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Published on January 10, 2009

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GEORGE C. MARSHALL SPACE FLIGHT CENTER (MSFC)ROADMAP TO BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT : GEORGE C. MARSHALL SPACE FLIGHT CENTER (MSFC)ROADMAP TO BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PRESENTED TO: Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville/Madison County Community Mentor-Protégé Networking Group PRESENTER: Mr. David E. Brock August 30, 2007 IT STARTS WITH A DREAM : 2 IT STARTS WITH A DREAM “If You Don’t Have A Dream, How Can You Ever Have A Dream Come True.” (Rogers and Hammerstein) “Dreams Are Like Building Castles In The Sky. Nothing Wrong With This. Now Go And Put A Foundation Under Them.” (Thoreau) Do you have a dream? PART ONE: LAYING THE PROPER FOUNDATION : PART ONE: LAYING THE PROPER FOUNDATION Your DREAM TEAM… : 4 Your DREAM TEAM… Need a team to obtain a dream. Team members must align with your vision & values. Attract to your team the best, keenest, and brightest. Team Is “Together Everyone Achieves Miracles.” Dream plus a team plus a theme equals millionaire stream! FIRST WHO THEN WHAT… : 5 FIRST WHO THEN WHAT… The who questions MUST COME before the what questions. Get who on the bus before you get what. Get the good on the bus first, then figure out where to drive it. People are not your most valuable assets, the right people are your best assets. Delay strategizing until you get the right people in place. NOW THE WHAT… : 6 NOW THE WHAT… Effective planning is your roadmap to success. “Absence of planning is like a ship upon the sea without a rudder.” (Earl Nightingale) Goal setting is the key to effective planning. If dreams are where we want to go, a goals program is how we get there. Goals are not a wish list, they are a work list. Less than three % of Americans have a goals program. Lack of planning is the number one reason for business failure in the U.S. (Harvard School of Business) “The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare to win.” (Bobby Knight) Success is not the destination, its the journey one must take to achieve the success. PART TWO: GROWING THE BUSINESS : 7 PART TWO: GROWING THE BUSINESS INFORMATION PLEASE … : 8 INFORMATION PLEASE … Where to go: Small Business Administration (SBA). Small Business Specialists (SBS). Chambers of Commerce. Small business development centers. Procurement & technical advisor councils. Prime contractor small business liaison officers (SBLO). A HELPING HAND… : 9 A HELPING HAND… The SBS can: Provide organizational overviews. Discuss the procurement process. Assist in the identification of marketable areas. Identify key procurement and technical point-of-contacts. (Decision makers) Discuss the prime contractor subcontracting programs. Discuss upcoming procurement opportunities. LOCATE THE WEB SITES… : 10 LOCATE THE WEB SITES… MSFC “Doing Business with the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center” web site is found at: Resources/information available include: MSFC SB Office. NASA Acquisition Internet Service. Marketing tools. Special Programs. SB Directories. Marshall Prime Contractor Supplier Council. Marshall Small Business Alliance. THE FIRST VISIT… : 11 THE FIRST VISIT… Emphasis: Credentials. Core competencies. Business classifications and size. Relevant past performance. Financial stability. Current customer base. NOTE: Be sure to ask how your company can have its capabilities registered in individual data bases. THE PROCUREMENT OPPORTUNITY … : 12 THE PROCUREMENT OPPORTUNITY … When pursuing specific procurement opportunities: Let SBSs and SDBLOs know of your interest. Research requirements prior to release. Market strengths. Identify the decision makers. Know your competitors. NETWORKING YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS … : 13 NETWORKING YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS … Your network will determine your net worth. You have to make contacts to make contracts. Grow your network one person at a time. Study the superstars of the industry. Create relationships with hinges that never rust. PART THREE: SUSTAINING BUSINESS GROWTH : 14 PART THREE: SUSTAINING BUSINESS GROWTH THE ATTITUDE CONNECTION… : 15 THE ATTITUDE CONNECTION… Attitude is the most important key to getting ahead in life. (Zeig Ziglar) Life is 10 percent what happens to you, and 90 percent how you react to what happens to you. More than 85 percent of those who get ahead in life do so because of great attitudes. A good attitude will improve one’s ability to lead, communicate, and motivate more effectively. Our perceptions are what drives our attitude; Is the glass half full or half empty? Quitters never win, and winners never quit. THE ENDLESS CYCLE OF LEARNING … : 16 THE ENDLESS CYCLE OF LEARNING … William Dewey said that education is a life long process. Knowledge is the key that unlocks the door of opportunity for both business and personal growth. Recruit and maintain the right people with the right skill sets that compliment your core competencies. The organizational challenge is to stay ahead of the ever changing demands of the market. Encourage your dream team to expand and grow by acquiring new skills. WHAT IS IT THEY WANT … : 17 WHAT IS IT THEY WANT … Contractor / subcontractor desirable attributes include: Team player. Customer focus. Reasonable cost. Good safety record. Relevant experience. Reliable, responsive, and flexible. SAVING THE BESTFOR LAST… : 18 SAVING THE BESTFOR LAST… Giving is the highest manifestation of one’s true nature. Real winners get what they want by helping others get what they need. Your rewards in life will match your service. The way you achieve your goals in life, is by helping others achieve their goals. The skeptics would say “What possible difference could I make by helping others.” “The Most dangerous man in the world is one who does not care.” (Julian Earls) Nobody cares how much you know, until they first know how much you care. Real winners get what they want by helping others get what they need. Win win means if I help you win I win too. A FEW LAST THOUGHTS… : 19 A FEW LAST THOUGHTS… Always be prepared. Bring something to the table; Be innovative and creative. Be ready to reply on short notice. Participate in relevant conference and trade shows. Have an informative web site.

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