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Published on February 21, 2014

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Chamundi #33 23Feb2014 Rotary Mysore Weekly Bulletin

Maurice Duperrey, Rotary Club of Paris, France 27th President of Rotary International, 1937-38 “Rotary is so simple that many people do not understand it, and some even misunderstand it. Rotary is not a philosophy. . . not an all-embracing world point of view which answers every question.. .and satisfies all the dictates of the heart and mind. Rotary is merely an association of business and professional men united in the ideal of service." Issue: 33, 23rd Feb, 2014 Events @ Rotary Mysore Thursday 20th Feb 2014 PFG Mike Forney & Dr. Krishna C. Murthy & team from RID 5440 addressed us on “Rotary in US”, Rotary Center, 6:30 pm. Sunday 23 Feb 2014 – Come one, come all! Celebrate W o r l d Rotary Day with Fellowship at KRS backwaters (Blue Lagoon). Cocktails (thanks to Sooper(B) boys of Rotary Mysore) and Lunch (sponsored by Rtn. Raghavan) hosted. Inner Wheel members will conduct some games. Kindly attend with Anns and Annettes. Don't forget this is a theme party - wear Ethnic dress with a local flavor! The Blue Lagoon Some of us old enough to have seen English films in the early 80's at Ganesha theatre for Rs. 1.60 would remember “The Blue Lagoon” starring Brooke Shields. Today we have our own local Blue Lagoon island at the KRS backwaters, about 4 km from KRS dam. It is in the middle of the waters and is a happening place for the youth to hang out. You can reach the spot wading through the shallow waters. It is a beautiful picnic spot and the atmosphere is soo… relaxing. During Dasara, water sports are organized here. It is but appropriate for us Rotarians to feel young all over again, and visit this hotspot for fellowship and let our hair down. Have a blast… Sunday 2 Mar 2014 – Taare' Zameen Par – Jaganmohan Palace 8 am. TZP is upon us! It's Stardust time! Sunday 2 Mar 2014 – The D-day is fast approaching! Rotary Mysore's flagship event TAARE ZAMEEN PAR is upon us! TZP is the annual Dr. Mahesh weds Rotary Mysore congratulates Dr. Mahesh and wishes the couple a happy married life. program conducted for special children by Rotary Mysore supported by a team of volunteers from Infosys. TZP brings out innate talents of differently-abled children from various institutions in and around Mysore and encourages them to showcase their skills. All this is possible thanks to generous contributions from a number of our Rotarians every year and this year. It all starts with the Drawing Competition at 8 am sharp at Jaganmohan Palace auditorium followed by Cultural Presentation from various groups and schools of Special Children. ALL Rotarians with Anns and Annettes are requested to involve wholeheartedly and participate as always! The formal invite will be sent across. Nearly 950 special children will participate with 800 of them from 20 schools presenting different cultural programs. It will be a touching experience to watch the children perform with enormous zeal and enthusiasm. The selfsatisfaction that one derives from TZP is enormous. Encourage them, as always…

CHAMUNDI The Myanmar tour - by Dr. K.P.Vedanthan When the narrator is skilful enough, you could be actually doing a virtual tour of a place without moving out of your seat! One such occasion was last Thursday when Dr.K.P.Vedanthan literally took us through Myanmar (earlier Burma) on a round trip. His NGO Global Chest Initiatives has a presence there and he and his wife had occasion to visit the country on a few occasions. He started by saying one could get by with only one word “Mingalaba” which is their traditional greeting. There are over a 60 million people and 90% of them are Buddhists. 2% are Hindus. The country's history dates back to 1000 AD. The country's capital has recently been changed from Rangoon to Naypyidaw. Dr. Vedanthan was visiting the country on an invitation from Friendship Force Intl. As per a WHO report, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) would be the 3rd major killer by 2020 in Burma. Betel nut chewing, air pollution due to biomass etc that are prevalent there do not help. Dr. Vedanthan's team provided free medical services. The ethnic population is highly spiritual and Pagodas ensure that nobody goes hungry in the country. They have huge respect for monks and a sense of volunteerism – they offer free service. There are some 6000 pagodas in Burma.Dr. KPV celebrated his birthday brooming the Golden Pagoda with the bells ringing! Thank you Dr. K.P.Vedanthan for such an interesting presentation… Thursday, 13th Feb was Rtn. K.N.Prashaanth's birthday. It was celebrated with gaiety by the Rotarians, complete with cutting the cake and the birthday chorus. KNP donated an artificial limb on the occasion. Congrats Manjesh! When it rains, it pours – as far as Rtn. Manjesh is concerned. Good news came in doubles when he was appointed as Authorized Hyundai spares retailer for Mysore, followed by his Raj Motors being awarded best stockist and star performer of the year by Advaith. Congrats Manjesh, and keep it up! Congrats PP Chittaranjan! PP Rtn. Chittaranjan is now the Treasurer of NIE. Congrats Sir!

Walk Talk Eat It was no lazy Sunday for some of us Rotarians on the 16th Feb. When the alarm clocks rang in our collective homes at around 5 am, our family members thought we had gone crazy, cursed us and turned back to sleep. But we the 25 Rotarians did not give up. We were promptly at the Kukkarahalli entrance at 6 am even as it was still dark. Wonder why we are not so prompt for our weekly meetings! Raghavan was adamant that it was the Mylareswara Eats at the end which was the key reason. We had some surprise guests as well. Dr. Balu (SVYM) and Dr. Satish Vishveshwara (surgeon) accompanied us. Then the half hour walk began promptly at 6:15. There were clearly 3 groups Outside Mylary Rotary Information INDIA POLIO FREE Ready to go in no time - the fit leading from the front, the not-so-fit following, and the hopelessly unfit huffing and puffing but still making it. Any suggestions of a second round were immediately shouted down. From there to Mylari on the Nazarbad Mn Rd was a jolly ride but we were undecided as to which of the many Mylaris there was the original one. Until we settled for the one which could seat WHO celebrates India's triumph over polio Margaret Chan, the directorgeneral of the World Health Organization, joined India's government and other distinguished guests on Tuesday to celebrate a polio-free India. During an event held in New Delhi, India, Chan said that many critics thought the day would never come that India could be declared polio free. Despite a huge population, dense pockets of poverty, high birth rate, widespread diarrhea, poor sanitation, resistance to vaccination and difficult terrain, the determination of India Rotary bestows its highest honour on Indian President On Tuesday, President Pranab Mukherjee received Rotary International's highest award — Award of Honour — a recognition for heads of nations or governments who have rendered unique service to humanity and served their countries and people. “After this historic victory of humankind where millions of lives have been saved through tireless efforts of many, we have to take care of neighbours also. We should commit ourselves to creating a polio-free world,” Mr Mukherjee said at a function marked to celebrate the day. us all and provide us with mouth-melting masala dosas, to be washed down with hot coffee. That done, we thanked the good organizerinstigator-sponsor-all-in-one Raghavan for his zeal and magnanimity. All that was left now was to go home to rest our aching limbs and savor the rest of the Sunday. won out against the deadly, crippling disease. Chan recalled how in the 1970s, India was home to as many as 200,000 polio cases annually. India worked with international partners like the WHO, UNICEF, Rotary International, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to build a worldclass surveillance system, motivate and supervise millions of vaccinators and independently monitor progress of the campaign. INDIA CELEBRATES THREE YEARS WITHOUT POLIO On 11 February, in recognition of India marking three years without a new case of polio, Rotary President Ron Burton joined Indian President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi, to commend the health workers, volunteers, and partners who helped to make it possible. Rotary Award of Honour to President

CHAMUNDI People skills at the workplace 1. Express boldy – be assertive. Be direct and clear, using simple language and minimum words. 2. Listen sincerely – Learning to listen is critical. Be 100% present in every conversation. Listen with humility and empathy. 3. Resolve conflicts – build trust. Being fair will help people listen to you. Seek common ground between both parties and present both sides equally. Find consensus. Focus on the solution, not the problem. 4. Show interest – workplace is for teams, not individuals. Success comes through team work. The closer the bonds, easier the work. Increase quality time with people and have genuine interest in people. 5. Say Thank you – express gratitude. Be sincere and specific in your words. Acknowledgement energizes people and creates an enabling environment. 6. Body Language – Pay close attention to code of conduct and expected workplace behavior. Follow both general and local etiquette. Master nonverbal communication, have close eye contact and a confident posture. Annets' Corner 7. Ask questions – learn how to question people and respond in the right way. Questions are vital to learn how things work. 8. Ask what you want – Figure out what you want from the situation or the person. Knowing what you want will empower you. 9. Don't lose your cool – Not losing your cool will give you power over the situation and people. Shut up and walk out or walk away until you have calmed down. Come back later with a planned response. 10. Use the mirror – Respect the power of selfknowledge. Introspect to know what makes you thrive and what makes you lose focus. Figure out the same for people around you. 11. Beat the bell – be on time, every time. Be seated at your desk on time, be punctual for a meeting. Set up a reminder 15 minutes prior. 12. Batting average – Work reputation depends on tasks and projects you complete successfully. Find ways to solve problems that crop up. 13. Move every monkey – keep your to-do list moving by replying to every email and confirming tasks on completion. 14. Stay in sight – Out of sight can soon be out of job. Be visible and make sure your work is visible. 15. Raise your hand – ask for help. There are tasks that no one wants. In both cases, raise your hand. Volunteer to help complete tasks. time to celebrate Wedding Anniversary Ravi N. & Anitha 15th Feb Santhosh V. & Indumanthi 15th Feb Sathish Kumar M. & Kavitha 17th Feb Goutam Salecha & Anitha 20th Feb Suresh & Lalitha 20th Feb Nagendra Prasad V. & Vandana 23rd Feb Rotary Anniversary 14th Feb 1980 M.T. Ramachandra Quote Hanger Vanity Vanity, like murder, will out. – Hannah Cowley Bites Health What makes the vanity of other people insupportable is that it wounds our own. – La Rochefoucauld Rotarians head to India for final push With India expected to be declared polio free next month, forty Rotarians from Great Britainand Ireland are heading out to India to take part in National Immunisation Day (NID) on 23 February. They will be joining two million volunteers helping to vaccinate a further 170,000 children in the hope of ending this crippling disease in the country once and for all. Cruelty was the vice of the ancient, vanity is that of the modern world. – George Moore Life without vanity is almost impossible. – Leo Tolstoy The Four-Way Test “Of the things we think, say or do: 1. Is it the TRUTH? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?”

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