Chapter 9 urinary system abbreviations

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Published on March 12, 2014

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Chapter 9 urinary system abbreviations


ARF  ARF stands for Acute Renal Failure.  Acute means an illness that has had rapid onset or a short duration.  Renal refers to the kidneys.  failure refers to the kidneys being unable to do their job of filtering waste from the blood.  In ARF dangerous levels of toxins may accumulate in the body, edema may occur, and bones may weaken.

CRF  CRF stands for Chronic Renal failure.  Chronic and Acute renal failure are different because a chronic disease is something that has existed long term and cannot be cured.  Chronic Renal Failure also results in, an inability of the kidneys to filter waste and toxins out of the body, edema, and loss of bone strength.  In the beginning stages of CRF you may not show any signs or symptoms. It usually becomes noticeable in the later stages of the disease.  CRF can result in end stage failure unless dialysis or a kidney transplant is done.

UTI  UTI stands for urinary tract infection.  A urinary tract infection is caused by bacteria that typically infects bladder.  The infection can spread to the kidneys.  UTI’s are more common in females because the urethra is closer to the anus than males.  UTI’s typically result in a burning stinging sensation while urinating and cloudy urine.

BUN  BUN stands for Blood Urea Nitrogen  When protein is broken down in the body Urea Nitrogen is created.  BUN is a blood test done to find the levels of Urea Nitrogen in the blood. Based on the tests findings you can get a glimpse into how well the kidneys and liver are functioning.  If the Urea Nitrogen levels are too high this may suggest impaired kidney or liver function.

UC  UC stands for Urine Culture.  A Urine Culture is done to identify bacteria in the urine that could be the cause of a UTI.  This process checks to see if over a period of time bacteria grow in the urine sample.  Normally urine would be considered sterile which means bacteria would not grow in the urine.  If bacteria growth is found then the test is a positve.

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