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Published on November 21, 2017

Author: khushi_rao


slide 1: Changing shopping trends… Earlier shopping used to be miles and miles of walking but trend has evolved that we can now touch and shop. Digital Marketing has brought buyers and sellers on one virtual place.E-commerce industry has got great benefit of it as affiliate marketing as well as shopping online. E-commerce is new era lifestyle its not any technical terminology or business-model anymore. Most of stone and mortar store has been replaced by mobiles apps and websites everything vegetables to clothes books to banks is just a click way. Buyers are now smart buyers and are more specific on there demands and choices. E-commerce has not only brought all in our palms but all the online shopping and selling business players has benefited immensely they need not to go person to person to promote it’s a click game all now. In fact online market places like Flipkart Snapdeal Amazon etc in India have witnessed immense growth in their customer shopping trends with large category of product as options been big challenges are also big like price comparisons price drops offers quality assurance easy returns and zero-cost EMI options. E-commerce buying habits of India are based on few aspects:- 1.Device Based Shopping. Among the all available devices 65 percent of online purchases start on a Smartphone while only 25 percent begin on a laptop and 11 percent begin on a tablet. Now marketers need to develop a plan for satisfying different access points. App purchase are preferred over sites due much customized offers and ease to purchase. slide 2: 2.Demographics Almost every consumer in the age group 18-35 years 18-25 yrs- 99 percent 26-35 years-98 percent admitted to shop online frequently. Only 61 percent of consumers falling in the age bracket 46-50 years have shopped online in the past year. Men prefer simple and straightforward shopping experiences whereas women are more interested in social and comprehensive ones. Metros spend 85 times more than sub-urban in e-commerce purchases due to time convenience discounts door-step delivery and plastic money usage are the prime reasons that encourage them to spend a large part of their budget online. 3.Product availability and comparison Buyers currently spend 60 percent of their home budget online which is dedicated to online shopping of day to day needs rather than conventional buying habits due large categories and inventory of products choice are much more according to demand electronics to vegetables groceries to stationeries all in our access at one point of time with great prices and comparison onboard according to need. slide 3: 4. Buying Segment and payment modes. Women spend 80 of times in jewelry and fashion objects and have shown greater interest towards the usage of credit and debit cards along with online modes of payments whereas men’s spend more on electronics books and travelling and try to spend on cash and deals period. 5.Deals and Ad-ons. With a booming e-commerce and e-services market brands have become price-competitive 60 percent of respondents cited that they get enticed to shop online during discount days. Apart from comfort of buying online and ease of comparison of products users buy products online because of cash back offers 40 percent discount coupons 38 percent freebies and additional offers 35 percent.It has been seen that 60 of times up-sales activities are being effective and people opt for suggestive products too. 6.Trust and credibility. Since all the purchases are virtualized so brand name product assurance services after and before sales activities have played a major role. Not only offers and promotional campaigns need to be effective rather product reviews and detailed features are also deciding factors. According to study it is found that online buyers reference prior to making a purchase include message boards and forums customer reviews and testimonials video reviews social media posts third-party ratings comparison websites coupon/deal sites and competitor websites. Due to multiple informative channels buyers have suddenly become much more alert and aware than they used to be. It is stated that 81 percent of buyers conduct detailed analysis before buying any product. Therefore being having ample of E-commerce buying advantages there are some major lacking to like return issues payment frauds product quality after sales service etc. E-commerce has unified all our need but risk always lies in it buyer needs to be more aware and alert about their buying habits and portals to trust upon. slide 4: Thanx for reading Pace Career Academy Institute for Freelancing and Digital Marketing Training

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