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Published on September 9, 2015

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1. Chapter 1 Study Guide VOCABULARY CARDS: Anatomy superior Physiology posterior Atom medial Molecule lateral Cell proximal Tissue distal Organ superficial System deep Organism oblique Homeostasis sagittal Feedback system (loop) parasagittal Frontal or coronal Transverse NEED TO KNOW: Be able to define what anatomy and physiology is. Describe the basic organization of the human body. Explain how systems relate to each other. Be able to list the levels or organization in order from smallest to largest. Know the basic structures and functions of each system. Define the 6 important life processes in humans. Compare/contrast negative and positive feedback systems or loops. Know the directional terms for the body. Be able to describe the body in terms on planes. Labs/Projects: Vitruvian Man Experiment Analyzing Health Careers Research Project

2. Intro to Anatomy and Physiology Organization of the Human Body Chapter 1 What is anatomy and physiology?  Anatomy is the science of ____________________________and the ____________________________________________.  Physiology is the science of ___________________________________________________________.  Because function can never be _____________________________ from structure, these are both studied together.  Each structure of the body is designed for a ___________________________________. Levels of Organization and Body Systems  The structures of the human body are organized on several levels.  Smallest to largest:

3.  _________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _____ Chemical  Includes _________________________________________  Certain atoms are essential for maintaining life.  _________________________________________________________________ ____ are the main ones.  ____________________________ is responsible for all the genetic material in our bodies. Cellular  Cells are the _____________________________of structure and function of an organism.  Each cell contains _______________________________ which perform specific functions. Tissues  Tissues are groups of _______________________________________ that get together to perform a specific function.  There are_____ basic types of tissues.

4.  _________________________________________________________________ _____ Organ  Organs usually have a ___________________________________, are composed or two or more __________________________________, and have a specific function. Organ system  A system consists of _______________________________ that have a common ___________________________.  The organs work together. Organism  All ________________________ in the body join together to create the organism. What processes do all living organisms have in common?

5. Life Process  All living organisms 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

6. Homeostasis  Maintaining a _____________________ environment  __________________________ constantly adjusted at all levels  Interaction of systems Feedback Systems  Negative-

7.  Positive-

8. Directional Terms Proximal- Distal- Superior- Inferior- Medial- Lateral-

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