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Published on February 17, 2014

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Fancy dress costumes are now available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and never has it been as easy to become someone new, to change your own persona, at least for a period of time. Fancy dress costumes are available for just about any theme.

the party monster Dressing up in different clothes is something that you will be required to on various occasions whether it is for kids for their fancy dress competitions or for that old English theme party your friend is throwing. There are a wide variety of clothes that will appeal to you on various occasions but the one thing that you will desire is for them to be really unique and this will be ensured if you go to the right outlet. A wide variety of wonderful options are available for you and the best way in which you will be able to get heads turning if by dressing up in different costumes. There is a lot of fun and frolic associated with various festive and celebratory occasions and one of the things that you will truly enjoy doing is in dressing up in fancy dress costumes. There are a wide variety of options available now for kids and for adults alike as there will be many occasions when both will be needed to get ready in interesting costumes. While kids will have a great time choosing costumes for various occasions and festivals like Halloween, adults will also have fun time in going through adult fancy dress costumes needed for that fancy costume ball. Another area that you will need for your entire getup to be really one of a kind is interesting fancy dress accessories. If you have interesting accessories that will go well with your costume you and your getup will stand apart from the rest and you will be able to shine uniquely in that event. There are also varied kinds of options for men and women and they will find a great variety in various stores. The ladies fancy dress costumes will be of various types and designs and the most popular themes in these are fairytale princess, Hawaiian, historical themes and more. While women might be able to find a lot of variety, men too will not be left behind as now there are a great variety of options available for men too with men's fancy dress costumes. There will be a wide diversity of options like Sci-fi characters, super hero costumes, pirate costumes and more that many men will fancy. There will be a lot of interesting options for all kinds of occasions and you will be able to get Santa Claus fancy dress costumes for Christmas too to surprise the little kids at your house. There are a great variety of options that will be there for your disposal once you decide to get dressed up in interesting fancy dress costumes. The fun of making a festive evening livelier by getting all ready in interesting costumes will be incredible if you get a fantastic costume for the occasion. With the fascinating options that are available for you with various costume dress options there will be nothing to worry about as you will be able to find a great getup to befit every occasion. Fancy dress costumes are now available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and never has it been as easy to become someone new, to change your own persona, at least for a period of time. Fancy dress costumes are available for just about any theme. But, it is true that the costume you wear will only be complete with the right costume accessories. It is possible to buy or rent an expensive fancy dress costume but for it to look incomplete or plain daft due to the lack of the right accessories. For example, if you choose a Roman toga or Greek

Goddesses robes without the right footwear - or at least something in keeping with the costume, the total look could fall flat. You may play it for humor and wear black socks and slip-ons but this is probably not the look you set out to achieve - albeit a good recovery plan. Similarly, who would want to be Santa without a hat or complete set of whiskers - including white eyebrows, a witch without hat and wand, pirate without eye patch and hook (although probably not suited for the young). There are hundreds of examples, but what is important is that this is our expectation when we think of these characters. It is the finishing accessories that make the fantasy come to life. Most fancy dress retailers and fancy dress costume hirers will have a selection of accessories. The better ones will have these accessories grouped with the costumes to avoid unnecessary searching giving some ideas. It is always advisable when choosing a theme for your fancy dress to identify the accessories that you will want - this may save you wasting time and money. Here are some simple ideas for costumes and accessories that may be linked together; Beach Party or Luau This is a great fancy dress costume theme which is becoming more popular for those warm evenings during the summer months. Organise around a BBQ with tropical punches. Costumes are very relaxed but again the accessories will bring it all together; simply these will be from; sun glasses, bottle of sun cream, flip flops or sandals, Hawaiian leis, wristbands, anklets etc, tropical flowers for the hair, straw hat. Fairies, Princesses The most common mistake with these costumes is to forget the feet. Both themes normally include pretty dresses, and pretty dresses require pretty feet - unless you are trick or treating, in which case you want warm and sensible footwear. Fairies have wands and these can be as elaborate or as simple as you want - it would normally depend on the age of the Fairy, the younger the fairy the more simple the wand (as it's more likely to be lost or broken). If you are making one, then a foil or ribbon covered stick - with padded end to protect eyes etc, with an oversized star made from decorated card on the top. Decoration with plenty of glitter and sparkle. Add a few thin strips of ribbon under the star for that final finishing touch. Pirates One of the greatest accessories for pirates is the gold foil chocolate coins that you can buy around Christmas. Cheap and cheerful, if it lasts long enough transfer it to a simple black cloth tie-neck purse and attach to the belt. Great for paying off the debts and also helpful if the buffet is a bit thin. Eye patches come in a variety of styles from simple black stiffened fabric to rhinestone encrusted for the glamorous look - your choice will depend on the overall look you are trying to

achieve. With the recent blockbuster pirate themed films there has been a real explosion in the popularity of pirates as a party theme. The range of pirate costumes available is huge and many cover the two themes of pirates and Halloween... Pirate Bones is a classic example of a skeleton suit integrated with a pirate's costume. Wigs and Makeup It would be impossible to leave this topic without some discussion on the incredible advances in fancy dress costume wig design and affordability. For very little money you can now purchase a costume wig for almost any theme. For example, for pirates there are pirate's wigs, buccaneer's wigs, pirate wenches' blond wigs, brown wigs, wigs with beads, wigs with hats attached, wigs with bandannas attached and this is before we look at mustaches and beards - with beads, without beads - the choice is truly amazing. Makeup falls basically into two groups, face paints which are water soluble greasepaint which will require a greasepaint remover. Greasepaint is the more traditional and is what is used in theatre etc. it can also be messy to wear if incorrectly applied. Face paint offers fantastic results and is more easily applied by the amateur. Both are normally available in kits so it is possible to buy a kit that covers one theme or a number of similar themes. Hopefully this short article will have given you some ideas and shown you that no matter the costume or theme, it is the accessories that complete the outfit. party supplies uk Full Report

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