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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: AkmalHafiz2



Largest and fastest growing industries
Common dynamics:
Delivery of services and products
Customer and guest impressions are critical

Chapter 1 Introduction to Hospitality (Hospitality & Tourism)

The Pineapple Tradition The pineapple has enjoyed a rich and romantic heritage as:- a) A symbol of welcome b) Friendship c) Hospitality

The pineapple also has been internationally recognized as;a) A symbol of hospitality and, b)A sign of friendliness, warmth, cheer, graciousness and conviviality.

Hospitality & Tourism • Largest and fastest growing industry in the world. • One of the most exciting aspect of this industry is that it is made up of so many different professions.

• There are some powerful and common dynamics, which include the:a) Delivery of services and, b)Delivery of Products and the customer/guest impressions of them.

(Front-of-the-house) Staff or employee who has a direct contact with a guest or customer. He or she will greet, welcome, assist, provide and deliver a good services and products to the guest as well. He or she also become a person who will give a great good first impression to the guest too.

Definition (Back-of-the-house) Staff or employee who has an indirect contact with the guest or customer and performing duties behind the scenes the profound and most challenging reality of working in this industry. He or she may or may not has a limited time to meet the guest too.

Front-of-the-House • The several front-of-the-house staff members, such as:- Food server, waiter, waitress - Bartenders - Greeters - Managers - Bus Attendants

FOTH – Staff Members

Front Desk

Bar & Lounge

Waiter & Waitress


Flight Attendants

Tour Operator

e.g – Tour Guide

Back-of-the-House • The several back-of-the-house staff members, such as: - Chefs - Housekeepers, houseman - Dishwasher and stewards - Food purchaser - Night audit, cost controller - Public Area (maid)

BOTH – Staff Members

Professional Chef

Exec Housekeepers & Housekeepers

Operator/Tele-operator & Reservation

Trash Area

By the way, both front of the house and back of the house are IMPORTANT to deliver an excellent service to the guest or customer.

In this hospitality industry, sometime the employees have the ability to affect the human experience by creating powerful impressions – even brief “moment of truth”.

• People leave their homes temporarily (whether alone or with others) to travel. • So that, in tourism, think of many people who provide services to travellers and have responsibility of representing their communities and creating experiences that, when delivered successfully, are pleasurable and memorable.

• These are the people who; - Welcome - Inform, - Comfort, and, - Care for tourist and, - Collectively a part of a process that can positively affect human lives and wellbeing.

Why People Travel ??



Medical Purposes

Religious Purposes

Education Purposes


• People travel for many reasons. A trip away from home might be for: - vacations, - work, - Holiday - Religious - Medical purpose - to attend a conference, - or maybe even to visit a college campus, etc.

• Regardless of the reason, under the umbrella of travel and tourism, many professions are necessary to meet the needs and wants of people who are away from home.

• The hotel business provides job opportunities to many associates who; - Help make reservations, - Greet, - Assist and - Serve guests in hospitality operations of varied sized and in locations all over the world.

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