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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: bintyy


The characters that will be included in our trailer are the; Final Girl - Nina Wanderer - Amber Pervert – Kian Jock - Kian Geek Popular Girl - Amber

Final Girl The final girl will be the girl to confront the villain who is after her and her friends for some unknown reason. We as a group have chosen this character to feature in our trailer because in society and movies their are popular girls in a group. So this allows our audience to identify with them. Also the popular girl falls under the repetition of slasher horrors.

The Wanderer The wanderer in our trailer will also be featured in our trailer because in slasher horror which we are making a trailer for, a person obviously has to die. So to start off the killing spree we could start with the wanderer. This is also another repetition of slasher horrors.

The Jock/Pervert The jock in our trailer will be combined with the pervert because the jock gets girls and makes the girls who is speaking to feel special and think they are the only one. However this may not be the case. So tying this in with the pervert, the pervert is a person who loves females and will go to any extents to seek their attention and sleep with them or use them.

The Popular Girl The popular girl in our trailer will as well be included because in most circles of friendships theirs that one person who knows more people. So including this character will be inevitable. Also the popular girl loves to seek attention from the boys like the jocks and pervert. This makes her feel superior and important.

The Geek The geek will also be in our trailer this is because in our trailer we wanted to establish a positive character that would be seen in a positive light. Also in the trailer we intend for the geek to come out of their shell.

Vladimir Propp’s Character Theory  A theory that could relate to characters is the propp’s theory. His theory proposes that in a narrative there are eight different character types for instance: ‘The villain (struggles against the hero) The giver (prepares the hero or gives the hero some magical object) The (magical) helper (helps the hero in the quest) The princess (person the hero marries, often sought for during the narrative) The false hero (perceived as good character in beginning but emerges as evil) The dispatcher (character who makes the lack known and sends the hero off) The hero [AKA victim/seeker/paladin/winner, reacts to the donor, weds the princess’ His theory basically breaks down every narrative of a movie and says what characters consists within it. This is what hi theory proposes.

Overall Overall the stock characters that I have mentioned are the ones that I'll include in my trailer. These characters are crucial in relating with my audience because in a lot of circumstances there are these people in friendship groups. Also it helps the audience to understand the trailer better by establishing the characters.

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