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Published on February 4, 2008

Author: Durante


Coping with Change:  Coping with Change NIACT Guest Lecture Michael Williams Attitudes to Change:  Attitudes to Change Many have a natural aversion to change Doing something new Dwelling on what we will lose Feeling alone Fear changes will become too much I don’t have what it takes Biblical principles don’t change The Necessity for Change:  The Necessity for Change Development, improvement and growth in anything necessitates change Spiritual growth to maturity requires change Professional development and improvement requires change The Prerequisites of Change:  The Prerequisites of Change Opportunity New materials or resources New beliefs or understanding New behaviours or practices Motivation “I want to change” “I need to change” “I must change” The Implications of Change:  The Implications of Change Changes that are: Poorly thought out Too broad and ambitious Too fast for people to cope Poorly resourced Without long-term commitment The Implications (continued):  The Implications (continued) Changes that: Have key staff not involved Have students not involved Have parents kept at a distance Have leaders who are too controlling/ineffectual Are pursued in isolation The Implications (continued):  The Implications (continued) Teachers who are: Uncertain of what is expected of them Fearful of what might be around the corner Isolated from positive team spirit Feeling inadequate and demoralised Either obsessed by work or cynical and withdrawn A Positive Attitude to Change:  A Positive Attitude to Change Neh 2-4 Shared goals Responsibility for success Collegiality Continuous improvement Lifelong learning A Positive Attitude (contd.):  A Positive Attitude (contd.) Risk taking Support Mutual respect Openness Celebration and humour Coping with Change:  Coping with Change Who you are and how you relate to people is more important than what you do Find the right balance between work and life Respond, rather than react, to change Do not allow anger, fear, bitterness rob you of contentment and peace Draw strength from God’s word

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