Chapter 5 - Work with your Hands

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Information about Chapter 5 - Work with your Hands

Published on March 27, 2020

Author: creativeniccole



2. WHAT? That's right, get something into your hands and work with it that's not an electronic. You need to exercise your depth perception and figure out how your hands can create the magic!

3. HOW? There are various materials you can start with like coloring books, making paper airplanes, planting a flower, sculpting clay, juggling, building a toy train set, working on a car or motorcycle engine, painting a surfboard, remodeling a get the picture.

4. WHY? Because this is the ultimate challenge for your creative skills. If you have a vision of something you want for the future, then bring life to it and make it an actual physical object. Set a goal and accomplish it. The more you create and produce even the smallest of things, like a finger painting, then you are giving your mind the green light to create more. See how that works? Let's build your confidence that you can do it.

5. WHEN? Let's start right now! Take 5- minutes and trace your hand on a piece of paper. Now make some squiggly lines and design a henna tattoo like the one pictured to the right. Who cares what it looks like? Just start your mind working on being creative. Got it?

6. AT THE BEACH Pick up some rocks or shells. AT THE PARK Throw the ball around with some friends. AT HOME Try that new recipe and make something in the kitchen. WHERE?

7. Actually, you don't have to do this with anyone. You can do this all by yourself. But if you want you can have anyone help you work with your hands. Although keep it simple. WITH WHO?

8. WITH WHAT MATERIALS? Pick items visually appealing to you. Start with a design guided by nature, then twist that into another one... Consider a variety of colors.

9. ...there are no limits to creative design.

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