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Published on February 27, 2014

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Message from the Leadership 3 Expanding Our Footprint 4 Demonstrating Innovation & Leadership in STEM Education Day in and day out, Challenger Center dedicates our energy and resources to engaging students and teachers around the globe. We work to leave an impact on students that will help them find success in their future endeavors. Over the past several years, we have been busy finding ways to deepen that impact and make it more meaningful, while growing to reach even more students and teachers. We have been focused on being more efficient on a day-to-day basis to ensure we have the ability to continue educating students at the highest level. Delivering on these objectives has not come without considerable work and even some challenges, but we have met these challenges head on and continue to celebrate great progress and significant accomplishments. 6 Recognitions & Honors Looking to the Future 8 Scott Parazynski, MD Chairman, Board of Directors 2010 – 2013 10 Challenger Learning Center Locations 14 2012 Donors 17 At the same time that we worked to develop Sim3, we were hard at work creating new educational missions. These missions directly address the changes in the continually evolving education landscape. As an organization rooted in education, it is our job to ensure our lessons are robust and aligned with current standards. Our new missions will keep the students energized, excited and inspired. 12 2012 Financials Leadership & Staff 22 Challenger Center for Space Science Education 422 First Street SE, 3rd Floor Washington, DC 20003 202-827-1580 / This report covers activities from 2012 and the first half of 2013. Financial reporting and donor recognition only pertain to the 2012 fiscal year. Challenger Center for Space Science Education was founded in 1986 by the families of the astronauts tragically lost in the Challenger STS-51L mission. Challenger Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Education and workforce development are the foundation of this organization, and new technology would give us the opportunity to deliver our lessons and fly our missions in a more meaningful way. We developed Sim3 – a brand new software platform. Sim3 is a game changer. It is state-of-the-art. It uniquely positions Challenger Center as a leader in Education Technology and gives our Challenger Learning Centers a true competitive edge. Lance Bush, Ph. D. President & CEO Challenger Center students are future leaders and innovators who will help advance and improve the quality of life for generations to come. As we evolved our technologies and developed new educational missions, we also worked hard to introduce Challenger Learning Centers to new communities. Local organizations around the country have committed to opening Centers and bringing our innovative educational opportunities to their students and teachers. We anticipate several new Challenger Learning Centers opening their doors in the very near future, and we look forward to the day when we can officially welcome those locations to the Challenger Center family. A key component to the success of Challenger Center is structuring the organization for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. With the entire team taking accountability for projects and programs, we closed 2012 in the best financial standing the organization has seen in more than a decade. While significant hurdles must still be overcome, Challenger Center’s financial footing continues to strengthen. The hard work and dedication over the past several years has positioned Challenger Center to remain a leader in STEM education, a position we do not take lightly. More than 27 years after losing the heroic Challenger STS-51L crew, we continue to be empowered by their legacy and mission. Challenger Center students are future leaders and innovators who will help advance and improve the quality of life for generations to come. We are dedicated to engaging and inspiring these students each and every day. © 2013 by Challenger Center for Space Science Education - All rights reserved Scott Parazynski, MD Page 2 Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 Lance Bush, Ph.D. Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 Page 3

EXPANDING OUR FOOTPRINT OPENING DOORS IN NEW COMMUNITIES We’re pleased to share the news that we are working with individuals and organizations in the following cities to open Challenger Learning Centers: Harlingen, TX; Reno, NV; San Antonio, TX; Schenectady, NY; Sacramento, CA; Indiana, PA; and Swanton, VT. These actions are a true testament to a community’s commitment to bettering the lives of their local students and teachers. IDENTIFYING NEW AUDIENCES In close collaboration with our Challenger Learning Center community, we are focused on leveraging our unique strengths in 21st-century skills development, simulation and technology innovation to reach new audiences and utilize our missions to address critical workforce development needs. In 2012, we successfully completed the beta testing of a healthcare industry mission scenario aligned with the sector’s high-priority patient safety, quality care and reimbursement objectives. The tailored mission experience accelerates the development of essential competencies and skills in leadership, communication, problem solving, decision making and team building. It received a strong positive review from our healthcare industry partners. Our goal is to complete the mission scenario development and provide a business/ marketing strategy to our Centers by early 2014. To date, 18 Challenger Learning Centers have joined our healthcare team. The initiative’s longer-term scope includes expansion into manufacturing and other business sectors with significant impacts at the secondary, post-secondary and adult education levels. A NATIONAL CHALLENGER STEM INNOVATION CENTER In 2012, the Executive Office of the Mayor of Washington, D.C., further confirmed Mayor Vincent Gray’s commitment to advancing D.C.’s STEM education initiatives, student career opportunities and workforce development goals by budgeting funds for a National Challenger STEM Innovation Center. This pledge from the Mayor’s Office represents a substantial step forward in Challenger Center’s pursuit to establish a National STEM Center in the nation’s capital. A hub for training, research and development, the National Center will serve as a practical learning center for students and teachers. It will be home to a state-of-the art Challenger Learning Center, joining our current network of more than 40 Challenger Learning Centers around the globe. Additionally, it will be the headquarters for the development, demonstration and evaluation of new educational programs and innovative learning technologies and approaches. Page 4 Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 Page 5

DEMONSTRATING INNOVATION & LEADERSHIP IN STEM EDUCATION For more than 27 years, Challenger Center has been a leader in STEM education, engaging more than four million students in simulated space-themed missions. The educational landscape Challenger Center works within changes at an extremely fast pace. New technologies are constantly introduced and the needs of both students and teachers continue to evolve. At Challenger Center, our innovations allow us to stay in the front of this curve and address these issues so that we are engaging students in ways that continue to exceed expectations. This is what makes Challenger Center a leader in STEM education. In the last 18 months, our state-of-the-art software platform, Sim3, transformed from a conceptual framework to a beta platform now in place at six Challenger Learning Centers around the U.S. Sim3 is a significant step forward for our Challenger Learning Centers. It increases the flexibility, value and interactivity of Challenger Center missions; enhances the Center’s capabilities; and provides the capacity to expand Challenger Center’s educational impact. The transition to Sim3 launches Challenger Center to the next level, enables future growth and sustainability, and substantiates a recommitment to the educational mission that made us the organization we are today. The decision to reinvent the way we deliver our missions could not have come at a better time. Significant changes to the technological landscape, decisions that were beyond our control, would in time make our platforms obsolete. Sim3 removes that risk and ensures the next generation of students will be flying Challenger Center missions. Our education team has worked tirelessly creating exciting new missions, which align with the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards and correlate with the evolving classroom curriculum. These missions will ensure tomorrow’s students become engaged and inspired in STEM studies and careers as they fly to the Moon and Mars, intercept a comet and study the Earth from orbit. Page 6 Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 The first half of 2013 focused on putting these new products in the hands of our Centers for testing. Known as Early Implementers, these Centers turned on the Sim3 technology and flew the new missions with teachers and students. They are a key piece of this extremely important step forward for Challenger Center and will continue as the foundation for the completion and implementation of the new software and missions. The progress achieved during the last 18 months launched our community into a future as inspiring and dynamic as the vision and national goals of the Teacher in Space mission, which created Challenger Center. Moving forward, we take this launch skyward, completing the development of Sim3 and the new mission, and utilizing this powerful delivery system to impact outcomes that increase STEM education achievement and career development. Our team is on track to finalize Sim3 and the first two of four new missions in 2013. With plans to roll out the entire package to our network beginning in 2014, we look forward to the day when students at Challenger Learning Centers around the world visit and participate in a completely new experience. The 2012 year and the first half of 2013 were a time of great progress in our commitment to shift the way we think about our educational outreach and reinvent the way students and teachers are engaged at Challenger Center. Inspiring curiosity in the minds of future explorers. Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 Page 7

PRESIDENT GEORGE H.W. BUSH AWARD During the 2012 Challenger Center annual conference, the organization was honored to present the prestigious President George H.W. Bush Award to Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, acting under secretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere, acting NOAA administrator, and former NASA astronaut. Dr. Sullivan played a key role in the creation of Challenger Center and has continued to support the mission, vision and values of the organization. The President George H.W. Bush Award, established by Challenger Center Founding Chair Dr. June Scobee Rodgers, is presented to an individual who demonstrates a commitment to Challenger Center by going above and beyond for the betterment and future of the organization. At the time of the Challenger accident in 1986, Vice President Bush was the first person to express his grief and great sorrow to the families, speaking for himself, the President and the grieving nation. He was the first to support the Challenger families in their efforts to create Challenger Center for Space Science Education. In the years following the tragedy, President and Mrs. Bush continued to provide leadership and guidance to the organization. In April 1995, Challenger Center presented President and Mrs. Bush with the Challenger Center Presidential Award to recognize the impact that their leadership had in fulfilling the dream of the family members. In appreciation of their continued support, the award became the President George H.W. Bush Award. This top honor is presented to distinguished individuals who demonstrate compassion, encouragement and commitment to Challenger Center, just as President and Mrs. Bush have over the years. Prior to Dr. Sullivan, the President George H.W. Bush Award was presented to former NASA educator astronaut Barbara Morgan (2007) and former NASA astronaut William Readdy (2011). RECOGNITIONS & HONORS “We’re thrilled to add Dr. Sullivan’s name to this elite group of individuals who have supported our mission.” said Dr. Lance Bush, president and CEO of Challenger Center. “Kathryn has demonstrated her passion for and dedication to education throughout her entire career. She is a role model for students around the globe, and we’re privileged to present her with our organization’s most distinguished award.” Page 8 Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 JUNE SCOBEE RODGERS INNOVATIVE EDUCATOR AWARD From the moment following the Challenger tragedy, Founding Chair Dr. June Scobee Rodgers has dedicated her time and energy to continuing the crew’s educational mission. She founded Challenger Center for Space Science Education to foster a new generation of “star challengers” – young people who will reach for the stars no matter their circumstances. Without her passion and enthusiasm for the mission, the work we do would not be possible. In August 2012, Challenger Center presented Dr. Scobee Rodgers with the first ever June Scobee Rodgers Innovative Educator Award. Beginning in 2014, this award will recognize educators who exemplify innovation and passion for STEM education as it relates to Challenger Center missions. Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 Page 9

Launch Develop Update The new Sim3 software platform along with new Earth and Moon missions. New Mars and Comet missions. Our Mission Control and Space Station to further leverage our technologies and address changes in the way students learn. LOOKING TO THE FUTURE Create Network-wide assessment and evaluation to better measure and understand the impact Challenger Learning Centers have on students. Page 10 Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 Finalize Plans for our National Challenger STEM Innovation Center in Washington, D.C. Expand Our education and workforce development impact among high school, post-secondary and life-long learners. Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 Page 11

Challenger Learning Center Locations* ALASKA Challenger Learning Center of Alaska — Kenai ARIZONA Challenger Space Center of Arizona — Peoria CALIFORNIA Columbia Memorial Space Center + Challenger Learning Center — Downey Challenger Learning Center at Chabot Space and Science Center — Oakland Challenger Learning Center Discovery Museum Science & Space Center — Sacramento Nierman Challenger Learning Center — San Diego COLORADO Challenger Learning Center of Colorado — Colorado Springs CONNECTICUT Challenger Learning Center at The Discovery Museum — Bridgeport FLORIDA Challenger Learning Center at Kirby Smith Middle School — Jacksonville Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee — Tallahassee GEORGIA Challenger Learning Center Coca-Cola Space Science Center — Columbus HAWAII Challenger Center Hawaii — Kapolei ILLINOIS Challenger Learning Center at Heartland Community College — Normal Challenger Learning Center for Science & Technology — Woodstock INDIANA Challenger Learning Center of Northwest Indiana — Hammond Challenger Learning Center of Indianapolis — Indianapolis KENTUCKY Challenger Learning Center of Kentucky — Hazard Challenger Learning Center of Louisville, KY — Louisville Challenger Learning Center at Paducah — Paducah MAINE Challenger Learning Center of Maine — Bangor MARYLAND Challenger Learning Center at Howard B. Owens Science Center — Lanham MASSACHUSETTS Christa Corrigan McAuliffe Challenger Learning Center — Framingham Page 12 Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 MICHIGAN Challenger Learning Center Kalamazoo Valley Museum — Kalamazoo MISSOURI Challenger Learning Center – St. Louis — St. Louis NEW JERSEY Buehler Challenger & Science Center — Paramus NEW MEXICO Challenger Learning Center of New Mexico – Unser Discovery Campus — Los Ranchos de Albuquerque NEW YORK Town of Ramapo Challenger Learning Center — Airmont Dresser-Rand Challenger Learning Center of the Twin Tier Region, Inc. — Allegany New York City Center for Space Science Education — Manhattan Challenger Learning Center of Greater Rochester — Rochester OHIO Challenger Learning Center of Dayton — Dayton Challenger Learning Center of Lake Erie West — Oregon SOUTH CAROLINA Challenger Learning Center of Richland County School District One — Columbia TENNESSEE University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Challenger STEM Learning Center — Chattanooga TEXAS Challenger Learning Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science — Houston Challenger Learning Center George Observatory — Needville VIRGINIA Challenger Learning Center Richmond at the Math Science Innovation Center — Richmond WASHINGTON Challenger Learning Center Museum of Flight — Seattle WEST VIRGINIA Challenger Learning Center at Wheeling Jesuit University — Wheeling INTERNATIONAL LOCATIONS Ontario Science Centre Challenger Learning Centre — Toronto, Canada Challenger Learning Center at SongAm Space Center — Gyeonggido, South Korea National Space Centre Challenger Learning Centre — Leicester, United Kingdom * Complete list as of June 2013 Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 Page 13

Fiscal Year 2012 Financials Statements of Financial Position December 31, 2012 and 2011 Assets Cash and cash equivalents Accounts Receivable, net Statements of Activities For the Year Ended December 31, 2012 2012 741,121 139,706 $ 371,360 167,622 73,756 34,904 356,800 584,310 $ 2011 99,003 6,806 359,832 460,123 Revenue and support NASA trust fund Learning Centers License fees Federal grants Contributions and sponsorships Other revenue Registrations Investment income Released from restrictions $ 1,930,597 $ 1,464,746 Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities Accounts payable and accrued expenses Deferred learning centers revenue Deferred license fees Note payable Total liabilities $ 456,789 752,322 $ 211,853 829,010 150,359 444,561 150,359 591,599 1,804,031 1,782,821 Net Assets (Deficit) Unrestricted Temporarily restricted 126,566 -- (349,535) 30,740 Total net assets (deficit) 126,566 (318,795) $ 1,930,597 $ 1,464,026 Total liabilities and net assets 1,000,000 782,680 622,981 336,359 273,615 90,582 15,215 5,675 30,740 $ 3,157,847 $ 1,419,323 224,752 341,724 144,907 88,133 7,348 2,226,187 Support services Management and general Development Total support services $ 381,094 74,465 455,559 $ Change in Net Assets (Deficit) Total assets $ Total Expenses Grants receivable Prepaid expenses and deposits Inventory Property and equipment, net $ Total Revenue and support Program services Network support Federal grants Education Installation and contracts Communications Other projects Total program services Net Assests (Deficit), end of year Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 $ Total — — — — — — — — (30,740) $ 1,000,000 782,680 622,981 336,359 273,615 90,582 15,215 5,675 — (30,740) $ 3,127,107 $ — — — — — — — $ 1,419,323 224,752 341,724 144,907 88,133 7,348 2,226,187 $ — — — $ 2,681,746 — $ 2,681,746 476,101 (30,740) (349,535) 30,740 Expenses Net Assests (Deficit), beginning of year Page 14 Temporarily Restricted Unrestricted $ 126,566 $ — $ 381,094 74,465 455,559 445,361 (318,795) $ Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 126,566 Page 15

Fiscal Year 2012 Financials 2012 Donors REVENUE Challenger Center cannot say thank you enough to all of the incredible partners that make dynamic STEM education experiences possible for hundreds of thousands of students each year. In addition, these partners are helping to equip teachers around the world with the skills and resources necessary to be even more successful STEM educators. Every level of support makes it possible for children around the globe to experience the thrill of discovery. Challenger Center recognizes the following individuals and organizations for their devotion to STEM education and its importance to students around the globe. <1%  Space, Science & Technology Trust Fund  Challenger Learning Centers  Federal Grants  Contributions & Sponsorships  Other Operating Revenue  Non-operating Revenue 23% 32% $25,000+ 14% 9% Republic Parking Dr. June Scobee Rodgers & Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Don Rodgers 11% 25% EXPENSES  Programs & Services 3%  Fundraising 83%  Management & General SUMMARY OF FINANCIAL POSITION: Challenger Center gained great financial strength in FY12 and ended the year with a positive net asset balance for the first time in more than a decade. This achievement was accomplished through sound fiscal policy implementation, rigorous cost-cutting and debt-reduction efforts, and targeted investments in new products, community relations and branding. Challenger Center’s investments in new software technology have opened opportunities for improved market impact and increased revenue gains. Furthermore, the organization made moves to diversify revenue streams in light of lingering effects of the 2009 economic downturn. Overall, Challenger Center is positioned to remove all long-term liabilities from its books in the next three years while continuing to expand its global reach. Page 16 Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 $10,000- $24,999 Aerojet Rocketdyne Corporation Benwood Foundation Educate America Lockheed Martin Corporation McKee Foods Corporation Space Jam Inc. SunTrust Bank UNUM $5,000 - $9,999 Mr. & Mrs. Louis Brown EPB Hamico Inc. Patriot Foundation Trust Publius Press Inc. Capt. (Ret.) William Readdy Ms. Deborah Reguera Dr. Charles Resnik Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Officers Association Ms. Mary Tyler $2,500 - $4,999 Andrew Family Foundation Mr. Joseph Morris $1,000 - $2,499 Mr. Richard Albrecht Mr. John Arnsparger & Ms. Susan Weingarten Dr. Lance Bush Mr. Richard Carmichael Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mr. Joe Fuller Futron Corporation Ms. Gwen Griffin Mr. Gary Hogan Mr. Willard Lines Mr. Joseph Maron Mrs. Cheryl McNair Dr. Scott Parazynski Capt. (Ret.) Kenneth Reightler Capt. (Ret.) Kent Rominger Mr. Gary Ruiz Ms. Andrea Senchy Mrs. Fran Simmons Mrs. Jane Smith Wolcott Dr. Nancy Springer Mr. Christopher Stott Telecom Pioneers Alexander Graham Bell Chapter Mr. William Wells $500 - $999 Mr. & Mrs. Ron Arrington Mr. Alan Beale Mr. Lawrence Beierle Mr. John Bowes Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Bradley Ms. Kendis Cox Capt. (Ret.) Robert Crippen Mr. John Dicky Ms. Kathryn Evered Ms. Joni Gordon Mr. David Green Ms. Shirley Harris Mr. Bruce Hill Dr. Edwin Jones Mr. Walter Jung Ms. Susan Kamprath Mr. Michael Livanos Mr. Douglas McKissack Microsoft Corporation Mrs. Lorna Onizuka Mr. Charles Oostdyk Ms. Pamela Peterson Lt. Col. (Ret.) & Mrs. Joseph Pisciotta Miss. M. Place Ms. Terry Porter Mr. Josiah Roe Mr. Robert Rossachacj Dr. Gary Sjolander Mr. Stephen Vasterling Dr. Robin Vaughan Mr. Zachary Williams Mrs. Barbara Wood Ms. Karolyn Young $250 - $499 American International Group Inc. Mr. Mark Andresen Boeing Mr. Greg Brand Mr. & Mrs. Robert Burman Ms. Kathleen Casper Mr. & Mrs. Charles Collom Ms. Janet Conrad Ms. Ellen Deak Mr. Stanley Dole Ms. Mary Dotson Mr. Daryl Edwards Mr. Robert Fujimoto Mr. Joe Gafford Mr. Stephen Garrity Dr. & Mrs. Gregory Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. William Hawes Adm. (Ret.) Thomas Hayward Ms. Laura Hebert Ms. Janet Hedrick IBM Corporation Mrs. Marcia Jarvis Tinsley Mr. David Johnson Mr. William Kelley Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 Page 17

2012 Donors Mr. Michael Lambert Ms. Cynthia Lee Mr. Frank Lemoine Mr. James Malloy Mr. Eric Meils Ms. Mary Morss Mrs. Rosemary Peters Mr. & Mrs. John Prigge Mr. Mark Quay Mr. & Mrs. Richard Richards Mr. George Ryerson Mr. Richard Sakal Dr. Harry Spain Dr. & Mrs. Peter Starke Mr. Ralph Straubs Ms. Dorothy Sumner Ms. Norma Taylor Mr. Stanley Thimakis Ms. Patricia Tomasko The Alvin F. Trafton Family Mr. David Wedell $100 - $249 Ms. Susan Agruso Mr. Axel Ahlberg Ms. Carol Allan Mr. & Mrs. Elbert Allee Mr. Keith Andress Mr. Douglas Armstrong Mr. Ralph Ashton Mr. Steven Ausnit Mr. Harold Baeseman Mr. Roger Bara Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Bardos Mr. Charles Barker Mr. William Barnett Mr. & Mrs. Howard Betts Mr. Michael Bevan Mr. Joshua Bieber Mr. Frank Bittinger Ms. Nancy Bobbitt Ms. Susan Borland Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Bradke Mr. Michael Brett Mr. & Mrs. Roy Bridges Mr. Thomas Briggs Mr. Sheldon Brill Lt. Col. (Ret.) John Brock Mr. A. Bruck Mr. Robert Buckalew Mr. Daniel Burns Dr. William Cahill Ms. Rebecca Carazzone Page 18 Mr. & Mrs. Preston Carter Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cassella Mr. Michael Cavanagh Mr. Louis Clairmont Ms. Toni Coffee Ms. Kathryn Coffel Mr. Fred Cohan Mr. Eli Cohen Mr. Don Coleman Mr. Michael Corbin Ms. Linda Cromwell Mr. David Crown Ms. Nancy Crozier Mr. Steven Cuccaro Mr. Michael Cumberland Mr. Mike Danner Capt. Henry Davies Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Decosimo Mr. Robert Domeier Mr. David Doucette Mr. Robert Drach Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Dutcher Mr. Thornton Dyson Mr. Gavin Eadie Mr. Earl Egdall Mr. Tom Erkenswick Mr. & Mrs. Chris Evans The Cuoco Family Mrs. Robert Farrell Mr. Mike Flemming Mr. George Ford Ms. Lyn Fox Forkosh Dr. William Fraccaro Dr. Alan Frigy Mr. James Frison Mr. Gordon Gibson Mr. Robert Gould Mr. Marshall Gritton Ms. Lynne Grossi Mr. & Mrs. Michael Guler Mr. & Mrs. David Hamlin Mr. John Harris Mr. Stuart Harris Mr. Matthew Hartgen Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hasbrook Mr. Frederick Hauck & Ms. Susan Bruce Mr. James Heedles Mr. Glenn Heinmiller Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Heisinger Mr. Paul Heit Ms. Jeanne Heneghan Mr. Alfred Henneberger Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 Mr. Terrence Hertz Mr. Ronald Hunsaker Mr. Charles Jacob Mr. William Johns Mr. Sam Jones Dr. Miriam Joseph Mr. Rich Kacik Mr. Norval Kane Ms. Margaret Klein Mr. Richard Kline Ms. Mary Ann Kobayashi Mrs. Jeannie LaDriere Mr. Jay Laios Mr. Bruce Layton Dr. & Mrs. William Lee Mr. Lew Lefton Mr. Tim Lehmann Mr. David Leib Mr. Curtis Leseman Mr. Samuel Lindenbaum Mrs. Mary Lockhart Mr. William Loeb Dr. Hank Lubin Dr. & Mrs. Richard Margolis Mr. Christopher Markham Mr. Joseph Maron Miss Shawn McCullough Mr. Fred Milano Ms. Judith Miller Ms. Mary Miller Dr. & Mrs. James Mobley Mr. James Moffatt Mr. Joseph Morano Ms. Barbara Morgan Mrs. Carol Morris Ms. Laura Myers Mr. & Mrs. James Myers Mr. David Myren National Semiconductor Ms. Marilyn Norman Mr. Alan Olenick Mr. Michael Olsen Dr. Deborah Otis Mr. D. Eugene Overton Mr. & Mrs. David Patterson Mr. & Mrs. Mark Pattison Mr. James Pearson Dr. Michael Pelizzari Mr. Jay Perler Ms. Carolyn Peterson Ms. Colleen Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Pope Mr. Mark Pottenger Mr. & Mrs. Steven Poulos Mr. Andrew Poulos Mr. Thomas Prescott Miss Joyce Preston Mr. C. Ramstetter Mr. Richard Rapaport Mr. Donald Rastelli Mr. John Reed Mr. Dan Renberg Ms. Tina Rhea Mr. Gary Ricard Ms. Deborah Rihn-Harvey Mr. Walter Rison Mr. Arthur Roth Dr. Merri Sanchez Mr. & Mrs. Jack Schergens Ms. Mary Schumann Mr. & Mrs. David Seidel Dr. & Ms. Robert Silverman Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sladish Mr. Dennis Smith Ms. Linda Smith Mr. David Speer Mr. Tom Stauffer Mr. Terry Steiner Ms. Theresa Sternicki Mr. Michael Sterzer Mr. Robert Stevenson Ms. Janet Sticht Mr. Alan Stickney Mr. Joseph Straus Ms. Linda Stright Li Yu Sung Ms. Karen Swindells Symantec Mr. Heinrich Taegtmeyer Ms. Katie-Jane Teel Mr. Adam Temple Mr. Laurence Trudell Mr. & Mrs. John Urbanski Mr. Calvin Verbrugge Dr. W. Waldman Ms. Jean Wallace Mrs. Susan Ward Mr. Donald Wayne Mr. Joseph Webster Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wendt Mrs. Ellen Werner Mr. John White Ms. Sandy Wichelecki Ms. Linda Wilcox Mr. Larry Winn Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Woo Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Wulfhorst Mr. & Mrs. David York Mr. Edward Zadorozny Ms. Patricia Zebro Mr. Lee Zimmerman Mr. & Mrs. James Zimmerman Mr. Alan Zucksworth STEM PARTNERS Mr. Dwayne Addison Mr. Jay Albert Mr. Alan Alexander Mr. & Mrs. John Allen Mr. Roy Amelang Ms. Rebecca Andersen Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Anderson Mr. William Ashley Mr. & Mrs. Paul Atkins Mr. Robert August Mr. & Mrs. Dale Bachman Mr. & Mrs. Chris Balodemas Mr. William Bambarger Mr. David Barnes Mrs. Carolyn Bastian Mr. John Bauer Mr. & Mrs. Steve Bayer Mr. & Mrs. Van Bean Mrs. Shirley Beckfield Mr. Harvey Bennett Mr. William Bennett Dr. Murray Berkowitz Mr. Philip Berman Mr. Jack Bertron Mr. & Mrs. Charles Binder Mr. John Bode Ms. Penelope Bowdren Mr. Walter Bowen Mr. Kirk Bowling Mr. David Breeding Ms. Patricia Brimer Mr. Bob Brodie Mr. Stanley Broselow Mr. Allan Brown Ms. Patricia Brown Ms. Maryann Brown Mr. Gordon Browne Ms. Gail Brumale Mr. & Mrs. William Buehler The Burger Family Mr. Robert Burnham Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Burns Mr. Gary Bushko Mr. & Mrs. Guy Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cataldo Mr. James Cebulka Mr. Thomas Celentano Mr. Timothy Chalfant Mr. & Mrs. Edward Chaney Ms. Jane Childers Ms. Natalie Chojnacki Mr. Jim Chong Mr. Michael Ciagala Mr. Edward Clark Mr. Joseph Cole Mr. Thomas Collacott Ms. Eileen Collins Ms. Nancy Compton Mr. & Mrs. Charles Condro Mr. Alan Correll Mr. Tim Cosman Ms. Mary Cranford Mr. Richard Darko Mr. John Davis Mr. Noel Dees Mr. & Mrs. Steven Dluginski Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Dodge Ms. Catherine Downie Mr. & Ms. Kenneth Downing Mr. S. Keller Drozdick Mr. & Mrs. Terry Dunne Maj. Eric Duron Ms. Marlene Eaton Miss Ruth Ebeling Mr. Andrew Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Harold Erhardt Ms. Mary Espenshade Mr. Mark Esplin Ms. Gail Ewin ExxonMobil Corporation Dr. Jean Fefer Mrs. Lisa Ferrett Lt. Col. John Field Ms. Eleanor Fields Mr. Arnold Fine Mr. Tobie Fink Mr. Bill Finocchiaro Ms. Renee Foos Ms. Sharon Forbes Mrs. Pamela Franck Ms. Phyllis Friedman Mr. Fred Fritsch Mr. Ross Galarneault Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 Page 19

2012 Donors Mr. Joseph Gallo General Electric Foundation Mr. Jess Germansky Mr. Salvatore Giammusso Ms. Jean Gianelos Ms. Janis Gianforte Mr. Robert Giangrande Mr. & Mrs. Murray Goldstein Ms. Karen Golubic Mr. David Graham Ms. Katherine Green Dr. Hudson Guthrie Mr. David Hanson Mr. & Mrs. Don Hanson Mr. Carl Hanson Mr. Larry Harmon Mr. & Mrs. Billy Harper Mr. & Ms. Douglas Hart Mr. Louis Hein Dr. James Hein Mr. Robert Herren Mr. Art Hicks Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hoffman Mr. Perry Holzman Mr. Mickey Horn Mr. & Mrs Richard Hubbard Ms. Joan Hughes Mr. Andre Jaglom Dr. & Mrs. William James Mr. Lewis Jamison Mr. Jeff Jellison Ms. Beverly Jennings Ms. Denise Jennings-Doyle Mr. Robert Jeraci Ms. Carolyn Jett Mr. & Mrs. Everett Johnson Mr. & Ms. Timothy Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Steven Johnson Mr. Robert Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Johnson Mr. Jerry Jouret Mr. Lyman Kaiser Mr. & Mrs. William Kane Capt. (Ret.) Richard Kavanagh Mr. Robert Kennedy Dr. James Kennedy Mr. Garry Kenny Mr. Jay Kent Mrs. Margaret Kerr Mr. Robert Kerska Mr. Norman Kidd Col. (Ret.) Alan Kirschbaum Page 20 Dr. Peter Kogge Ms. Gloria Kosek Mr. Daniel Kovalik Ms. Lillian Kozloski Mr. Gerald Krantweiss Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kretschmann Ms. Anne Kroeger Mrs. Marjorie Krug Mr. Straton Laios Mr. Philip Landau Mr. William Langham Dr. Sharon Laubach Mr. Harry Lawton Mrs. Joan Lea Mr. & Mrs. Eric Lee Mr. Robert Leidner Mr. & Mrs. W. Lenihan Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Leonard Mr. Robert Levine Mr. Robert Lewis Mr. Joseph Lingrey Mr. Thomas Locke Ms. Donna Lofgren Mr. William Lorimor Mr. & Mrs. Todd Lovell Mr. Lewis Lovitt Ms. Gwen Lubey Ms. Ruth Lubrani Mr. John Lund Col. (Ret.) Darryl Lundgren Mr. William Maier Ms. Kristine Marames Dr. Kurt Marti Maryland Charitable Campaign Mr. Harry Mason Ms. Jane Matlock Mr. Richard Matthies Dr. Ernest Maurer Mr. L. McAfoos Mr. Ronald McCaffrey Mrs. Mariann McCornack Ms. Carol McDermott Mr. Don McFall Mr. Bart McGraw Mr. Wallace McIntyre Mrs. Lark McMullin-Ramirez Mr. Robert McNutt Mr. & Mrs. James McSherry Mr. & Mrs. Morton Meltzer Col. Randell Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Miller Dr. Michael Mirabito Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 Mr. Kenneth Moore Mr. Rick Moramarco Mr. Michael Moran Mr. Peter Moravcsik Mr. David Moreno Mr. David Morgenstern Ms. Maggi Morrow Mr. Allen Myers Mr. Mike Neary Dr. & Mrs. Conrad Newberry Mr. & Mrs. Edward Niemann Mr. Eliahu Niewood Mrs. Wanda Nyarady Mr. Dennis Nygren Mr. Phil Oberlander Mrs. Kathe Oliver Mr. Richard Olson Mr. Michael O’Neill Dr. & Mrs. Theodore Oslick Mr. & Mrs. Russell Page Mr. Glenn Painter Maj. Christopher Palermo Mr. & Mrs. John Pappas Miss M. Park Mr. & Mrs. George Parma Mr. & Mrs. John Pavlides Mr. Larry Pelletier Mrs. Sara Penn Mr. Michael Perazich Ms. Donna Perleone Mr. Richard Pernerewski Mr. Ernie Perry Mr. Robert Peterson Mr. Douglas Petesch Mr. Jack Petit Ms. Francine Pickus Mr. Eric Poulos Mr. Daniel Prevenas Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Price Mr. Lester Price Mr. Randall Proctor Prudential Foundation Mrs. Mary Pruitt Ms. Karen Purdy & Mr. Paul Turk Mr. Dean Psiropoulos Mr. Paul Rankin Dr. Richard Rauch Mr. & Mrs. James Raynesford Ms. Liz Rea Ms. Lynn Reardon Mr. & Mrs. Michael Reinbold Ms. Barbara Reng Mrs. Helene Resnick Norin Mr. Sean Ricard Ms. Vicki Riese Ms. Robin Riley Mr. Brenda Rion Ms. Anne Ritter Mr. Brandon Robbins Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Roberti Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Roberts Mr. & Ms. Richard Roberts Mr. James Robertson Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Roche Mr. Robert Rogge Mr. William Rolls Ms. Marlyn Rose Mr. Paul Rosenberger Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Rosenbloom Dr. Rick Rotramel Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Rubin Mr. Richard Rupp Ms. Pamela Rypkema Mr. Lee Saathoff Mrs. Grace Sanderson Ms. Philomena Sawyer Ms. Betty Schlesinger Mr. Roland Schoenhoff Mr. Andrew Schopick Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Schuldt Ms. Margaret Scott Mrs. Lynn Shelley Mr. Thomas Shigemitsu Mr. Robert Sieck Mr. Hugh Silcox Mr. Larry Simmons Mr. Jon Sims Ms. Kathleen Sloan Ms. Meredith Smith Mr. James Smolen Dr. Steve Snyder Mr. Michael Solly Ms. Michele Sooy Ms. Susan Spivack Mr. Frank Springer Ms. Karen St. John Mr. Michael Stark Ms. Ellen Steeves Mr. David Stuart Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Stumpf Mr. William Sturm Mr. Richard Sudheimer Mr. Ronald Suter Mr. Ronald Suzuki Ms. Barbara Swetek Ms. Miriam Szanyi Mr. Alison Tamper Mr. Richard Taylor Mr. James Teapole Mr. Howard Thoele Mr. Barry Thompson Ms. Diane Tiffany Mr. Joseph Tomanic Mr. & Mrs. Harold Toothman Ms. Joyce Turner Mr. Lee Tutt Mr. & Mrs. Myron Uman Ms. Sally Vacanti Ms. Doris Valis Dr. & Mrs. Jack Valpey Ms. Mildred Van Dyke Mr. Robert Vanderkamp Mr. Gerhard Vetter Mr. James Viggiano Ms. Lynne Vitkus Mr. Gary Vyhnalek Mr. Milo Walsh Ms. Laurie Warner Mr. Kenneth Watkins Ms. Kit Weinrichter Mr. & Mrs. Michael Weinstein Ms. Elisabeth Wells Mr. Theodore West Ms. Elizabeth Wetter Mr. Glenn Whiteside Mr. Paul Wieland Mr. John Wimer Mrs. Allen Wolfe Mr. Josef Wonsever Dr. & Mrs. Peter Wood Mr. Carroll Woodling Mr. Peter Wright Mrs. Phyllis Yardley Ms. Dale Yeo Ms. Diana Youngs Ms. Annie Yuen Mr. Michael Zucker Mr. Michael Zurcher IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS We would also like to thank our very valuable partners who provide in-kind contributions throughout the year: Arent Fox LLP; Design and Production, Inc.; Griffin Communications Group; and Dr. June Scobee Rodgers. A Note to Our Donors We have carefully reviewed all gifts made to Challenger Center to ensure that each gift is properly recognized. This listing includes gifts from the 2012 fiscal year. Occasionally, despite our best efforts, errors occur. If we have made mistakes, we sincerely apologize. Please alert us to such errors by contacting the national office by phone at 202-827-1580, email at or mail at 422 1st Street SE, 3rd Floor, Washington, D.C. 20003. Please note that we also make every effort to follow donors’ preferences when compiling this list. If you would prefer to have your name listed differently in the future, please let us know. Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 Page 21

Board of Directors 2012-2013 Challenger Families and Founding Directors June Scobee Rodgers, Ph.D., Founding Chair Charles Resnik, M.D., Vice Chair Marcia Jarvis-Tinsley Steven McAuliffe Cheryl McNair Lorna Onizuka Jane Smith Wolcott Executive Committee Chair – Scott Parazynski, M.D. Chief Medical Officer & Director, UTMB Center for Polar Medical Operations Former NASA Astronaut Vice Chair – Charles Resnik, M.D. Founding Director of Challenger Center Professor of Radiology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and Director of the Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program at the University of Maryland Medical Center Richard Garriott de Cayeux Vice-Chairman, Space Adventures Private Astronaut Gwen Griffin President & CEO, Griffin Communications Group Janet L. Hedrick Fundraising Professional Barbara Morgan Distinguished Educator in Residence, Boise State University Former NASA Educator Astronaut Miles O’Brien Broadcast News Journalist specializing in Aviation, Space and Technology William F. Readdy Founder and Managing Partner, Discovery Partners Int. Former NASA Astronaut Deborah de la Reguera Executive Director, C. Paul Johnson Family Charitable Foundation Treasurer – Kenneth S. Reightler Faculty, United States Naval Academy Former NASA Astronaut Josiah Roe President, Medium Secretary – Dan Renberg Partner, Government Relations, Arent Fox, LLP Kent Rominger Vice President, Advanced Programs ATK Former NASA Astronaut President & CEO – Lance Bush, Ph.D. Challenger Center for Space Science Education Anousheh Ansari Entrepreneur, Private Space Explorer Jay F. Barnwell Jr. President and CEO, Design & Production, Inc. Susan Borland Education Manager, Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee Joseph Fuller Jr. President & CEO, Futron Corporation Page 22 Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 Stacey Shrewsbury Lead Flight Director, Challenger Learning Center at Heartland Community College Christopher Stott Chairman and CEO, ManSat LLC Zachary (Zak) Williams Entrepreneur and Business Consultant Karolyn D. Young Principal Director, Space Launch Engineering and Acquisition, The Aerospace Corporation Jonathan B. Clark (Columbia Family Representative) Space Medicine Liaison, National Space Biomedical Research Institute, Baylor College of Medicine. Representing Laurel Clark, Michael Anderson, David Brown, Kalpana Chawla, Rick Husband, William McCool and Ilan Ramon. Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 Page 23

Our Leadership & Staff CHALLENGER CENTER NATIONAL OFFICE The year was filled with exciting growth opportunities for the Challenger Center organization. This included relocating our offices to Washington, D.C. and expanding the team. Each day, the team makes great strides to not only continue being leaders in STEM education, but to keep the mission of the Challenger crew alive. EXECUTIVE STAFF Lance Bush, Ph.D. President & CEO Steven Kussmann Chief Operating Officer Kathleen Meehan Coop Vice President of Education NATIONAL OFFICE TEAM Genet Haile Sr. Accounting Specialist Martin Schwartz Director of Community Relations Kristen Jacobson Learning Center Operations Manager Bill Seilnacht Manager of Technical Support Jason Ketter Technology Support Specialist Muhammad Shazlee Director of Technology Sean Maloney Director of Donor Relations Angie Tenne Executive Assistant to the President Carlos Nunez Mission Support Specialist Lisa Vernal Director of Communications Pam Peterson Director of Strategic Partnerships Page 24 Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 Challenger Center Progress Report 2012 - 2013 Page 25

Challenger Center for Space Science Education 422 First Street SE, 3rd Floor Washington, DC 20003

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