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Information about Chapter4anthrax

Published on October 21, 2007

Author: Jeremiah


Anthrax :  Anthrax Chapter 4 Floron C. Faries, Jr. Professor and Extension Program Leader for Veterinary Medicine The Texas A&M University System Slide2:  Reportable Bacterial disease Worldwide distribution Endemic to U.S. triangle of Uvalde, Ozona, Eagle Pass, TX Affects numerous animal species Primarily domestic and wild livestock Zoonotic Causative Agent:  Causative Agent Bacterium - Bacillus anthracis vegetative bacteria in animal spore bacteria in environment Transmission :  Transmission Spores leave dead animal via hemorrhagic exudates mouth, nose, anus and vulva contain large numbers of bacteria Contaminated soil spores remain viable for decades Slide6:  Soil-borne – summer drought, following rains Soil-borne – summer rain, following drought Usually ingestion of spores Slide7:  Incubation period is 1-20 days Infections apparent after 3-7 days Diagnosis:  Diagnosis Ruminants: Sudden death Staggering Trembling Dyspnea Fever Respiratory distress Convulsions Abortions Bloody discharge FATAL Slide10:  Horses: Sudden death Fever Chills Anorexia Depression Severe colic Bloody diarrhea Swelling FATAL Slide11:  Pigs: Sudden death Mild, chronic infections Fever Swelling Enlarged lymph nodes Usually recover Slide12:  Dead animals: Sudden death – blood poisoning Rigor mortis absent Rapid decomposition – extreme bloat Dark blood Enlarged spleen Non-clotting blood People: Wound infections – carbuncles Prevention :  Prevention Vaccinate livestock Sterne-strain live Endemic areas Burn carcasses Do not move Burn body remains Bones, antlers and horns Regulation and Control:  Regulation and Control National Animal Identification System (pending) Texas FEAD Emergency Response Plan identify positive animals and destroy reduce amount of time to get back test results track origin of suspect animals Slide15:  Burn carcass and bedding Don’t open carcass spores will not develop without oxygen bacteria will decompose within a few days Vaccination of herd required Quarantine of herd required for 10 days after vaccination Slide16:  Questions?

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