Chapter 1 - Go on a City Adventure

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Information about Chapter 1 - Go on a City Adventure

Published on March 27, 2020

Author: creativeniccole



2. WHY? Being around busy vibes can actually affect your energy, and your closest city has layers of it. Because it's bustling with energy...

3. GOING ON AN ADVENTURE GETS YOU OUT OF YOUR BUBBLE. Just imagine how many different characters there are, the many diverse stories driving around or walking... WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

4. Increases the blood circulation to your brain. HOW CAN IT HELP ME? Exercise Looking at historical buildings, signs, and people will stir your imagination. Insightful Triggers You get a sense of appreciation for what others have achieved. Exposed to Others

5. The caffeine will give you a little boost before you go. City Cafe Start w/Coffee You could get on a bus and take it to the very end, turn around then back again. Any Bus Stop It's an easy mark. From one end to the next, could be fun stuff waiting around the bend. City Park Find the Path WHERE SHOULD I START?

6. You can take a picture of anything, buildings, signs, art galleries, clothing boutiques, people, cars, collect an assortment and be open to diversity. BE PREPARED WITH YOUR CELL PHONE WHAT SHOULD I LOOK AT?

7. It's a city of layered dreams. SEE THE SIGHTS Don't be shy. EXPLORE PEOPLE

8. Go anytime you feel safe... WHEN SHOULD I GO?

9. Have a sketch plan of what you want to accomplish on your adventure. Stick to your goals. Stay around people in public places. No dark allies. If you don't trust something, then move on to where you feel better. Trust your gut. WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR...

10. The most important thing of all is to have a good time, that's it! Sure you want to have some guidelines, but anything can happen in the city so just go with it!

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