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Published on August 2, 2007

Author: Freedom


THE POLICE CULTURE, PERSONALITY & STRESS :  THE POLICE CULTURE, PERSONALITY andamp; STRESS Chapter 6 Introduction:  Introduction Numerous studies have indicated that the nature of policing and the experiences officers go through on the job cause them to band together. My experiences include are not limited to: Fights High speed pursuits Being shot at Being sued Being around other cops everyday Working shift work to include holidays Playing on police flag football andamp; softball teams Traits of the Police Culture:  Traits of the Police Culture The Traits Clannishness Isolation from the public Working shifts Secrecy Honor High risk profession Loyalty Backup – What does this really mean? Individuality Police Culture:  Police Culture Cops do things with other Cops Parties (COPS ONLY) Drinking In-service Training andamp; Conferences Police Culture:  Police Culture Police culture or police subculture - a combination of shared norms, values, goals, career patterns, life styles, and occupational structures that is substantially different from the combination held by the rest of society. Research shows that Police officers create their Own culture to deal with Recurring anxiety and stress That is endemic to policing. Police Culture:  Police Culture Blue Curtain – a concept developed by William Westley which claims that police officers only trust other police officers and do not aid in the investigation of wrongdoing by other officers. Police Culture:  Police Culture Blue Wall of Silence - a figurative protective barrier erected by the police in which officers protect one another from outsiders, often even refusing to aid police superiors or other law enforcement officials in investigating wrongdoing of other officers. Traits of the Police Personality:  Traits of the Police Personality Police personality - traits common to most police officers. Scholars have reported that his personality is thought to include such traits as authoritarianism, suspicion, racism, hostility, insecurity, conservatism, and cynicism. Authoritarianism Suspicion Hostility Insecurity Conservatism Cynicism Police Culture:  Police Culture Cops are constantly exposed to danger. What does this do to their personality? How does the public feel about them? Police cynicism - an attitude that there is no hope for the world and a view of humanity at its worst. Dirty Harry:  Dirty Harry Dirty Harry Problem - A moral dilemma faced by police officers in which they may feel forced to take certain illegal actions to achieve a greater good. Watts War Story: K. Arnold Traffic Stop Police Stress:  Police Stress Flight‑or‑fight response - the body's reaction to highly stressful situations in which it is getting prepared for extraordinary physical exertion. Adrenaline!!!! What happens when the body does not use this adrenaline? Police Culture:  Police Culture Female Officers:  Female Officers Where do they fit in? How are they judged? Sexual harassment Is this a problem? Slide14:   Suicide by cop - the phenomenon in which a person wishing to die deliberately places an officer in a life threatening situation, causing the officer to use deadly force against that person. How does the effect the officer that shoots the Terd? Police Stress:  Police Stress 4 categories of police stress: External stress – produced by real threats and dangers (dangerous assignments) Organizational Stress – produced by elements inherent to quasi military organizations: tours, shifts, schedules, etc. Police Stress:  Police Stress Personal stress – interpersonal characteristics of being a cop; difficulties getting along with others … Operational stresses – daily confronting the tragedies of urban life, dealing with derelicts, criminal andamp; the mentally ill, and the constant possibility of being sued for actions on duty Stress and Police Families:  Stress and Police Families 1. Family disruption due to rotating shifts What about child care? Holidays Attending children’s events 2. Unpredictable work environment Fear of injury or death Watts War Story: My sign by my doorway 3. Job related personal change and family relationships. Officers see a lot of tragedy Changes in the personalities and attitudes affect the family. Stress and Police Families:  Stress and Police Families 4. Community expectations and demands Held to a higher standard The Bars? Take care of neighborhood problems 5. Intrusion into family life Take job home Police Suicide:  Police Suicide Suicide rates among police officers are 2-3 times the rate of the general population The rate of police suicides have doubled in the 1990’s Police officers commit suicide at a rate up to 53% higher than other city workers Suicide Prevention:  Suicide Prevention 4 clear messages of Suicide Prevention 1. Seeking help will not result in job termination 2. All info will be respected and kept confidential 3. Other ways exist of dealing with the situation 4. Someone is available to help with the problem That’s All Folks:  That’s All Folks

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