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Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Dolorada



Sports Marketing:  Sports Marketing Chapter 15 Overview Five Points of Entry:  Five Points of Entry Leagues / Sports Bodies (NFL, NBA, MLB, IOC, FIFA, etc.) Teams (Jazz, Dodgers, Lakers, Bronco’s, US Skiing, US Figure Skating, etc.) Athletes (Michael and all others) Five Points of Entry:  Five Points of Entry Media Partners (Radio / TV stations that carry games) Sports Agencies Not As Expensive As You Think:  Not As Expensive As You Think Armour Hot Dogs Clemens, Griffey Jr, Sosa, Jeter, Bonds $50,000 each 2 appearances (2 hours) Play in a Golf Tournament One-Day Commercial Shoot Half-Day Photo Shoot 500 autographs Olympics (Sports):  Olympics (Sports) International Olympic Committee (IOC) Sport Federations (FIFA, Track & Field) Governing Bodies (USOC, Canadian Olympic Committee) Individual Sports Bodies (USA Boxing, US Track & Field, US Figure Skating, USA Basketball) Organizing Committees (Salt Lake, Athens, Sydney, etc.) Olympics (Sponsor):  Olympics (Sponsor) Worldwide Olympic Sponsors (10) Country-Specific Sponsors (USA) Official Suppliers Organizing Games Sponsor Olympics (Media):  Olympics (Media) Global TV Rights USA (NBC) Canada Europe South America Asia Middle East Australia Most Misuse:  Most Misuse It’s just another advertising vehicle. No link to strategy. Need to justify cost with incremental sales. In-Stadium Is A Waste:  In-Stadium Is A Waste Utah Jazz Delta Center seats 19,996 for a game. Assume 95% capacity per game = 18,996 actual people 14,000 season tickets (41 home games) Assume season ticket holders come to 75% of games. Total Attendance: 778,844 season attendance Discreet Individuals Attendance: 362,344 people $30,000 for a Delta Center Sign Football Is Even Worse:  Football Is Even Worse Football Season Ticket Holders attend about 90% of games. Lavell Edwards Stadium seats 65,000 Season Tickets (public / students): 53,000 Six Home Games Total Attendance: 390,000 Discreet Individual Attendance: 156,800 Coke & the Atlanta Olympic Games:  Coke & the Atlanta Olympic Games Spent $450 million worldwide $40 for worldwide sponsor rights $ 25 million NBC advertising $ 50 million other TV advertising $ 18 million Olympic Torch Relay $ 12 million Coca-Cola Olympic City $ 15 million “Team / Governing Bodies” $290 million global activation / promotions (167 countries = about $2 million per country)

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Sports Marketing Chapter 15 Overview Five Points of Entry Leagues / Sports Bodies (NFL, NBA, MLB, IOC, FIFA, etc.) Teams (Jazz, Dodgers, Lakers, Bronco’s ...
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