Chapter 4 - Observe Nature

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Information about Chapter 4 - Observe Nature

Published on March 27, 2020

Author: creativeniccole



2. Why? Mother Nature is the master designer of us all. Each creation we see evolved from a tiny cell. So by observing her creations we can better understand how we can be creative as humans.

3. BUT NATURE IS BORING... Are you looking in the right place? Nature can be just as fun to watch as any sports game. Maybe you need to find something in Nature that you like most?

4. How to observe nature starts with finding any tree. Take a closer look and see if there are any bugs crawling in its bark. What are those bugs doing? How?

5. What? What to observe depends on what you find most interesting. That could be African Elephants or Lions, Black Bears in the mountains or Sharks in the ocean.

6. Where? The best thing about Nature is that it is everywhere! You can also take this opportunity to visit your local zoo or wild animal park.

7. Who Does This? This is not limited to Nature Lovers and Tree Huggers. Many Engineers find inspiration from Nature, as well as Medical Researchers, Fashion Designers, and Beauty Professionals. EVERYONE AND ANYONE

8. SOME INSPIRING WORDS "Trees and plants always look like the people they live with, somehow." Z O R A N E A L E H U R S T O N

9. When? This is also easy to answer, you can observe Nature at anytime.

10. Tis the Law of Nature... The boss of knowing how to attract clients and customers is definitely Mother Nature. She is the grand artist of us all. She has many colorful expressions on all levels. From the dark and creepy to the light and flighty. So no matter the level you are on, there are ways to creatively express your self which will help you in the long run. Does that make sense?

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