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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: jimsocci50


Character Branding The Six Cornerstones Of All Successful Brands (Part 1 of 4)

Jim Socci Artistic Toy, President “Inspiring the use of Plush Toys In Advertising”

Dr. Gary Kaskowitz Moravian College “Live, Learn, Enjoy.”

What you will learn in the next 60 minutes: 1. Common Branding Misconceptions 2. The three purposes of brands 3. Practical examples of good branding 4. Use branding knowledge to help you 5. The 6 traits of successful brands.

Problems facing your Clients: 1. Divided Attention 2. Shrinking Budgets 3. Market / Economic Uncertainty 4. Identity Crisis!

Problems facing Promotional Consultants 1. Time for creativity 2. Time with decision makers 3. Shrinking Margins 4. Identity Crisis!

Brand Myths Facing Your Client 1. Understand Promotional Products Role in their Marketing, Advertising, and Branding. 2. Their customers think logically. 3. Need a lot of money to build their brand. 4. Understand the business that they are in.

Brand Myths Facing You 1. Promotional Products = Branding 2. Marketing = Branding 3. Advertising = Branding 4. Understand the business you are in.

The Real Purpose of Brands 1. Identify 2. Differentiate 3. Build Value

What is a Brand? 1. It has a Purpose 2. Always Changing, Never wavering 3. Helps buyer make decision quickly

Successful Brand Example

Successful Brand Example

Successful Brand Example

Branding Knowledge That Helps Me 1. Commit to empowering purpose 2. Tell a good story 3. Keep it simple!

6 Traits of Successful Brands 1. Belief in themself 2. Audience understanding 3. Role identification 4. Aspiration delivery 5. Congruence of tactics 6. Kindle a community.

Frequently Asked Questions Q & A Session 1. Can I get a copy of presentation? 2. Where can I get more information on Branding? 3. How can I get a copy of Gary’s Book? 4. Why are Character’s important in Branding? 5. When is the next webinar?

For Additional Information Gary Kaskowitz – 484-553-1249 Jim Socci – 484-788-0888 x101

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