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Published on February 11, 2013

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this shows the characteristics valued by employers in the IT industry

Characteristics In The IT Industry. *Please note that these are only a selection of characteristics; there are many more that are not listed here.Characteristics Definition Why is it important for an employer?Good verbal Pronounces words clearly and Makes you look professional and makes you easier to understandcommunicator properlyProblem Solver Can solve problems efficiently Will be able to identify a problem quicklyHelpful Goes out of his/hers way to help Will gain respect among peers and will gain positive feedback another from the customers he helpsPositive Acts cheery a lot of the time and Will make the customer and your colleagues feel better and sees the best in people importantWorks well with Can work effectively with other Will create a better atmosphere for your work colleaguesothers peopleRespectful Shows deference and respect to Will make your colleagues get along with you better othersFocused Is concentrated on the task at hand Will allow the said person to do more work in the allocated time slotOrganised Work is set in a specific order so it is Will allow you to find the required equipment faster and will easy to find allow you to get the job done quickerGood Attendance Mostly at the destination needed on Will give a better reputation for yourself and will make you look time good in front of your boss.Leadership Can conduct a group of people Will allow the employer to give you more trust and responsibility. effectivelySelf-Motivation Can motivate self to a high standard Will stop the employer worrying about staff who are not working to a high standard.Confidence Can feel certain about the decisions Will allow you to work to a higher standard and will allow your he/she makes boss to give you harder tasks.Dependability People can rely on he/she for tasks Your employer will be able to rely on you for tasks that others he/she would not allow others to do.Tolerance Can tolerate something that is You will look good in front of your boss and he/she would not bothering them for prolonged have to take disciplinary action because of actions you may cause durations if you have a bad tolerance.Integrity Is honest and has strong moral Will rule you out of theft, from the co-workers and the principles workplace, will also make life easier for your boss.Independence Can work on own without the need Will make you more likely to be hired because you can work on of help from another your own, not just in groups.Determination Will strive to be the best or to An employer will look for this because they will know that you overcome an obstacle will not ever give up on a task that has been set.Creative Will find new ways to do something, An employer would look for this as you may find a new way to will not be dull complete tasks and would brighten the atmosphere in the workplace.Trouble Shooter Is able to successfully ask questions This would allow the worker to solve problems faster and would or perform tasks to find a problem allow the workplace to run smoother.Punctual Will be on-time for places he/she By having this trait it would bolster other traits like dependability needs to go and will have all tasks and would also bolster the bosses trust in you. completed on time

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