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Published on March 7, 2008

Author: smcdill


Challenges in Online Learning:  Challenges in Online Learning Shelia McDill Weak Content:  Weak Content Weak content needs a shot of B12. This would include a better design of the presentation of the lesson. This could be in the form of some type of hands-on technology or interactive game. When the kids say “boring”. That means “weak content.” The teacher must be resourceful to stay fresh and inventive. Weak Online Pedagogy:  Weak Online Pedagogy Online instructors must be facilitators of information. The delivery of the information MUST be more than just reading. The interaction of the community of learners helps to make the online pedagogy more interesting. A variety of blogs, discussion board, assignments, research, video and audio presentations add spice to the pedagogy. Assessment:  Assessment Did you learn anything? My students are always asking, “Are we getting a grade for this?” Online the assessment can be displayed through the responses to others in the discussion board. Online multiple choice, true/false, or short answer quizzes can be easily and quickly done with the Blackboard program. Technology Use:  Technology Use I loved Marilyn’s voice-over PowerPoint. I didn’t have to read it and Marilyn has such a nice voice. Keep the technology directed to the learning objective. Use the technology and keep up with the latest trends….your students do! Instructor Preparation:  Instructor Preparation If I am not prepared in class, I feel like I have been thrown into a river of piranha and being eaten ALIVE! The students lose interest when preparation is not done. Create a back-up plan in case your other idea falls through. Be able to “read” your students. Notice if they become disinterested or unresponsive. Don’t call 911; be creative and inventive. Participant Preparation:  Participant Preparation Certainly the student has some responsibility. It is the responsibility of the student to complete the assignment. Draw the student into the learning environment by designing lessons that will engage them. Email or contact students who have fallen by the wayside. Sometimes they need a little encouragement or LIFE is happening. Show concern and empathy. Resources:  Resources (This site is a great site for designing surveys.) Have you ever heard of such??? Learn to drive from the Internet NetFiles #301: Research Applications Implementing Online Pedagogy

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