Chapter 2 - Experiment

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Information about Chapter 2 - Experiment

Published on March 27, 2020

Author: creativeniccole


1. CHAPTER 2. EXPERIMENT c r e a t i v e n i c c o l e . c o m G E T Y O U R C R E A T I V E J U I C E S F L O W I N G

2. With What? Any material object you see, you can mutate it, change it, upgrade it, refurbish it, color it, etc. There are no limits.

3. Why? This gets your mind thinking in the here and now. It's a creative exercise you can learn to apply to your work, business, or personal.

4. What if I don't know how? Let's make this super simple. Find any plain rock from outside aywhere the size of your palm. Paint it all white. This will be your starting point and your blank canvas. Now paint an emoticon on it. When you are done with that one, find another rock and paint that one too with a different emoticon. Experiment.

5. Less than an hour a day is all it takes. If you are online looking at this now, then you do have time. Like running, you can build your mental endurance so you can devote more time to your creativity. What if I don't have time?

6. How will this help me? Experimenting helps you solve problems. You gain the ability to look at things from a different angle, to build, to improve, to improvise, and so on. Also, to maintain your business you will always need to improve and improvise to stay on top of the market.

7. Family Brutal Honesty Friends Team Spirit Co-Workers Outside the Box Who can help me?

8. Where can I do it? You can experiment anywhere you are allowed, as long as you are not violating your local rules and regulations.

9. Don't limit experiment to Science... There are unlimited possibilities, have fun!

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