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Information about Chanel Experiential Concept Store

Published on February 27, 2014

Author: ssd89



Here's a proposition of an Experiential Concept Store for Chanel. A completely new way of wowing your public, the media and going viral!

Creators: @alexandre_MB_ + @Stephan_Denis + Simon + Laura + Sara

Experiential Concept Store Laura Grosdemouge - Alexandre Mevil-Blanche - Simon Leloup - Sara Saber - Stephane Saint-Denis

AGENDA I.  II.  III.  IV.  V.  VI.  About Chanel The Context Objectives Solution The Target Concept Store

About Chanel

BRAND HISTORY 1910: Opening of the first boutique « Chanel Modes » 21 rue Cambon, Paris 1921: Launching of « Chanel N°5 » 1926: Creation of the « Little Black Dress » 1932: First high jewellery collection “Bijoux de Diamants” 1939: Closing of the « Chanel house » before WWII 1954: Reopening of the « Chanel House » 1971: Coco Chanel die 1983: Karl Lagerfeld take the artistic direction of the brand 1987: Creation of “Chanel Watch making” 1990: Creation of the Jewelry Boutique in Place Vendome

VALUES Timelessness Sophistication and elegance Romanticism through Story telling Classic Exclusivity Interlacing of masculine and feminism Lightness Movement Liberty

The Context  

 Consumer behavior has substantially changed in the past few years - and will continue - in a society where technology and internet is omnipresent  The BtoC way of doing business has completely morphed  It is highly important for Chanel Inc. to adapt to this constantly evolving environment


 Show the compatibility between Chanel values & history in the new technology era  Maintain its top player position in luxury in the next generations to come  Keep a visionary attitude  Conceptualize the core essence of the Chanel brand and strike the emotional chord that will become our concept store

Solution   Open a highly experiential concept store which can be easily replicated in other major cities

The Targets  

 Core Targets   Core 1: Influential people aka VIPs: magazine editorialists, bloggers, celebrities, fashionistas, press relations   Core 2: Wealthy women 35+  Secondary Targets   Males, tourists   Mass public – for notoriety purposes

Chanel Concept store   Location   The Store   General Atmosphere

Location: Sky View

Location: Angle View


GENERAL ATMOSPHERE   Store designed by Peter Morino   2 levels :     1st floor – Experiential 2nd floor – Boutique   4 main departments :   2 Cosy places : Karl Lagerfeld library & champagne bar   Purpose : Keep the main aspects of traditional Chanel atmosphere depicted in the rue Cambon store into the new digital world   Senses   Dominating colors : Black – White – Gold / Beige     Smell: Light wooden ash notes Sound: Soft background music changing in each department   Facilitators: Ipad strategically placed close to the stairs and the entrances of new spaces, but also employees in every selling & experiential rooms

FRAGRANCE BAR   Smell   Sight   DIY   Interaction

   Dome  detaining  flavours  at  hand  level      Fragrance  specialists      Wood  walls      Ipads  displayed  along  the  walls,  with  the  descrip5on  and  specifici5es  of  the  dome   you  face      Beyond  the  wall,  you  can  create  your  own  perfume  with  the  help  of  noses  

BEAUTY & CARE    Sight      DIY      Interac5on  

Experiential Level  Specific Experiential animation for one of core products: The Red of Chanel  The First step will be to get your make up application by a Chanel expert  The Second step will be to go inside our unique Photo booth where you can choose your background in order to get your own Chanel Polaroid

Experiential Level   Beauty and make-up advice by professionals   Free live tutorial with experts & Samples distribution

Boutique level

WATCHES & FINE JEWELLERY    Sight      Interac5on      Hearing      Smell  

Inspiration La  Chaux-­‐de-­‐Fonds,     Suisse  

Experiential Level ATMOSPHERE   Feeling: fusing elegance, timlessness and technological prowess   Design: after Coco Chanel’s boutique at Place Vendome, Paris   Sound: tick of an old clock DISPOSITION   Craftmen in Watches on the right side   Craftmen in Jewelry on the left side EXPERIENCE   Witness how watches & fine jewelry are crafted   Repair your Chanel WFJ instantly   Customize your watch – “VIP” perk   Engrave your name or words on newly acquired Chanel pieces x6  

Boutique level   Aim: buying process   Customers: have been through the experential level   Facilators: Staff + Ipads   Wall: dark brown, beige and gold   Mirrors: visualizing the watches   Touch: Louis XV limestone fireplace   Ceiling: chandelier hanging

FASHION   Sight   Interaction   Hear   Smell   DIY

Experiential Level: Holographic Fashion Show   Implementation of a fully immersive, digital fashion show   All Chanel fashion show in hologram and broadcasting during full day

Boutique level: Bag Workshop   In this area, people can experience the creation of a hand made bag   From a tactile pad they can choose the model of their bag and the raw material they would like to use   A member of the staff will then present them the different resources at their disposal and allow them to touch it, smell it, and experience it

Boutique level  The little Black Dress  The little Black Jacket

Boutique level: Fashion Experience   Offer to customer an interactive quality experience   Facilitating the decision of purchase   Tool for size recommendation (supply wise and precise advice concerning the adjustment of clothes in every morphology)

VIP ZONE   Sight   Interaction   Hear

VIP Zone   The VIP zone is specially designed for the most important and wealthy customers of Chanel  This space will host the private & unique collections of the brand emphasizing on the service to customer, with an important number of personnel ready to satisfy any of their wishes

VIP Zone   VIP customers will get access to a private lounge where they rest in complete peace after their shopping session  They will also get a privileged access to the Champagne Bar

Cosy place Library   Interaction   Sight Champagne Bar   Taste   Sight   Hearing

Karl Lagerfeld library

Champagne Bar

Outside Interaction

Projection about Coco Chanel

Conclusion   The concept store will allow them to build a marketing ploy   From this concept store a real viral marketing strategy will be created   Chanel will position themselves as a luxury digital brand

Thank you Questions?


First  floor  :  ExperienLal  Level   Jewelry  &  Horlogy  department   Fashion  department   -­‐Hologram   -­‐Workshop  studio  for  clothes  and   bag  personaliza5on   Cosy  place  –  “Karl  Lagerfeld”  Library   Cosy  Place  –  Champagne  Bar   Perfume  department   Make-­‐up  &  Care  department   -­‐Fragrance  Bar   -­‐Face  Pain5ng  :  Make-­‐up  stand   -­‐Mini-­‐care  with  small  samples     Elevator   Stairs  

Second  floor  :  BouLque  Level   Jewelry  &  Horlogy  department   -­‐Jewelry  and  watch  Exposi5on   Fashion  department   -­‐Virtual  FiNng  room     Cosy  Place  –  Photo  exhibiLon  (Karl   Lagerfeld)   Cosy  Place  –  Champagne  Bar   Make-­‐up  &  Care  department   -­‐Make-­‐up  and  care  products   Perfume  department   Elevator   -­‐Perfume  shop   Stairs  

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