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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: ppatel6247



SAM AGE: 17 years old GENDER: M ale OCCUPATION: Student

ABOUT SAM • Appears to be rather confident and self-assured when surrounded by his friends. • He isn’t shy to have his opinions heard especially when against a female friend because he likes to win arguments. • When he is alone, Sam is much more quiet and becomes very negative. Even though he appears to be self assured when he is around friends, in actual fact, he is less than confident and has a hating towards himself. • As a friend, Sam is very loyal and always sticks by his friends whether or not they are wrong or right. • Overall, Sam feels somewhat ashamed that he deep down dislikes himself because everyone has the impression that he is confident and some people even look up to him in that respect. This is why he doesn’t reveal his secret because he doesn’t want to disappoint.

ABOUT SAM • Sam is mainly interested in anything apart from school. He prefers to play basketball or football instead of going to class and getting educated. • Sam is one of the most popular boys at school and tends to have quite a lot of people trying to be his friend, although, he sticks by his best friend Jason’s side and would rather spend time with him then anyone new. • At home, Sam lives with this parents and is an only child. He receives little attention from his parents which is why he is negative about himself because he feels as if he isn’t loved and starts hating himself due to this.

JASON AGE: 16 years old GENDER: M ale OCCUPATION: Student

ABOUT JASON • Jason is very focused on his studies and always attempts to do the best he can. • He appears to be quiet and wise as he tends to make comments that are rather clever. • Much like Sam, Jason is very loyal to his best friend and supports him a lot because their two girl friends Rebecca and Lucy have a tendency to make fun of him. Though, Jason stands up for him. • Although, he is usually overpowered by Sam as he is more popular but Jason doesn’t care about this because he prefers to be less noticed by people. • However, Jason is negative about himself as well because he feels some sort of envy towards Sam even though he doesn’t want to. • He thinks that no-one likes him because the girls are constantly teasing him with the use of ‘Jasey’

ABOUT JASON • Jason is a high achiever but feels like he is miles away from everyone else because he thinks that he doesn’t belong with everyone else. Therefore, he wants to take his life as he doesn’t want to bother anymore. • Despite this, Jason has a happy life at home, he is loved by his parents but feels alone because he is a middle child and feels like his siblings overpower him. • Jason appreciates his friends because he knows that they too appreciate his friendship.

REBECCA AGE: 17 years old GENDER: Fem ale OCCUPATION: Student

ABOUT REBECCA • Rebecca is the type of person who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and will happily tell anyone, whether the person is her friend or enemy, what she really thinks. • She is rather popular and has many friends from the school. It is apparent that Rebecca enjoys her popularity because it gives her attention, though, she may appear to be less of an attention seeker when on her own. • Rebecca is very loyal to her existing friends and always never leaves Lucy, her best friends, side. • Rebecca enjoys making fun of Sam because he too is popular and she feels that he needs to be more humble. This is contradictory to her own actions because, as previously said, she is an attention seeker. • She thinks highly of everything and likes to believe that there is nothing wrong with the world.

ABOUT REBECCA • Rebecca also has a happy family life and doesn’t receive much pressure from her parents to do well at school. • She is quite girly and has some sort of feminine grace about her which is shown through her body language and she speaks softly, even though she may be loud at times. • However, what Rebecca really thinks of the world is very different to the way she acts it. She thinks that the world is fake and it can almost be a sense of contradictory as she hates the things that which in actual fact, people think of her.

LUCY AGE: 16 years old GENDER: Fem ale OCCUPATION: Student

ABOUT LUCY • Lucy is more similar to Jason because she also likes to focus on her studies and holds that as a priority. • However, she is rather loud and doesn’t shy away from having fun and usually likes to make fun of the other boys with her best friend Rebecca. • Lucy is quite rational and understands the difference between right and wrong however, she can be sometimes be swayed by Rebecca and this will result in her joining in with the ‘funny’ jokes with Rebecca. • Lucy may appear to be quiet because she sometimes likes to keep her opinions to herself and not voice them as much, though with the influence of friends, she is more outspoken. • Also, Lucy is quite loyal to her friends and wants to stick up for Jason but would rather joke with Rebecca.

ABOUT LUCY • Lucy has a good family life but she feels as if she has pressure from her parents to do well with her studies which is why she becomes very stressed and begins to hate her life. • Lucy is a kind person and doesn’t mean any harm to anyone and whenever she teases her friends like Jason, she has good intentions and doesn’t mean to upset anyone.

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