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Published on December 14, 2007

Author: Gabir


Slide1:  Chapter 2 Organization of Food and Beverage Operations Managing Food and Beverage Operations Fourth Edition (241TXT or 241CIN) Goals:  Goals Identify a variety of managerial, production, and service positions that are typical of the food service industry and describe the roles these positions play in providing food service. Explain the purpose of an organization chart and identify the organizational structures of various kinds of food service operations. Describe several critical issues that a person should consider before starting a career in food service. Three Levels of Management:  Three Levels of Management Top managers: Long-term plans and goals Overall business environment Middle managers: Shorter-term goals Keep communication flowing between upper management and supervisors and employees Supervisors: Link between management and employees Typically use their technical skills Line vs. Staff:  Line vs. Staff Line Manager Oversee one or more revenue generating departments Staff Manager Provide support and advice to line managers Human Resources Controller Purchasing Attorneys Real Estate Dietitians Jo0b description purpose:  Jo0b description purpose job descriptions have multiple uses: Job descriptions are intended to help an employer determine whether a person is qualified to perform a job. •They help set the expectations for employees, (no surprises). Give a copy of the job description at interview for a position and again at start of the job. Training tools. Managers can use job descriptions as training checklists. Feedback forums. Job descriptions can also serve as relevant, objective criteria upon which to evaluate employees. • Protection against litigation. Job descriptions can help shield restaurants from wrongful-discharge, discrimination and other lawsuits.. Job Descriptions :  Job Descriptions Basic elements Every job description should contain the following items: • Job title • Title of immediate supervisor • Position summary. Provide a general description of the job, its responsibilities and the required skills. • Tasks and competencies. Outline the job's tasks (duties) and competencies (skills needed to accomplish the tasks). Be sure to include a line that says, "Other duties as assigned." This gives you the flexibility to adjust an employee's duties as needed and provides the worker with the opportunity to grow in the position. • Prerequisites. List the required education, experience and physical abilities needed to perform the job Production Positions:  Production Positions AKA “Back of the House” Chefs—executive, sous (assistant), garde-manger, banquet Cooks—soup, sauce, fish, roast, pastry, relief, assistant Bakers—head bakers, assistant bakers, pastry chefs Pantry staff—service assistants Stewards—chief stewards, porters, dishwashing employees Storeroom and receiving employees Job descriptions Back:  Job descriptions Back Chef or head cook - This person is responsible for all that goes on in the kitchen. He/she should be responsible for hiring and training other cooks, prep persons and dishwashers. They are responsible for the menu, buying supplies and equipment. At some restaurants the chef is the star attraction. The kitchen staff may include several chefs and cooks, (sometimes called assistant or apprentice chefs and cooks), a bread and pastry baker, vegetable, fry or a sauce chef. Each chef or cook usually has a special assignment and often a special job title. Executive chefs coordinate the work of the kitchen staff and often direct the preparation of certain foods. They decide the size of servings, plan menus, and buy food supplies. Dishwasher - Keeps the kitchen staff supplied with clean dishes, pots, pans and utensils. The may also have the job of keeping the kitchen clean during a shift, takes out trash, cleans floors, etc. Typical Service Positions:  Typical Service Positions Dining room managers Hosts/receptionists Food and beverage servers Buspersons Bartenders—public and service Cashiers Expediters Runners Curbside servers Job descriptions Line:  Job descriptions Line Waiter/waitress - Take customer's orders, serve food and beverages, prepare itemized checks, and sometimes accept payments. Waiters and waitresses may perform additional duties, which may include escorting guests to tables, serving customers seated at counters, setting up and clearing tables. They also check the identification of patrons to ensure they meet the minimum age requirement for the purchase of alcohol and tobacco products. Must be professional, polite, and reliable. Must be able to learn and describe food proficiently. Wait Staff need to be familiar with the menu. Bus Person - The Bus persons assist the Waiters by monitoring and cleaning tables throughout service. Generally their duties include setting and clearing the table of dishes during the meal. They are often responsible for bringing bread and butter, etc. to the table before the ordered dish arrives. They may also help bring food from the kitchen and serve. Job descriptions Front:  Job descriptions Front Maitre d, host/hostess- Takes Reservations, organizes seating, greets customers, seats customers, distributes menus. They sometimes operate the cash register. They occasionally take orders and act as a liaison between the kitchen and dining room. Manager - A Manager should be able to open and close your restaurant, purchase food and beverage inventory, open the register, track inventory, train and manage the staff, work with suppliers and manage your advertising Bartenders - fill drink orders that waiters and waitresses take from customers. They prepare standard mixed drinks and, occasionally, are asked to mix drinks to suit a customer's taste. Bartenders collect payment, operate the cash register, clean up after customers leave, and often serve food to customers seated at the bar. Bartenders also check identification of customers seated at the bar, to ensure they meet the minimum age requirement for the purchase of alcohol. Organization Charts:  Organization Charts Shows relationships between, among, within departments. (who reports to whom) Management Hierarchy “Flat Organization”: Small-owner supervises all staff Slide13:  Owner/GM Executive chef D R manager Sous Chef Pastry chef Asst DR Mngr Bar/Sommelier Host(ess) Restaurant Organization Chart Hotel Organization chart:  Hotel Organization chart GM F&B SALES ENGINEER Front Office Accounting Outlet Bars Banquets Chef mngr Desk Housekeeping Slide15:  Members D R manager Sous Chef Pastry chef Asst DR Mngr Bar/Sommelier Host(ess) Restaurant Organization Chart Chef Slide16:  Members Board of directors General manager Club house Food & Beverage Dining Private Club Organization Chart Bar Quick Question:  Quick Question The primary function of staff managers is to: Provide support and advice to line managers Create the weekly staffing schedules for all departments Supervise revenue-generating departments Train newly hired or promoted line managers Quick Question:  Quick Question A “flat” organizational structure is most likely to be appropriate for: A very large independent restaurant A very small independent restaurant A chain attempting to maintain level sales in all its restaurants A restaurant attempting to recover from bad sales performance in a previous period What’d You Learn…:  What’d You Learn… What are the three levels of management? What are some common production and service positions in the foodservice industry? What is an organizational chart and what does it show? What will impact your career path in the industry?

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