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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: erhuff3


By: Nate, Kevin, Anna, and Corey

 Adolescence is the transition period between child and adult.  The end of adolescence and the start of adulthood is blurry  Different cultures have initiation rites marking becoming an adult such as  Bar-mitzvah  Bat-mitzvah  Birthdays  Graduations  Weddings

 G Stanley Hall’s Theory:  Thought adolescence was like a full grown animal in a cage, knowing freedom without experiencing it.  Adolescence is a transitional stage  Thought adolescence was stressful and stormy  Opposition thought adolescence is not discontinuous  Margret Mead:  1935-Adolescence was not storm and stress and that problems came from industrialized society.

 Hormones trigger internal and external changes  Puberty starts  Girls: ages 8-10  Boys: ages 9-16  Everyone gets a growth spurt before puberty  Peak for growth  Girls: 12  Boys: 14  Boys and girls get fatty tissue before their growth spurt.  Boys loose the fatty tissue as they grow  Girls grow into the fatty tissue

 Breasts and waists fill out  Grow pubic hair  Ages 10-17 is when first menstrual period happens  In 12-18 months the menstrual period becomes normal and able to conceive a child

 Age 12 get pubic hair and larger genitals  Ages 12-13 have 1st ejaculation  Boy’s growth spurt happens 24-27 months after girl’s growth spurt but lasts longer.  At growth spurt  Broader shoulders  Trunk fills out  More muscle tissue  Larger heart and lungs  Voice deepens  Grow hair on face and chest

 Develops attitudes about sex and expectations for gender roles  Culture patterns about sex have changed from generation to generation  Some cultures keep children in the dark about sex until marriage  Middle and upper class females are more sexually active then they were 30 years ago  Teen pregnancies have been a rising social issue  Aids is a problem in the world today even though it is just beginning to decline in the United States

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