Charted Surveying

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Information about Charted Surveying

Published on October 12, 2016

Author: MohammedRehman


1. Charted Surveying

2. What is Charted Surveying ? A Chartered Surveyor is a member of RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). A Chartered Survey carries out a survey of the conditional of the property and it is their job to make sure you feel confident that the results are appropriate to your needs.

3. What surveys do we offer? The six types of surveys, we offer are; • Building surveys • Construction surveys • Environmental surveys • Rural surveys • Measurement surveys • Mortgage surveys

4. What equipment do we used? Some of the following equipment's used in surveys • Laser measures • Tape measures • Distometer • Auto levels

5. Levels of surveys The type of survey that will be suitable to your property, will depended on the level of survey that is required, according to RICS. The following are 3 different types of surveys. • RICS – Level 1 (Condition Survey) • RICS – Level 2 (Homebuyers Survey) • RICS – Level 3 (Building Survey)

6. Report produced The following are the factors that we include is our report produces; • Client Focused • Proactive • Collective Enfranchisement • Innovative • Services • Investment and development consultancy

7. RICS parent company guarantee According to the RICS parent company guarantee your “employer should give you specialist advice, where appropriate (Which includes background information, legal advise and information on the properly)

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