Changing Family Structures in the UK

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Information about Changing Family Structures in the UK

Published on June 25, 2008

Author: ICTatCSG


Slide 1: Tuesday 27th November Family Structure in the UK KQ: How has family life changed over the past 30 years? 1. Match the key word to the correct definition. 2. If there has been: An increase in cohabitation An increase in divorce An increase in re-marriage… how might families be different in 2007, from how they looked in 1970? Slide 3: Do you think this is more or less than in 1970? Slide 4: This graph shows which kinds of people / families live in different parts of the UK. Slide 5: How has family life in the UK changed in the last 10 years? Slide 6: This graph shows the level of qualifications of children living in different family situations. Which family type is the ‘best’ for a child’s education? Why do you think this might be? Number of young people with level 2 qualifications or above.

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