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Information about Chechnya

Published on October 26, 2007

Author: Aric85


Chechnya:  Chechnya Conflict in the Modern World Period Six Patrick Semansky Darren Lloyd Thesis:  Thesis The current violence in Chechnya is due to the fact that Russians wish to keep control of the country – especially its oil – since it declared its independence in 1991. Chechnya:  Chechnya A Quick Timeline of Chechen History:  A Quick Timeline of Chechen History 1859 Russia invades and conquers the Caucuses 1917 Russian Revolution 1923 Dagestan is divided, creating the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic 1944 Stalin deports thousands of Chechens to Siberia and Kazakhstan 1957 The Chechen-Ingush Republic is reestablished 1991 USSR collapses Dzhokhar Dudayev elected president of Chechnya Chechnya declared independent Yeltsin refuses to recognize independence; sends troops 1994 Russia invades Chechnya A Quick Timeline (continued):  A Quick Timeline (continued) 1995 10,000 Russian troops occupy Grozny Total Russian presence: 45,000 Dudayev killed 1996 Chechens launch a counteroffensive 5,000 troops invade Grozny Russians agree to ceasefire; withdraw troops 70,000 casualties on both sides 1997 Aslan Maskhadov elected Chechen president Name of capital changed from Grozny (Russian) to Djohar (Chechen) 1999 Terrorist bombs explode in Moscow and elsewhere “Chechen insurgents” attempt to assist Dagestan in creating a separate nation Dagestan territories recovered by Russia; 100,000 troops are sent to Chechnya A Quick Timeline (continued):  A Quick Timeline (continued) 1999 (continued) Russian troops take over much of the country; level Grozny 250,000 refugees 2000-present The war continues, despite Russian claims of “imminent victory” Russia – Chechnya War (1994-1996):  Russia – Chechnya War (1994-1996) The first war started in 1994 when Russia invaded Chechnya. They did not recognize Chechnya’s claim of independence. They invaded after a failed attempt to bomb the Grozny airport. In 1995, Russian troops marched all the way to Grozny, the capital. Total presence: 45,000 troops 10,000 in Grozny Dzhokhar Dudayev, Chechnya’s President, is killed in the fighting. The following year, the Chechens launch a major offensive. The Russians send still more troops. Finally, a ceasefire is agreed to. Russia pulls out. 70,000 casualties. Russia – Chechnya War (1999-Present):  Russia – Chechnya War (1999-Present) In 1999, terrorist bombings in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia are blamed on the Chechens. Islamic militants attempt to assist Dagestan in creating a separate nation. Russia claims that the militants were from Chechnya, and uses the bombings and the attempted secession of Dagestan to invade Chechnya. Russia recovers the Dagestan territories, 100,000 troops sent to Chechnya. The Russians have taken over most of the country by the end of 1999. Grozny is leveled. 250,000 refugees. The war still continues today, despite Russian claims of “imminent victory.” Human Rights Violations:  Human Rights Violations Russia is not playing nicely in Chechnya. The Russians will not comply with UN Commission on Human Rights requirements to “end the ongoing atrocities.” Troops have been accused of raping Chechen women. Over 87 civilians have been “disappeared” between 2000 and 2002. Torture A search on Russia and Chechnya on Human Rights yielded 11 pages of results, dating from 1990 to 2002. Photos:  Photos Works Cited:  Works Cited Chechen Republic Online Human Rights InfoPlease Kenzys, Stasys And Romanas Sedlickas. The War in Chechynya. College Station, TX: Texas A&M University Press. 1999.

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