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Published on October 15, 2013

Author: PaigeCWright



Chapter 2 for Art Appreciation for Prof. Craig

Use pictures and underlined words to navigate.

Insiders and Outsiders Aesthetics Wabi Sabi Representational Naturalistic Abstract Nonrepresentational/Nonobjective Content Context Subject Matter Form Stylized/Style Installations Tompe L’oeil Iconography Disinterested Contemplation

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(Click here to go back to Index) : Created what he wanted, few sold until later in life. Worked alone. : Created what others wanted, therefore he had buyers and income. He had assistance and apprentices (Leonardo Di Vinci being one of them). : Paid monthly salaries to make illustrated books for Mughal dynasty emperor. Collaborated. : Full time janitor, part time folk artist. Had no intention of showing his work. Discovered after death. Traditionaly trained and well recognized (link)  No formal training and often live far from their subject matter. *Think: folk, naïve, intuitive, primitive, and art brut (raw art)

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The word with an , or of nature and deals , idea through experience and how it makes them . (naturalness, simplicity, understatement, impertinence) (loneliness, old age, and tranquility) “ .”

: translation of what the subject matter is ( , , and ) that is a clear image of something. : From or , or imitating it very closely. : Open to interpretation and translation ( , and/or emphasizing , , or ). : represent or depict any real world , , or .

: What a work of , its as interpreted by a viewer. : or that the art represents/the . : ( , , ) and/or any (i.e. cube) : or depicted. : The collateral damage of war. : Picasso’s distaste for General Francisco Franco in relation to the Spanish Civil War. : Oil on canvas; black & white : Protest against the Spanish Civil War; Demons, mother cradling dead baby, burning houses, and death

(Click me to go back to index) (Click me to see stylized art) Describes that we can identify as , , and (i.e.: , , , and ). (Click me for Van Gogh’s style) art that conforms to a or set of for depicting the world.

•A is presented as a that can be , , , and .

, , and A buddah. An in art. ;a Buddhist presence of God and life. Fertility Feet firmly on holy ground.

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