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Published on March 10, 2014

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Are you thinking about a career in business as a Chartered Accountant? Do you know the employers that offer graduate, vacation or cadetships in your state and Australia-wide? Get all the answers with the free Chartered Accountants Employment Guide.

The Employment Guide helps you to understand the different types of organisations that offer quality accounting positions. These include large corporations, the Big 4, small and mid-tier accounting organisations, not-for-profit and government.

The guide features hundreds of employer profiles divided by state. Each profile includes:
• A detailed description of the organisation
• The type of work placements available. e.g. Graduate, vacation, cadetships, part-time and casual work.
• How to apply and contact details
• Key dates for applications (if available).

The guide also indicates the employers that will consider recruiting international students. In addition, it features practical career and recruitment information, along with profiles and videos of Chartered Accountants sharing their stories.

Chartered Accountants Employment Guide 2014 Choose your dream job with Australia’s top employers

Download the free APP Accessing the guide has never been easier The APP is easy to navigate when searching for top employers across Australia. Plus, it offers a wealth of extra information to help launch your career in business. Watch videos with inspiring Chartered Accountants from around the world, get practical career tips and much more. To find, search for the Chartered Accountants Employment Guide 2014 in the App Store or Google Play. Or visit:

Contents Find out how the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia can help you find the perfect job, wherever it might take you. INtroduction Job opportunities by state How to use this guide 04 Australian Capital Territory 20 4 easy steps to get you on the way 05 New South Wales – Sydney 30 Where you can work 06 New South Wales – Regional 52 What you can do 07 Queensland – Brisbane 68 More choices than you can imagine 08 Queensland – Regional 82 How to boost your career 10 South Australia 92 Indigenous Accountants Australia 12 Tasmania 102 How employers recruit 15 Victoria – Melbourne 108 Stand out from the crowd 16 Victoria – Regional 124 Chartered Accountants share their stories 1 02 17 Western Australia 132

Choose a career that offers exceptional rewards You’re ready to launch your business career and begin the journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant. This is an exciting time as you’ll have access to diverse career opportunities, across Australia and around the world. It’s a chance to set youself apart from others and work in the heart of business. You’ll quickly find Chartered Accountants are highly respected for their commercial know-how, leadership and communication skills. Their exceptional thinking drives business success, whether it’s in global corporations, large and small accounting practices, or government and not-for-profit organisations. Finding these types of employers and understanding the many different career choices on offer can be overwhelming. The Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia* helps steer you in the right direction with this comprehensive Employment Guide. The guide profiles hundreds of organisations throughout Australia; all accredited to train and employ Chartered Accountants. It’s your perfect starting point as each employer provides valuable recruitment information, including accounting positions ranging from vacation to graduate roles. *Note: New Institute On 1 November 2013, the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA) and the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA) announced that members had voted in favour of amalgamating and creating a new trans-Tasman body.  The New Institute’s member vision is to become ‘the trusted leaders in business and finance’. Before the transition to the New Institute is complete the necessary changes to the NZICA Act and Royal Charter in Australia must be secured. These are expected to happen by April 2014. 2

Chartered Accountants operate in 115 countries around the world 3

How to use this guide The guide provides details, application information and key dates for work placements offered by participating organisations in 2014. Organisations in each state What you will find The guide is divided by state, across metro and regional areas. In each section you will find profiles of organisations offering graduate and vacation work, cadetships and undergraduate positions in that state. The profiles are printed in alphabetical order by name of the organisation. In each profile you will see: • A description of the organisation • The type of work/placements available • How to apply • Contact details for applications • Key dates for applications (if available) • Legend indicating types of job opportunities available. Please read each profile carefully to ensure you are applying for the right position. Legend Each employer profile will have one or more of the following icons. That way, you can see at a glance, the type of job opportunities the employer offers. Graduate: If you are a student in your final year at university  or a recent graduate, you can apply to join a Graduate Program as part of a full-time or part-time position. These graduate programs typically involve entry level roles where you gain experience in a particular business group or service line. V  acation: If you are at university, vacation work is paid work experience for approximately two to 12 weeks during the summer holidays and can potentially lead to further employment opportunities. C  adet: If you are in Year 12 or in your first year of university, a Cadetship Program enables you to gain practical and commercial experience whilst completing your studies. The Cadetship Program structure varies between employers. U  ndergraduate: If you are at university, you can apply for part‑time or casual work in an organisation at any stage throughout your degree, and you may be employed any time throughout your studies. As an undergraduate you would generally work between one and four days per week, depending on your study contact hours. 4 International students: If you are an international university  student, you can apply for permanent, part-time or casual work within an organistion. You will also need to refer to the organisation’s specific eligibility requirements. NOTE: These definitions can vary between states so check directly with the employer for details of the opportunities available. For example: • n many South Australian firms, cadet positions (as defined I above) may also be offered where undergraduate positions are shown as available, as the terms ‘cadet’ is not commonly used in this state. • n most states, vacation positions (as defined above) are I generally available for university students in their second last year only. In Queensland, vacation positions are also available for first year university students.

easy steps to get you on the way Follow these steps to find the jobs you want to apply for: step 1 step 2 •  rom the contents page select the F state/s where you want to work • Read carefully through the profiles in the guide • Refer to these icons to find the type of position you are seeking: • Visit the organisation’s website step 3 • Talk to employers at the Institute’s career events. step 4 • Think about your interests, values and the type of position you want • Complete any special application requirements • To find out more contact the organisation directly. • For tips on writing an application, including how to write a cover letter and resume go to: /students 5

Where you can work Whatever your interest, being a Chartered Accountant, provides you with the opportunity to work in a diverse range of industries. At a glance, these include: Large corporations Accounting practices Chartered Accountants can be found working at the heart of large and global corporations. Industries can range from financial services and retail to infrastructure and fast moving consumer goods. Think of companies such as Sony Music, Vodafone, eBay, Macquarie Bank, Qantas and Rio Tinto. Chartered Accountants enjoy diverse opportunities in large and small accounting firms. Public and government sectors You can work alongside key policy-makers, legislators and budget writers, with career options spanning local, state and federal bodies such as the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Not-for-profit sectors Refers to an organisation that is not operating for the profit or gain of its individual members. These include charities such as Oxfam and the RSPCA and professional associations such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia. 6 Chartered Accountants enjoy diverse career opportunities. You could work in: • The Big 4 refers to Deloitte,  Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which are the four largest global professional services firms. They can offer you a range of local and international opportunities. Their services include: Audit, Assurance, Tax, Consulting, Advisory, Actuarial, Corporate Finance and Legal. They also manage the vast majority of audits for publicly listed companies and many private companies. • Mid-tier accounting firms  (typically 6 or more partners) – are large but not to the scale of the Big 4. They tend to have national and local offices, and work with partners in other countries to deliver services to their clients who have overseas business interests. These firms can offer you opportunities to specialise in a variety of industry areas and your build client experience. Firms include RSM Bird Cameron, Pitcher Partners and Crowe Horwath. •  mall-to-medium accounting S practices (1 to 5 partners) – offer a wide variety of work, promotional opportunities and close client contact. Some run ‘boutique’ operations, providing specialised advice to their clients such as those who work with high net worth individuals who need investment, tax and business advice.

What you can do... Service lines you can work in: Working as a Chartered Accountant can open up doors to a variety of career paths. Within professional accounting firms there are different service lines (or streams) that specialise in key areas. Some include: Audit and assurance Consulting Financial advisory Taxation Audits are performed so that users of financial statements can make more informed decisions. There are many other types of assurance engagements performed by Chartered Accountants all designed to increase the reliance that can be placed on financial and other information. The qualities of independence and integrity are key to this type of work. Consultants help organisations improve their performance, through the analysis of existing organisational problems and the development of plans for improvement. This area involves counselling clients through their investment opportunities to help improve performance. Taxation services can include activities related to filing tax returns, as well as planning future tax responsibilities for individuals and organisations. Enterprise risk management This important area involves managing the methods and processes used by organisations to manage risks and seize opportunities related to the achievement of their objectives. 34% Australian Chartered Accountants work in: Commerce Private clients 38% Practice Transaction services Working with private clients involves helping individuals and business owners to fulfil their objectives to grow their business and family wealth. Transactions divisions assist clients to evaluate and make informed decisions with their capital and transactions to buy, sell and merge with other organisations. 3% Public Sector 12% International Note: 13% Non-specific industries 7

More choices than Did you know almost every business requires the services of an accountant or finance professional? From sport and music to banking and finance, whichever sector you choose you’ll enjoy diverse career opportunities. Some roles include: Company secretary Cost accountant Provides financial analysis on potential transactions (e.g. mergers, acquisitions) to enable decision making. They evaluate the financial impact of business decisions and review processes to identify improvements. Provides advice on the conduct of a business and is responsible for the efficient administration of a company, ensuring compliance and implementation of decisions made by the board of directors. Works within a business to help record costs. They play a key role in helping organisations set forecasts, uncover new initiatives, and advise on how to improve performance. Financial planner Forensic accountant Funds manager Insolvency practitioner Provides clients with a detailed strategy tailored to their specific situation for meeting their financial goals. Identifies and tracks fraud by using accounting, auditing and investigative skills, and may even be required to testify in court. Is responsible for implementing a fund’s investment strategy and managing its portfolio of trading activities. Manages the receivership process, including the liquidation of assets of an organisation or individual due to financial hardship and bankruptcy. Sustainability accountant Systems accountant Tax specialist Treasury manager Measures the impact of a business on its environments and addresses how to use resources like water and energy as efficiently as possible. 8 Business analyst Looks at an organisation’s accounting and financial systems, providing a review of the existing processes and procedures and suggesting ways they can be improved. They may also help implement any new systems. Prepares corporate and personal income tax statements, and provides strategies for minimising risks through the understanding of tax law. Forecasts and monitors a company’s cashflows. This helps them determine a company’s use of financial assets and liabilities. They also manage a company’s financial risk, including foreign exchange and interest rates.

you can imagine Corporate recovery External auditor Financial accountant Finance manager An administrator appointed to an  organisation suffering financial  hardship with the responsibility of identifying problems and implementing solutions to restore profitability. Independently evaluates a company’s financial statements and provides an opinion that the financial statements are not materially misstated. Controls the day-to-day financial management of an organisation, as well as help advise on the strategic direction and administration. Responsible for advising and supporting clients by enabling them to make sound business choices. The finance manager also advises clients about the importance of budgetary planning and the financial implications of the business decisions that they make. Internal auditor Management accountant Management consultant Stockbroker Assess a company’s systems and processes on behalf of the company, and may incorporate such areas as risk management, control and governance. Uses accounting information to make business decisions within an organisation, to further develop and improve overall business performance. Provides assistance and advice for businesses to address key areas involving organisational change management, technology, strategy and operations. A qualified and regulated professional who buys and sells shares and other securities through market makers on behalf of investors. Senior roles Is climbing the ladder to senior management in your sights? Becoming a Chartered Accountant could one day take you there. Some influential leadership roles are listed below. Board member Chief executive officer (CEO) Chief financial officer (CFO) This is the highest ranking corporate officer in charge of the total management of an organisation, including finance, operations, marketing, human resources and IT. This is the most senior financial professional within an organisation. Their job is not just to oversee the financial health of a business, but also to provide financial and business insights to help other senior managers make more informed decisions. This person is on the Board of Directors, which is a body of elected or appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of an organisation. Financial controller The chief accountant in a business, government or organisation, oversee the work of accounting staff, reviewing it and providing reports to senior managers. They are responsible for compliance with any laws and regulations, as well as reporting outside such as ASIC and the ATO. 9

How to boost your career The Chartered Accountants Employment Guide is just one of the many resources offered under the OneNetwork student club. Join this exclusive club to access a rich line up of free careerenhancing opportunities. Sign up for OneNetwork today: onenetwork 10

Network with employers at the Institute’s many high profile events held each year. As a member of OneNetwork you can: Enter competitions Attend high profile events Throughout the year lots of great prizes are up for grabs. A highlight of 2014 will be our Mission Exceptional university competition. Throughout the year you can attend Institute career events where you network with top employers, meet Institute staff, connect with Chartered Accountants and other students. Access career advice and industry knowledge You’ll have loads of information at your finger tips, including: • Quarterly eNewsletters showcasing  the latest career tips, news and events • Free online editions of Charter magazine  featuring current business developments • Informative videos explaining business  and technical topics. Enhance your CV You can add your membership of OneNetwork on your CV. This highlights your involvement with the Institute, a leading professional business association. This is your chance to win the ultimate work experience, job-shadowing a Chartered Accountant in a world city such as New York or London. Access work experience opportunities The Institute facilitates a range of statebased work placements to help boost your CV. These opportunities are offered in ACT, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory. Each state varies slightly in the timings and work placements available. To find out more, including eligibility requirements, visit: Build your online networks Share information with your friends and get the latest updates through our Facebook page. Also, join our exclusive OneNetwork LinkedIn Group, where you can join in on conversations, profile your professional practical experience, connect with potential employers and more. 11

Townsville, QLD Ellery Blackman CA Accountant Pascoe Partners (WA) Big opportunities in small accounting practices Ellery Blackman, an Indigenous Chartered Accountant, began his professional career in regional Townsville (QLD) before making a big move to an accounting firm in Perth (WA). “Working in a regional office was a great starting point for my career. I was able to work across a range of areas and had lots of one-on-one contact with clients.” “Now I’m building my expertise in the custodian services team of a small accounting firm. Day to day I provide advisory services for a range of not-forprofit and charitable trusts, including many Indigenous Corporations and Native Title projects. It’s a challenging and rewarding role where I can apply my business skills, while making a positive contribution to local and indigenous communities.” 12 Working in a regional office was a great starting point for my career

Indigenous Accountants Australia You can make a difference in your community Are you an Indigenous Australian considering a career in accounting? For the help you need, reach out to Indigenous Accountants Australia. This is the combined network of all three accounting bodies; CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and the Institute of Public Accountants. Together they work with some of the major employers in the business world to promote accounting as a profession and offer support to all Indigenous students undertaking business, finance and accounting studies. Your chance to make a difference It doesn’t matter whether you work in a large firm or small community as an accountant you’ll have the capacity to make a real difference and be a respected role model in your community. To find out more visit: “ would encourage anyone I considering accounting to do so. It is a skill which will stay with you for life whatever you choose to do.”  rent Lynwood, T NSW Aboriginal Land Council 13

Singapore Take your career to new heights 14

How employers recruit You’ll find many employers apply a four‑step recruitment process for their vacation and graduate programs. We explain what you can expect and how to get prepared: step 1 The initial online application step 3 Face-to-face assessment Once you’ve found a position you  want to apply for, you’ll need to fill in an online application. Generally, this application will require you to: •  rovide your academic results P You’ll then move onto a‑face‑to‑face element, such as a group activity. You may be assessed on your: •  roblem-solving skills P •  utline your employment history and/or O relevant work experience •  ddress key selection criteria such as: A •  eadership potential L -  ow your experience and education H match the skills and competencies expected in the role. -  hy you have chosen to apply for W the role. •  lus, you may need to complete: P -  ehavioural-based questions, which aim B to assess your skills in areas such as communication and time management -  sychometric testing, which some P employer’s use to assess your personality, along with your literacy and numeracy abilities. step 2 Phone conversation with a recruiter If your online application is successful, the company’s recruiter or Human Resources officer will generally call you to discuss your application and the position in more detail. This is also a great opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the role. •  eamwork abilities T •  ommunication and initiative traits. C This process may also have a technical component, such as a business-based case study, or be as simple as attending a cocktail party so your prospective employer can assess how well you interact with staff. step 4 The face-to-face interview This interview process could involve you being interviewed by a panel of two or more people, including a senior manager or partner from the organisation. Whatever you do, always come prepared and be confident. Be ready to: • Talk about your skills and  past experiences • Promote your strengths  and attributes • Highlight what you know about  the company • Reinforce why you want to work  with them •  sk questions about the type of A work you would be required to do. 15

Stand out from the crowd It’s easy to be overlooked amid the flood of CVs employers receive. Here are some strategies to consider that could help you gain a potential employer’s attention: Cultivate your digital brand Tailor your job applications It’s important to maintain your ‘brand’ both offline and online. What you share on your Facebook page, in a YouTube video, or on a blog all matter to potential employers. In fact, it’s likely a hiring manager will at least ‘Google’ you before an interview. You need to ensure what is viewable to the public won’t reflect poorly on you as a professional.  Tailor your CV and cover letter for every application. It’s well worth it because the hiring manager can see at a glance, your credentials and why you should be considered for an interview. Set up your LinkedIn profile A great way to build your online identity is by setting up your professional profile on LinkedIn. Essentially it’s your online CV, and helps you to network with others. Joining our free student club, OneNetwork, will give you the opportunity to access our LinkedIn group. Here, you’ll be able to connect with potential employers, join in on conversations and profile your professional experience. 16 Plus, adapting your CV for each job opportunity shows you’re taking a thoughtful approach to your job search. Instead of hitting “send” and deploying the same information time and again, you’re making the effort to explain why you’re the best candidate for each specific role. Follow up: before and after the interview After you send out a CV, don’t play the waiting game if you want to get noticed.  Sending an email or calling to confirm your CV has been received can help earn you a spot on a busy hiring manager’s radar. After an interview, it also makes a good impression to send a thank you email. Doing this re-emphasises your enthusiasm for the position and your strengths.

Chartered Accountants share their stories The following Chartered Accountants explain what they enjoy most about their careers in business. • Chloe Speedie CA • Tom Griffith CA • Darren Chan CA • Simone Taylor CA Chloe Speedie CA Internal auditor GlaxoSmithKline A career that can take you anywhere Chloe completed the Chartered Accountants Program while working at the Big 4 accounting firm, Deloitte, in Canberra. Three years later Chloe moved to London. When she first arrived, she was fortunate to land her first job with a FTSE100 company, Bunzl plc, within just six weeks. “Although the lure of travel was not the reason I began the Chartered Accountants Program, it helped to keep me going.” ‘‘ hen I came to London, I was so glad W that I had my Chartered Accountants qualification. Here in the UK, they  really hold it in high esteem.” Chloe Speedie CA 17

Tom Griffith CA Co-founder Emma and Tom’s Turning big ideas into reality Did you know that Chartered Accountants can turn big ideas into runaway success stories? Tom Griffith from the popular fruit smoothie business, Emma and Tom’s, has done just that. His training as a Chartered Accountant has helped turn this small niche business into a leading brand in the cut-throat beverage market. “Being a Chartered Accountant gives you a broad awareness and understanding of how different industries and models work. The training teaches you to constantly assess your model and gave me the pure financial understanding so I could analyse the figures, identify risk and recognise the need for continual innovation.” Darren Chan CA Chief Financial Officer Integrated Hospitality Management Limited Take your career around the world “Quite simply, the Chartered Accountant qualification opened up new doors for me; I’m currently working as a CFO in Hong Kong. The pace of business is incredibly fast here, but I know I have the confidence and the training to make a difference.” 18

Simone Taylor CA Financial Controller OrotonGroup Fashion and business work hand in hand For Simone Taylor no two days are the same. In her role at fashion retailer, the OrotonGroup, she applies her skills as a Chartered Accountant to a range of projects that benefit the business. Simone’s working day can include tasks such as: early morning sales meetings, compiling product reports, helping the business role out a new Asia strategy and setting up payroll and audit structures. “I’m working on new projects all the time, that’s what I like about my role. For example I enjoy working on company announcements and looking into listing rules and planning what we are doing over the next five years.” ‘‘I’m working on new projects all the time, that’s what I like about my role.” Simone Taylor CA 19

Build a future that counts 20 King’s Avenue Bridge, Canberra, ACT

Australian Capital Territory Organisation Airservices Australia Duesburys Nexia Australian Taxation Office EY Australian National Audit Office Joyce Dickson Beams & Associates Kazar Slaven Bonsella Business Solutions KPMG Coca-Cola Amatil Maxim Chartered Accountants Crowe Horwath McGrathNicol Defence Materiel Organisation Moore Stephens Deloitte Protiviti Department of Defence  PwC Dixon Advisory RSM Bird Cameron 21

Airservices Australia Australian Taxation Office Australian National Audit Office Airservices is a government owned corporation providing safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the aviation industry. We manage air traffic operations for around 80 million passengers on more than four million domestic and international flights every year. Join our world leading community of more than 25,000 people determined to keep Australia’s revenue system vital, fair and progressive. We provide the aviation industry with aeronautical data, telecommunications, navigation services and aviation rescue and fire fighting services. We offer the opportunity for diverse experiences and the unique chance to play an important role in supporting the tax and superannuation systems that underpin the Australian way of life. As the external auditor of the Australian Government public sector, the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) provides an independent view of the performance and financial management of Australian Government entities. Our audit reports assist the Parliament in fulfilling its accountability role to the Australian community. We employ around 4,200 staff, with approximately 1,100 air traffic controllers, working from two major centres in Melbourne and Brisbane and 29 towers at international and regional airports. We also provide aviation rescue and fire fighting services to 22 of Australia’s busiest airports. Organisation type Government Organisation location 25 Constitution Avenue, Canberra, ACT 2600 Type of work/placements available Graduate, vacation and undergraduate positions. Our graduate program provides you with challenging work that will develop your skills, knowledge and experience. Airservices’ graduates have the opportunity to gain a broader understanding of the business by participating in different rotations during the year. We strongly encourage the development of personal qualities such as leadership, innovation, self confidence and resourcefulness. We also have a range of positions across the Finance and Corporate Group which can be viewed on our website at any time. Further contact details Contact Recruitment Team Email Phone 02 6268 4499 How to apply Online Email Application opening date Graduate: refer to website Vacation: ongoing We interact with a diverse range of individual and business taxpayers, as well as tax and superannuation professionals. By working in our dynamic, innovative and internationally recognised organisation, you can be sure that you are enhancing your professional reputation. Use the qualifications and experience you have attained and realise more about your chosen specialist area in a professional, practical environment. We value the diversity your discipline brings and we know that one job does not fit all. We offer a number of different specialities in our graduate program, depending on your qualifications. Organisation type Government Organisation location Level 3, 10 Banfield Street, Chermside, Qld 4032 Type of work/placements available Graduate positions. As a graduate you will be exposed to a variety of work situations to develop, enhance and hone new skills and knowledge while you engage in key business activities. Further contact details Contact Owen Connolly Email Phone 07 3213 8525 How to apply Online Email You must have successfully completed your relevant degree in or before semester two, 2014 and you must be an Australian citizen by October 2014. Undergraduate: ongoing Application opening date 11 March 2014 Application closing date Graduate: refer to website Application closing date 8 April 2014 Vacation: ongoing Undergraduate: ongoing 22 Organisation type Government Organisation location 19 National Circuit, Barton, ACT 2601 Type of work/placements available Graduate positions. With an annual graduate intake of approximately 30 graduates, we offer graduate development programs in the following streams: • Assurance Audit • Performance Audit • IT Audit. Further contact details Contact Estelle Booth Email Phone 02 6203 7512 How to apply Applications are to be made online via the ANAO website. Online Email Application opening date 1 February 2014 Application closing date 1 April 2014

Beames & Associates Bonsella Business Solutions Coca-Cola Amatil Beames & Associates is a dynamic Canberra based accounting and financial planning firm. We tailor innovative expansion and wealth creation strategies for a diverse range of clients from both the private and public sectors. Bonsella Business Solutions is a dynamic accounting firm proud to have a close working relationship with our clients. Whilst we revel in providing compliance services, we pride ourselves on providing proactive advice, value adding opportunities and establishing trusted relationships with our clients. We value a great workplace culture and encourage work life balance for our staff. We are also committed to developing your accounting career. Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) is recognised by Aon Hewitt as a Top 20 company for leaders in the Asia Pacific region - do you have what it takes to be part of us? CCA is renowned for its dynamic environment, innovation, diversity and commitment to sustainable growth. We are one of the largest premium branded beverages and food companies in the Asia Pacific region, and a powerhouse of leading brands in the Australian market. Our employees are dedicated, energetic, share a passion for our brands and thrive on stretching themselves and improving the company’s performance. We are searching for a select number of accounting or finance graduates to join our Finance and Commercial Graduate Program. Designed to engage and inspire you, our program will stimulate your mind, stretch your imagination and put into practice all that you have learnt, with exposure across the entire CCA business. If you are driven, bright and keen to make your mark, with excellent grades, strong communication skills and a thirst to succeed, we want you to apply. You should be a self motivated individual. No matter how big or small our client, our approach is always the same: establish a working relationship built on trust, honesty, accessibility, expertise and experience. This ethos has led to us gaining a reputation for personalised service and value for money. At Beames & Associates, we focus on the training and professional development of our staff, ensuring that the knowledge and skills that we provide to our clients is at the cutting edge. We offer the ability to be involved in a large variety of work from private client services for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), to valuations, business coaching, economic loss reporting, succession planning, business transactions, and whole of life assessment and strategy. We are a young and motivated team dedicated to providing the best possible service and advice to our clients. Organisation type Medium mid-tier public practice Organisation location Unit 7, 3-5 Phipps Close, Deakin, ACT 2600 Organisation type Small public practice (1-7 partners) Organisation location Level 1, Ethos House 28 Ainslie Place, Canberra City, ACT 2601 Type of work/placements available Graduate and undergraduate positions. Ongoing positions available for permanent work (preferably full time). Further contact details Contact Kirstie Hardy Email Phone 02 6257 4144 Type of work/placements available Graduate and undergraduate/permanent positions. How to apply Online Email Further contact details Contact Danitsa Day Please email a copy of your cover letter and resume Email Phone 02 6282 9500 How to apply Online Email Application opening date Refer to website Application closing date Refer to website Application opening date Ongoing Application closing date Ongoing Organisation type Corporate Organisation location 40 Mount Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060 Type of work/placements available Graduate positions. You’ll undertake four rotations in key business areas over a two year program, with exposure to commercial management, strategy, financial accounting, and planning and analysis. We’ll challenge you to drive business outcomes and provide commercial support and analysis to key decision makers. Your insights will help improve business processes and drive outstanding financial results. In turn, we will support our graduates with the completion of their Chartered Accountants qualification, whilst providing valuable on the job training and mentoring from industry leaders. Graduates will also build their commercial acumen and develop analytical skills - all through ‘real job’ experience, extensive learning and development opportunities. Further contact details Contact Ashley Barra Email How to apply Online Email Application opening date March 2014 Application closing date April 2014 23

Crowe Horwath Defence Materiel Organisation Deloitte Yes, you need to find the right company to work for. The right position, package and career path, but it’s the relationships you have with your peers, the availability of your manager and leaders of the business, the diversity of the clients you work with, and how you balance that with your home and social life that define how happy you are in a job. Relationships count for everything. From fighter planes and satellites to tents and rations, the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) is Australia’s largest project management organisation and its mission is to acquire and sustain equipment for the Australian Defence Force (ADF). What we do At Crowe Horwath we have created a culture that is a little less me and lot more we. We’re inviting graduates looking to achieve great things for themselves and their team, in a collaborative, respectful and fair workplace, to join us. The DMO is involved in many of the largest and most demanding projects in Australia. The ADF relies on us to provide its equipment on time, on budget and to the required levels of quality and safety, the ADF’s operational success depends on us. Crowe Horwath offers a full range of service lines including accounting, audit, tax, business and financial advisory. Materiel Graduate Scheme (MGS) graduates in the Finance and Business Stream are offered opportunities for placement in finance, accounting and financial management roles within DMO’s Finance Division. You will be exposed to meaningful and challenging work in both corporate areas and project teams, delivering a high standard of financial management to DMO projects and programs. We are seeking inspired people who want to reach their full potential and be part of a professional and respected team. Organisation type Large mid-tier public practice (15+ partners) Organisation type Government Organisation location Corporate office: Level 9, 473 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000 Organisation location Head office at Russell Offices, Russell, ACT 2600 DMO Project and Program offices in numerous locations across Australia. Crowe Horwath is the fifth largest accounting and financial services business in Australia and the largest of the mid-tier sector (Source: BRW). We’re also part of Crowe Horwath International, one of the top 10 international accounting groups, with more than 140 member firms, 28,000 people and 590 offices in 107 countries across the globe. Offices throughout Australia and New Zealand. Type of work/placements available Graduate, cadet/trainee, vacation and undergraduate positions. Graduate positions During our 12 month Graduate Program we will develop you into a well rounded professional, creating a solid foundation to launch your career. Your first few months will be intensive and rewarding including technical training and professional development. Plus you’ll attend our National Graduate Induction program, meeting fellow graduates and hearing from the company leaders. Vacation Program Our Vacation Program is available to tertiary students in their penultimate year who are excited by the challenge of hands on work experience. You’ll work on real jobs with real clients, handling work similar to first year graduates. Type of work/placements available Graduate positions. Graduate placements are offered across Australia. The MGS consists of three rotations of six months duration each. Graduates will undertake at least one rotation in Canberra and one outside of Canberra. The CFO of the DMO is committed to supporting you, the graduate, in development and training every step of the way, both during and after the program. Our graduates are given a range of challenging experiences, building on your expertise and professional development. Finance division offers a professional development program, including financial support for study towards obtaining membership with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia completion of the Chartered Accountants Program. Deloitte is a leading advisory, audit, tax and consulting firm. Our 6,000+ team of professionals serve 85 of the top 100 of Australia’s largest publicly owned companies, family and private businesses, and all three tiers of government. Globally, Deloitte has over 200,000 people in 153 countries and generates an annual revenue of more than $US32.4 billion. • Since 2001 Deloitte has been an Employer Of Choice for Women • Winner of Audit Firm of the Year and Accounting Firm of the Year in 2013 Financial Review CFO Awards - the first time a company has won both accolades in a single year. Organisation type Big 4 Organisation location 8 Brindabella Circuit, Canberra Airport, ACT 2609 Type of work/placements available Graduate and vacation positions. Our Summer Vacation Program This is your opportunity to gain practical and paid work experience. Spend four to eight weeks from November to February gaining exposure to client work, our award winning learning programs, and social events, with the prospect of securing a graduate position with the firm. If you’re in your penultimate year at university you are eligible to apply. Our Graduate Program Join Deloitte in early 2015 for a career that will stimulate, reward and motivate you like no other. Surrounded by a large peer group, you’ll be supported by a dedicated mentor and counselling team who will work with you to build your technical and business skills. Further contact details Contact Amanda Faysal Email Online How to apply Online Further contact details Application opening date Refer to website Further contact details Contact Jennifer Mitchell Contact Graduate Recruitment Team Email Application closing date Refer to website Email How to apply Online Email Phone 07 3233 3422 Online How to apply Online Application opening date Refer to website Application closing date Refer to website 24 Application opening date Refer to website Application closing date Refer to website

Department of Defence Dixon Advisory Duesburys Nexia The Chief Finance Officer Group (CFOG) is responsible for providing strategic financial advice and information to Ministers, the Secretary, the CDF and Defence Senior Leaders. It provides a whole-of-Defence focus for planning, management, monitoring and reporting of key deliverables to the Government, including Defence’s outputs. The CFOG is responsible for Defence’s financial governance and assurance and manages Defence’s budget and its financial policies, principles and practices in accordance with the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997. The CFOG drives Defence’s financial management and improvement programs through uniform financial management approaches and a streamlined accountability structure. Your brilliant career starts here... as a Dixon Advisory graduate If you’re interested in early client contact, ongoing mentoring and training and competitive remuneration, our graduate program is for you. Duesburys Nexia is a young and progressive firm of Chartered Accountants that provides proactive and innovative accounting and audit services to Canberra. We have over 40 staff and nine partners, so it’s small enough to know your colleagues by name, yet large enough to provide you with career development opportunities. This is supplemented by our membership of Nexia International, which allows for secondments to over 620 offices in 97 countries. Our affiliation places us in the top 10 accounting firms in the world. Our firm is broken down into five divisions: • Financial Planning • Business Services and Self Managed Superannuation Funds • Audit and assurance • Tax Consulting • Management Consulting. With great mentoring and a range of training programs, joining the team as a graduate at Duesburys Nexia will ensure you realise your potential. We provide our employees with every opportunity to attain their professional qualifications and provide financial assistance and paid study leave for graduates undertaking the Chartered Accountants Program. Our clients include high wealth individuals, Small Medium Enterprises to large business groups, licensed clubs and associations, not-for-profit entities and the government sector. This diversity allows you to undertake a variety of different assignments across many industries. Organisation type Government Organisation location Building R1, Russell Drive, Russell, ACT 2601 Type of work/placements available Graduate positions. Canberra based finance graduates with the opportunity for some placements within regional offices Further contact details Contact Kate Rick Email Phone 02 6266 7334 How to apply Online Email As an Accounting graduate, you’ll have the chance to excel in the fast growing area of superannuation management and be financially supported through completion of Chartered Accountant qualifications. Or you may be interested in the other areas on offer – portfolio management and stockbroking, private wealth advisory, property* and funds management and corporate finance.* Why join us? With a team of around 300, we’re small enough to give you a personal, supportive and dynamic working environment and large enough to offer you job security and genuine career progression. Just ask some of our directors who started as graduates. What our graduates say In the words of Kim Stokes, now an Assistant Manager: “The Graduate Program allowed me to apply and develop my accounting knowledge. Comprehensive on the job training, coupled with technical training, enables you to build on your knowledge through hands on application.” What we do An award winning and highly respected financial advisory firm, we help more than 4,500 self managed super funds (SMSFs) with in excess of $4 billion in assets. Organisation type Corporate Organisation location Level 1, 73 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra, ACT 2601 Organisation type Medium mid-tier public practice (8-14 partners) Application opening date Refer to website Type of work/placements available Graduate and vacation positions. Organisation location Level 7, St George Centre, 60 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra, ACT 2601 Application closing date Refer to website Further contact details Email Phone 1300 852 017 Type of work/placements available Graduate, cadet/trainee and undergraduate/permanent positions. How to apply Online Further contact details Contact Lisa-Jane Smith Email Phone 02 6279 5400 Online Application opening date Refer to website Application closing date Refer to website *Only available in Sydney How to apply Online Email Follow the careers link from the home page. Application opening date Refer to website Application closing date Refer to website 25

EY Joyce Dickson Kazar Slaven At EY, we don’t try to fit you into a box. In fact, we want you to be yourself. We want your individuality to shine through. That way, we can try to match your strengths, interests and skills with opportunities to help expand them, grow them and challenge them. We’ll open the door to experiences that will last a lifetime and shape the professional you’ll become. Joyce Dickson was founded in 2003 with the vision of providing better service through creating stronger relationships with clients. This approach has hit a chord with the clients and has resulted in continued growth of the firm. Joyce Dickson provides a full range of services including accounting, business consulting, tax advice and self managed superannuation fund services. The team at Joyce Dickson has extensive experience from other large and small practices. We consider what clients value most and use that to create a business that offers the best mix of personal attention coupled with services traditionally only offered by much larger practices. Joyce Dickson is growing, and to support our growth we are continually looking for talented team orientated people to join our firm in delivering services to our clients. We are a young firm that provides a fun, energetic, professional work environment for all our staff. We are committed to helping each member of our team to reach their career aspirations through continual opportunities in training and development. Kazar Slaven offers professional services and advice to companies and individuals in Canberra and surrounding regions who are facing financial difficulty. Specialist advice is also offered to creditors, banks and financial institutions. Enjoy your work. Achieve your goals. We’ll provide you with the support, the experiences and the development you need to create a future that inspires you. Together we can build a better career for you, and a better working world for our people, our clients and our community. The EY difference Work at the heart of global business and be part of a team that includes 175,000 people in more than 150 countries. As a global organisation, our people are vital to business, industries and economies worldwide; advising on issues that matter most. Working here connects you to global clients and colleagues, and offers firsthand experience on the big issues that are shaping the business world. Organisation type Big 4 Organisation location EY Building, 121 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra, ACT 2601 Type of work/placements available Cadet Program, Game Changers Club, Career Compass Program, Vacationer Program and Graduate Program. We’re looking for talented students and graduates from many disciplines, including: accounting, actuarial, economics, engineering, finance, information systems, law and science. International recruitment Graduate Program only Further contact details Online Facebook How to apply Online Application opening date Game Changers Club, Vacationer Program and Graduate Program: 24 February 2014 Cadet Program: May 2014 Career Compass Program and Vacationer Program: July 2014 26 Organisation type Medium mid-tier public practice (8-14 partners) Organisation location Level 3, 53 Blackall St, Barton, ACT 2600 Type of work/placements available Graduate positions. Further contact details Contact Practice Manager Email Phone 02 6162 2600 How to apply Online Email Application opening date Ongoing Application closing date Ongoing With our extensive expertise and long established network of fellow professionals, we provide advice to new and existing business owners which will not only maximise profits but also enhance the prospects of success whilst minimising the impact of unforeseen circumstances. Led by partners Michael Slaven and Henry Kazar, our senior team has over 80 years experience in the industry. Offering all staff members the opportunity to participate in a range of extra curricular activities such as, but not limited to: soccer, AFL 9’s, tennis, bike riding and running events we maintain active members of the community and can offer staff the combination of high level professional development and personal growth. Organisation type Specialist Boutique Practice Organisation location Level 3 Engineering House, 11 National Circuit, Barton, ACT 2600 Type of work/placements available Graduate positions. Further contact details Contact Courtney Kazar Email Phone 02 6285 1310 How to apply Online Email Application opening date Ongoing Application closing date Ongoing

KPMG Maxim Chartered Accountants McGrathNicol Interested in a career beyond accounting? Our name, Maxim, reflects the qualities that we believe set us apart from other practices. Our team focuses on the delivery of quality, personalised and proactive business services to the private sector. We are the alternative. We don’t specialise in tax or audit. Our programs and the diversity of our work provide students and recent Graduates with the opportunity to gain practical, hands on experience in corporate advisory, forensic, transaction services and corporate recovery. The diversity of our work ranges from actively managing distressed businesses, to providing advice to both the public and private sector, to investigating fraudulent behaviour and providing financial advice to businesses involved in merger and acquisition activity. Some of the high profile jobs we are undertaking include Hastie Services, Banksia Securities Limited, ABC Learning Centres, and HIH. Professional development begins from the moment you walk through our doors.  We provide our people with exciting travel opportunities and the means to develop strategic, financial and commercial skills across various industries.  From the day you start with McGrathNicol you’ll notice our unique culture ­ the direct result of our dedicated and – passionate team who share a balanced and professional approach to our work.  You’ll quickly learn the ropes by getting involved in every aspect of our work and social culture. Become more than just an Accountant. Our Advisory, Tax and Audit teams are shaping the future of leading organisations across Australia. With one of the country’s most varied range of client engagements, we’ll have you working with the nation’s most respected companies from day one. You’ll receive dedicated development and mentoring, and mix with some of the brightest minds around. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to work on community and environmental programs that make a genuine difference to our society. At KPMG we believe that business has a vital role to play in solving social and environmental problems, we support numerous organisations in the areas of education, social inclusion and health. But it’s also our diversity that sets us apart – we’re not tied to certain qualifications, backgrounds, disciplines or experiences. As long as you can ask the big questions as well as answer them, challenge us as much as much as we challenge you, we’ll never hold you back. We’ll encourage you to chase your personal goals as well as professional ones and build a successful and individual career at your own pace. If you want a career for all of you, talk to KPMG. Organisation type Big 4 Organisation location 20 Brindabella Circuit, Brindabella Business Park, Canberra Airport, ACT 2609 Type of work/placements available Graduate and vacation positions. KPMG offers graduate and vacation recruitment programs to students and university graduates, as well as insight days for first year students. Nationally, KPMG is one of the largest employers of graduates and students. Further contact details Contact Graduate Recruitment Team Email Phone 1800 502 060 How to apply Online To discover more about career opportunities at KPMG visit or follow us on Facebook: KPMG in Australia - Graduates and Students Maxim is a young firm that has grown from a small two partner practice to a mid-tier firm that is a driving force in the Canberra market. In addition the Maxim team consists of a 16 person management team and 30 client advisors. Maxim’s clients are leaders in their industries which include real estate, property development and medical services. Maxim employs a mentor system to ensure graduates work closely with senior accountants to enhance career development and social orientation into the firm. Our team enjoy annual retreats, regular social gatherings and other events throughout the year. We seek high quality individuals who will be rewarded through attractive salaries and sharing profits through a bonus pool. We offer training and career advancement in many areas and excellent opportunities for undergraduates who want to excel. Organisation type Medium mid-tier public practice (8-14 partners) Organisation location Level 2, 59 Wentworth Avenue, Kingston, ACT 2604 Type of work/placements available Graduate and undergraduate positions. Maxim recruit all year round for all positions. Further contact details Contact The Recruitment Team Email Phone 02 6295 8744 How to apply Online Email Application opening date Ongoing Application closing date Refer to website Organisation type Large mid-tier public practice (15+ partners) Organisation location Level 1, 24 Brisbane Avenue, Barton, ACT 2600 Type of work/placements available Graduate and vacation positions. Further contact details Contact Rebecca Adamson Email Phone 02 9338 2600 How to apply Online Application opening date Refer to website Application closing date Refer to website Application opening date Ongoing, refer to website Application closing date Ongoing, refer to website 27

Moore Stephens Protiviti PwC Moore Stephens is the ideal firm to launch your career in accounting and advisory services. We are committed to supporting graduates throughout their professional career and assisting you in developing your professional skills, technical knowledge and personal attributes. Through regular mentoring and coaching, extensive training and secondment opportunities, we will work together to ensure you are on the right path for an exciting and fulfilling career in professional services. Our graduate program is structured to identify and develop talented individuals and prepares you to progress into senior roles. With a supportive culture that assists in your transition into professional life, we will ensure that you gain insights into the benefits of working for an internationally recognised accounting firm. With our broad range of clients, the skills and experiences you gain will be invaluable. We support your need to gain professional qualifications and offer the necessary support and assistance required to attain this qualification. With this support we ensure your continued learning, which provides the opportunities for promotion and continued challenges throughout your professional career. Step on board with Protiviti and open a world of opportunities To discover the potential of your career, you need the right opportunities in an environment which inspires you to be your best. Like the opportunity to develop your talents and those of others, to be your open and authentic self, and to make an impact in a place where creating value, contributing to society and performance matters. The skills, insights and experiences available to you at PwC provide that opportunity, wherever your passions may take you. Across our global network, we embrace differences and offer opportunities to extend individual strengths, interests and career goals. We work hard to realise and discover potential for our clients, who range from start ups to the largest global organisations, governments and other not-for-profit organisations. We also contribute our skills and expertise to helping to solve some of the biggest challenges facing our society, and to have a voice on issues that matter. We are known for delivering quality in assurance, tax and advisory services, but our portfolio is growing all the time with opportunities in new markets and new ways to serve existing markets. We have a hunger for growth and we care about our clients, the community and our team. Protiviti is a leading global consulting firm that helps companies solve problems in finance, technology, operations, governance, risk and internal audit. Through our network of more than 70 offices in over 20 countries, we’ve brought powerful insights and proven delivery to more than 35 percent of the FORTUNE® 1000 and Global 500 companies. Our philosophy is simple: We hire the very best people. We offer world class training. We foster an environment that inspires our people to think creatively and to excel as professionals from the very start of their careers. To us, you are more than just a number in a big firm and a career is about more than just creating reports and providing deliverables. Organisation type Medium mid-tier public practice (8-14 partners) We seek enthusiastic graduates who can adapt to a rapidly changing environment, are innovative thinkers and are highly articulate. Individuals will have an opportunity to have an impact by using skills in a variety of functions including: • Internal audit • Financial risk strategy and management • Information technology consulting • Risk and compliance. Organisation location 1st Floor, 10 Townshend Street, Phillip, ACT 2606 A Protiviti career is about opportunities to lead, learn, grow and make a difference. Type of work/placements available Graduate positions. Positions available in audit and assurance division. Further contact details Contact Catherine Blake Email Phone 02 6234 6900 How to apply Online Email Application opening date Refer to website Application closing date Refer to website Sound like a trip you’d like to take? Organisation type Large mid-tier public practice (15+ partners) Organisation location Level 5, 71 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra, ACT 2600 Type of work/placements available Graduate positions. Further contact details Contact Recruiting Manager Email How to apply Online Application opening date Refer to website Application closing date Refer to website 28 Organisation type Big 4 Organisation location Please refer to our website: Type of work/placements available Graduate, vacation and cadet/trainee positions. PwC will be hiring graduates through various strategic sourcing channels and techniques including LinkedIn and other social media channels. Direct applications to the Graduate Program are no longer accepted. Further contact details Contact Campus Recruitment Team Email Phone 02 8266 0000 Facebook How to apply Online Application opening date Ongoing, refer to website Application closing date Ongoing, refer to website

RSM Bird Cameron We are a full service national accounting firm delivering expert corporate financial and business advisory services to clients across diverse industry sectors. Our firm boasts a national network of 28 offices which, combined with our 90 years of history, has enabled us to develop an extensive understanding of Australian business trends and conditions. Our networks extend further through our membership of RSM International which has member firms in over 100 countries and 700 offices. Organisation type Large mid-tier public practice (15+ partners) Organisation location Please refer to our website Type of work/placements available Opportunities exist in: • Assurance • Business advisory • Tax • Turnaround and insolvency. We want to connect with graduates who: • Have experience providing exceptional client service • Have proven leadership qualities in their studies or work environment • Work effectively in a team • Have strong written and verbal communication skills. Further contact details Contact National Human Resources Email Phone Please refer to website Online How to apply Online Via online application form only. Application opening date Refer to website Application closing date Refer to website 29

Exciting opportunities are here for the tak

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