Charred wood Expansion of woodwork

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Information about Charred wood Expansion of woodwork

Published on January 6, 2017

Author: NakamotoForestry


Nakamoto Forestry: Nakamoto Forestry Charred wood The Expansion of Wood Life Nakamoto Forestry: Nakamoto Forestry Nakamoto forestry is owned by Nakamoto family and having headquarter in Hiroshima. They are associated with "Wood One" in Japan and provide wood in North America through their Portland, Oregon Office in USA. Charred Wood: Charred Wood Populary Known as Yakisugita in Japan and Shou Sugi Ban in west is actually a burnt wood that make wood look elegant, durable, fire proof, waterproof and much more. This wood is perfect for interior and exterior designs. Why Charred Wood?: Why Charred Wood? The process increase the life of wood by 70-80 Years. It looks Elegant and aesthetic . It is fire proof It is water proof Easy to install It is cost effective Products: Products Suyaki Gendai Pika Pika Suyaki: Suyaki Suyaki or Aligator has conventional look. If someone want to use this burnt surface as it is by just adding oil finish is perfect for interiors also. It not only gives unique, stylish outlook but confrontation from decay. Gendai: Gendai Gendai is maximum used for exteriors. Gave one brush to give a elegant silky smooth look and give richness ambience to your home. It has stains but remain dark only. Pika Pika: Pika Pika Pika Pika is most stylish and give elegant look wherever you used it. Whether used it for exterior or interior it gives gorgeous look. The beautiful 3 dimension give elegant look to yourwalls , siding, ceiling. Contact Us: Contact Us 3010 Southeast 54th Avenue Portland, Oregon 97206 USA Tel. +1-503-512-6780 Fax +1-503-828-3665 Email:

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