‘protectors against terrorists’ – ‘G’ (Grayson) also introduces the “google glasses” of today’s “world” – a portal which is the virtual internet that Grayson gifts to the ‘citizenry’ and becomes a kind of consciousness/soul-injection system; a mind for a mass-produced artificial, avatar-robots. The first step towards a tumble to the fall… ‘Caprica’ is an intriguing TV series for numerous reasons. But, as a researcher and history lover, it is hard not to observe multiple sub-themes at play. Whether this is pre-programming the viewer to a proposed (or desired) future world system that Ray Kurzweil would like to see, or DARPA, or NASA for that matter, or whether it displays how mankind will embrace technology, tacitly unaware that hiding in the hands of grandfather time, artificial life, powered by man’s consciousness, is transported and merged into a laboratory-made cortex of nanochips, sensors and chrome which may awaken of its own free-will and volition, and when that singularity (self-awareness) occurs, is the genie then out of the magic lamp, and will ‘IT’ grant 3 wishes to the holder, or will ‘IT’ not. Can mankind ever put the genie back in once ‘IT’ is out?

She will be leaving DARPA in the next few weeks to join Google in an undisclosed position. DARPA has confirmed the move and said the only reason for the departure is the opportunity to join such an “innovative company." "Regina is a technical pioneer who brought the future of technology to the military during her time at DARPA. She will be a real asset to Google and we are thrilled she is joining the team," Google said. Google is working on shoot-for-the-moon projects of its own via the secretive Google X, but there's no indication that she's headed for that department. 33 =

The Handmaid’s Tale The Handmaid’s Tale All-Seeing Eye/ One Eye “Eye of Providence” Symbolism

The Handmaid’s Tale

This type of symbolism isn’t only constrained to ‘mainstream’, news media, ‘block-buster’ Hollywood movies, and a lot of music videos. No, no. They can also be seen, although sometimes oh-sosubconsciously, within TV series, such as “the Walking Dead”. The Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic scenario where mankind has been infected with some form of bioweapon or virus (run to the CDC) which decimates the entire population on the planet, and how mankind adapts (or ‘survives’ if you like the darwinian angle of ‘survival of the fittest’ ; some may say ‘the sanest’) to the true horrors of reality, and what man becomes, after its attempted leap into Trans-humanism leads to its very fall. As will be shown now, a few familiar symbols appear…

The Walking Dead “Checkerboard” (Chess) “911” “ZZ / SS”

In all the slides and the few examples above, from both sides of the ‘entrainment’ industry, oops, I mean the ‘enter-taint-ment’, you see some familiar messages. The All-Seeing Eye (seen on a US petro-dollar) the US Dollar bill ‘eye of providence’ becomes the Official Seal of the ‘New Patriot US Militia’ in the TV series (top pictures) “Revolution” which, interestingly, links to DARPA-esque “Nano-technology gone rogue and causing a global electrical blackout“ scenario, which casts all the actors within the former United States of America into a Neo-Colonial Feudal system, lit by candlelight. The ‘All-Seeing Eye’ in the middle picture (taken from ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’) is another 1984/Brave New World, Huxley-esque type subject matter where women, blessed with fertility (as most of the females seem barren and infertile after the fall) become the surrogate mother-class to the psychopathic ruling elite – an honoured and privileged place within the pyramid, apparently. There are many disturbing sub-themes that are yet to be shone light upon…

Remember the scenes with ‘Queen Bee’ Beyonce - Do you see the ‘coincidences’ yet? Just artistic license I suppose…? Why would DARPA, the largest developer of military cyber-warfare on the planet, suddenly move towards Googol/Google and push the left-eye symbolism into the public eye with the pose below? Why would the ‘secret’ 33 be in place, albeit subconsciously, on the little pinkie with the 2 3-sided (3+3) pyramids/trianlges? Why use polka-dot/Checkerboard black and white pattern behind her? These are questions you, the viewer, must seek answers to

The UN System logo is sub-divided into 33 parts. Londoninium is chopped up into 33 boroughs. Yep, just another pair of pesky coincidence, I know…

3 is a magic number Over time, and especially more recently, I have noticed that certain newspapers (whether intentionally or otherwise) cite the number 3, 30, or 33 (1 in 3, 1 third (33.3%), or a 3rd/) in the headlines. Not only that, some of the more violent articles usually have 3, 33 or 30 as the symbolic number, age, time, floor, distance, ect. This was supposed to be a separate subject to investigate but it seems almost natural if one can say that to include them here for context. I have taken almost a wholistic approach to this observation and have taken some screen-caps of exactly what I mean. I will let you, the viewer, decide whether these selfreferencing numbers are just simply ‘coincidences’, or whether a higher, synchronistic phenomenon is occurring, of which I can somehow ‘see’ The viewer may notice the majority of the news clippings are from the Dailymail online. Although it is terrible journalism (yes, it is!), I still find the articles show a little glimpse into the strange ‘world’ that most of these fabricated, manufactured ‘person-alities’ are embroiled in, and the numbers that seem to pop out. Yes, most of these ‘celebs’ exist in a warped, distorted perspective of what most of us would call reality. Hopefully, after digesting what is presented here, as a whole, and within context, you may wish to investigate some of the more subtle, hidden or obscure elements to this thesis.

Screen capture Taken 31 st December 2013 She [Ke$ha[ has sold over 33 million combined tracks and ringtones in the U.S alone 1 She has sold around 33 million singles in United States alone 2 From 2005, after being discovered as a rapper and signed to some well-known music label, it took 5 years to release the first album in 2010, in order to transform from what she was (the raw talent) into what she is now, like a butterfly. 2 1 2

In 2008, David Blaine, the ‘illusionist/Magician’ brought the All-Seeing Eye, Eye of Providence, Eye of Protection, The Eye of Horus, ect. to the public arena during a morning interview with Irishman Eamonn Holmes, who handled the odd encounter with bemusement and befuddlement (left) with ‘eye’ circled However, these symbols are being projected out towards a ‘young’ target audience. The All-Seeing Eye, Eye of Providence, Eye of Protection, The Eye of Horus, ect. call it what you will, it is being used indiscriminately. And it’s not necessarily the sign being used that’s troubling, but the people who wield them. And do note the ‘doves’, the left-eye wink, and the pose Lady Gaga performs here, and that fact she portrays herself as half-shop mannequin dummy. The “eye” was traditionally placed on the back of the hand, and not on the inside palm like Mr. Blaine (right image) and others do today.

Manly P. Hall (1901-1990), Occultist and 33 degree Freemason describes the “AllSeeing Eye”: “Let him never forget that the Master is near. Day and night let him feel the presence of the Supreme or Overshadowing One. The All-Seeing Eye is upon him. Day and night this great Orb measures his depths, seeing into his innermost soul of souls, judging his life, reading his thoughts, measuring his aspirations, and rewarding his sincerity. To this All-Seeing One he is accountable; to none other must he account. This Spirit passes with him out of the Lodge and measures the Mason in the world.” (Manly P. Hall, The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, p. 62, edition 2006, original edition 1923). Emphasis added Albert Pike (1809-1891), Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry says in the book of “Morals and Dogma”: “His power was symbolized by an Eye over a Sceptre. The Sun was termed by the Greeks the Eye of Jupiter, and the Eye of the World; and his is the All-Seeing Eye in our Lodges. The oracle of Claros styled him King of the Stars and of the Eternal Fire, that engenders the year and the seasons, dispenses rain and winds, and brings about daybreak and night. And Osiris was invoked as the God that resides in the Sun and is enveloped by his rays, the invisible and eternal force that modifies the sublunary world by means of the Sun”. (Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, p. 477) Emphasis added

Alice Bailey, author of 24 books in themes that included occult teachings, “esoteric” psychology and healing, astrology and other philosophical works, describes the “All Seeing Eye’ in one of her works: “The Masonic Movement when it can be divorced from politics and social ends and from its present paralyzing condition of inertia, will meet the need of those who can, and should, wield power. It is the custodian of the law; it is the home of the Mysteries and the seat of initiation. It holds in its symbolism the ritual of Deity, and the way of salvation is pictorially preserved in its work. The methods of Deity are demonstrated in its Temples, and under the all-seeing Eye the work can go forward. It is a far more occult organization than can be realized, and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists”. (Alice Bailey, The Externalization of the Hierarchy – Section IV – Stages in the Externalization). Emphasis added


Nichole Scherzinger uses some subtler imagery and colours of the aqua-blue/green hue in “Wet”. Colours change and effect your emotions, such as mood. Yes, a few familiar symbols and archetypal images ‘randomly’ appear. Top left image: The 5 pentagram stars, the Skull and Cross bones (of course); another symmetrical dance scene in the empty swimming pool with ladder (in the background) on the stage; the Temple with Pillars (below) and the Monarch mirrored glass floor. Don’t forget the left-eye ‘wink’ at the finale…aha, …”training school for the coming advanced occultists” springs to mind at the Temple..

Florence and the Machine video, “No light” uses the checkerboard floor as a man performs a voodoo ritual with a doll. The singer crashes through the central glass mandala of the church, which interestingly has cubes and features the 6 pointed star in contrasting tri-colours (red, yellow, aqua). The first image features a Skull (of the Crystal kind) and she also shows the left-eye symbolism, with a watch(er) as a serpent, coiling around her wrist. Very subtle.

A little older, Demi Lovato’s video “Made in the USA” features a carnival scene with checkerboard fabrics and the all-tocommon ‘Christian iconography’ shown in the numerous frames, featuring the cross paradoxically juxtaposed to the war themed subject matter of the video. Below, the video ‘Skyscraper’, begins with the symbolic “road to nowhere” or also called ‘the road less traveled’ (A for Apex below), more crosses and a boxed red heart, encased in a glass cube, another occult symbol for “the ‘tomb’ or ‘prison’ of the soul”

“Fright Night” – The remake of the cultish 1980’s original was poor. The character, Peter Vincent (played by David Tenant of Dr Who fame) comes across as a Russell Brand-type narcissist; a complete polar opposite to what the original character was like (Roddy McDowell); in fact, most of the characters in the remake seem aggressive, and somehow the plot has been twisted and occulted with images of the Pentagram upside down not seen in the original, and the entire feel of the movie has a very dark hue to it. Vampires don’t like crosses. I don’t think they really mind upside-down pentagrams, Dave… tsk. Oh, and Colin Farrell was not a very convincing Jerry Dandrich (the Vampire) either. The whole movie sucked really.

(Above) Cernunnos as the Jupiterian God of Wealth and Fertility and outside CERN, the LHC as Vishnu, the destroyer of Worlds

Firstly, one issue must be addressed. David Scam-eron is a “hoodwinker”. If he truly believes what he claims, he would not travel to Saudi Arabia to sell arms to the House of Saud, nor would he continue to crucify the homeless, the weak, the unemployed, the sick, the disabled and the vulnerable. He absolutely shouldn’t seek support to invade other nations whilst wearing the mask of ‘democracy’ and ‘free trade’ whilst babbling such biblical phrases and philosophical musings. And, nor would he continue to exemplify the arrogance and characteristics of dictators and despots of the past. Politics, like religion, is mind control and could be actually defined as a ‘cult’ (founded upon belief, or faith), but; “Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?” (Matthew 7:16) For viewers in ‘the UK’, I do not vaticinate the actions of this man, or the people who faun around him, will change direction as 2013 exits and 2014 is ushered in; In fact, I foresee more troubling events right from the get-go in early January, 2014, which will dwarf previous times, such as 2001 and the World Trade Centre ‘crash’, and the 2008 ‘economic crash’, ‘crashes’ which were and still are clearly engineered to be so. “Crash” and “Meltdown” are two such memes the medes/media are currently employing over the sturdier memes of “robustness” and “Inclusiveness”. One will not be allowed to stay ‘exclusive’ in an all-inclusive, totalitarian Collectivist, Communitarian, Quasi-Societal, ‘UN-iversal System’. The train has left the station and will arrive at its final destination shortly. The train is on auto-pilot. Time to push the emergency stop button. Or, get off the train. Beware the memes and the medes. There’s a train-wreck a-coming…

If you enjoyed this presentation, please do view the other powerpoint presentations on this site. They are all strangely interconnected and interwoven, and each one covers a lot more subject matter that cannot be explained thoroughly here. The Spectrum of research envelopes masonic literature, esoterica, history, mythology, genetics, cosmology and science, space, ancient civilisations and lots, lots more. Please consider what you, and especially what your children are watching and absorbing. Be the guardians that you are. Maybe even consider turning the TV off, unplugging it, or getting rid of it completely. TV is mental poison. As this subject matter is for inquiring minds and seekers of the occult (that which is hidden), it is understood that these topics may be overwhelming for the mind (and eyes) to take in, absorb, process and/or accept as possibly valid or truthful. Truth is subjective, and one can only find one’s own truth. No one can give you it – One finds it. So, For Earthly answers to Earthly questions, and if you, the viewer, are seeking solutions to terrestrial situations, lawful remedies, or other than personal quests for answers to questions, please, do take some time pop over to (M.S.I Radio – Seeking Solutions) – it’s the internet equivalent to the Library of Alexandria! The ‘world’ isn’t as strange as first thought. It’s a lot stranger! Thanks for viewing and keep seeking, and check back for updates.

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