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Published on February 24, 2014

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Challenge Based Development (CBD) 02.2014

Challenge Based Development World & Polish Business Leaders about challenges and experiences. • Tomorrow’s leaders get their training by dealing with today’s challenges. You have to take the ones with the most potential and send them where the action is. . . . Leaders are formed in the fires of experience. Carlos Ghosn, CEO Nissan & Renault (Ghosn & Ries, 2005, pp. 152–153). • I don’t believe in intuition. Maybe I will say something controversial, but intuition is experiences that we can’t knowingly associate. If some person doesn’t have experiences, he also doesn’t have an intuition. Michał Bichta, managing Director, Merck Sp .z o.o. Dobre przywództwo. Najlepsze praktyki polskich liderów biznesu. A. Drzewiecki D. Chełmiński, E. Kubica (p.173) Wolters Kluwer, Warsaw 2011 Instytut Analiz im. Karola Gaussa / all rights reserved / 2

Instytut Analiz im. Karola Gaussa How do we work? • Evidence-Based Management is a technology that allows us to make decision based on reliable evidence. Best available experiential evidence Best available scientific evidence • Best available organizational evidence Evidence Based Management Organizational values and stakeholders’ concerns Thanks to the Evidence-Based Management approach we diagnose the effectiveness of managers, as well as the key factors that are responsible for their current effectiveness. Obtaining this data allows us to run an individually oriented Challenge Based Development program for each of the managers. Instytut Analiz im. Karola Gaussa / all rights reserved / 3

Challenge Based Development Ways to develop managers Center for Creative Leadership* presented a meta-analysis of worldwide studies concerning the effectiveness of different approaches to the development of highly-effective managers. The study covered the years 1981 - 2010 and the largest currently available set of recommendations for building development programs, it also confirmed previous studies conducted by McCall. *70-20-10 From Research to Rules to Real World Practices, Cindy McCauley, A presentation for the Council of Learning, Development and Organizational Performance, January 25, 2012 The significance of manager’s development factors 100% 80% 70% 60% 40% 20% 20% 10% 0% Chalenges at work Co-workers Training and workshops 0% 0% Critical events Personal experiences Instytut Analiz im. Karola Gaussa / all rights reserved / 4

Challenge Based Development The advantages of the development program The program is based on the principle of 70/20/10 and enables managers to learn in their natural environment. As a result, they are developing through real job experience. Managers usually strive toward the same set of organizational goals, but to succeed in that, each manager needs a different kind of support. The reason is that they differ in terms of various psychological variables (e.g. personality) and the situation in which they work. The Challenge Based Development program takes into account the individual's characteristics and motivations of each manager in the selection of developmental tasks for development tasks which are important for the organization. Instytut Analiz im. Karola Gaussa / all rights reserved / 5

Challenge – what does it mean? IAKG definition Challenge is an ambitious task, fulfilled by a particular manager. The task is relevant to the role and responsibilities of the manager. The challenge is tailored to the results of psychological diagnosis of the manager and the opportunities existing in a particular organization. The challenge should be considered both demanding and new for the manager. Instytut Analiz im. Karola Gaussa / all rights reserved / 6

Challenge Based Development Seven Sure Best by McCall 1. Leadership is learned from experience. 2. Certain experiences matter more than others. 3. These experiences are powerful because of the challenges they present. 4. Different types of experiences teach different lessons. 5. Jobs and assignments can be made more developmental. 6. People can get many of the experiences they need in spite of the obstacles. 7. Learning takes place over time and it’s dynamic, with all manner of twists and turns. Source: M.W. McCall, Recasting Leadership Development, „Industrial and Organizational Psychology”, 2010, nr 3, p. 3–19. Instytut Analiz im. Karola Gaussa / all rights reserved / 7

How do we do it? Consultant works with entire system. Organization Higher level manager Business goals Manager Co-workers Employees Instytut Analiz im. Karola Gaussa / all rights reserved / 8

Challenge Based Development Pattern First the diagnosis, than the implementation Diagnosis The diagnosis is conducted for every participant of the project: 1) Job analysis 2) IAKG test battery 3) Interview 4) Identification of developmental goals Development tasks The key is to select tasks that are motivating for the manager and effective for the organization: 1) Selection of developmental tasks for a particular participant 2) Creating the schedule and tools Implementation Evaluation Recommended methods of implementation: Evaluation of the project consists of two parts: 1) Consulting of participating managers 2) Dedicated training 1) Evaluation of the developmental process Instytut Analiz im. Karola Gaussa / all rights reserved / 2) Evaluation of the achievement of developmental goals 9

IAKG – philosophy of testing Psychological diagnosis • managerial competencies Behavioral level influence tactics, hierarchy of values​​, job characteristics, organizational commitment, • Style and motivation social skills abilities personality, • Deep psychological level temperament Tools used by IAKG allow to grasp the complete picture of a person in the work environment. It is possible through measurement at three levels and by analyzing relationships between different psychological variables. Instytut Analiz im. Karola Gaussa / all rights reserved / 10

Case study – salesforce manager working in logistics From diagnosis, through feedback, to action John Smith – salesforce manager working in logistics Brief analysis • (TKIM) An average level of managerial competencies, low level of operational planning, high level of strategic planning. • (PTS) Excitation processes are stronger than inhibition processes, which can lead to a decreased accuracy and precision of action. • (TIC) A high level of readiness to put effort into work, combined with a high level of readiness to cooperate. This is combined with a low dynamics in both traits, which can lead to decreased initiative and a low engagement in organizational changes. • (H) A transitive hierarchy of values • (TTWK) Influencing through emotions may be a manipulative behaviour. • (OCS) A high emotional commitment to the organization. Instytut Analiz im. Karola Gaussa / all rights reserved / 11

Feedback comes after diagnosis From diagnosis, through feedback, to action Rules of the feedback 1. First, do no harm - PRIMUM NON NOCERE 2. Showing limitations of the diagnosis 3. Discussion of the report without a prior delivery of written version Content of the feedback 1. The exact explanation of what was tested and what results have been obtained 2. Explanation how the results may affect behavior at the workplace 3. Discussion of the results in comparison to the self-knowledge of the manager 4. Explanation of the limitations that come from psychological characteristics that are difficult or impossible to change, and how to go around them 5. Indication of the areas with the largest developmental opportunities Instytut Analiz im. Karola Gaussa / all rights reserved / 12

Main differences – a comparison Consultant works with the entire system Consultant Coach Trainer Works with other key people in the organization Yes, if it’s relevant to achieving business goals by the manager. No. Yes, if they are present in the training room. Uses professional tools of psychological diagnosis Yes. Optional – it depends on the coach. No. Takes business goals into account Yes, he/she is accountable for the outcomes. Rarely, usually meets the objectives of the person coached. No, only meets the objectives of the training. Uses business indicators of the manager Yes, this is the language in which they communicate. It depends on the coaching goals. No. Works with the job environment of the manager Yes. Only in group coaching, not in personal coaching. No. Maj, M. Wekselberg V. (2014). Badania obalają mity o rozwijaniu menedżerów. Vademecum Pracodawcy, Wolters Kluwer S.A. Instytut Analiz im. Karola Gaussa / all rights reserved / 13

General chart of the process Consultants work with the entire system KEY DC – Direct Consulting SV – Supervision of DC Analysis of documents Job analysis OC – Organizational Consulting PC – Psychological Consulting MCU – Managerial Consulting Unit (4h) Applying psychological tests. Interpreting the results. Conducting interviews with: - the manager - the supervisor - the HR Setting targets Planning tasks Accepting for the program f e e d b a c k MCU first MCU last Evaluation Summary of the project Time of conducting the project CBD Instytut Analiz im. Karola Gaussa / all rights reserved / 14

Case study – salesforce manager working in logistics From diagnosis, through feedback, to action – part 1 John Smith – salesforce manager working in logistics 1) Job analysis: John Smith manages a team of 6 sales assistants in the northern Poland. John’s key tasks: - achieving quarterly budgets set by the department both for his team and for himself - keeping the sales margin on the certain level - salesforce development - cooperating with the operational department in managing the costs - acquiring new clients 2) IAKG testing– key conclusions: John is successful in influencing other people, both his clients and his co-workers. He also obtained, relatively low of operational planning. Additionally, his style of influencing others is usually based on emotions and rarely on rational persuasion. Instytut Analiz im. Karola Gaussa / all rights reserved / 15

Case study – salesforce manager working in logistics From diagnosis, through feedback, to action – part 2 John Smith – salesforce manager working in logistics 3) Interview – After receiving feedback concerning his test results John admits that he has problems with operational planning (he used to delegate such tasks to his assistant, who recently took maternity leave, so now he often ends up overwhelmed by small, operational issues). He holds weekly meeting that often turns out to be devoid of any clear structure or goals. John also tends to be inconsistent with his subordinates and he often sets unrealistic goals. He also admits that taking up challenges is what really motivates him in his job. 4) Setting developmental goals: main developmental goals were set with a time perspective of 3 months: 1. Increasing the effectiveness of sales team meetings (including goals that those meetings help to achieve and the amount of time that they require). 2. Increasing the quality of reporting (for both John and his sales team) 3. Increasing the profitability of contracts for 2 members of the sales team (by 15% and 22%). 4. Increasing the number of sales meetings (measured in the number of meetings for each sales assistant). Instytut Analiz im. Karola Gaussa / all rights reserved / 16

Thank you! "One must require from each one the duty which each one can perform. Accepted authority rests first of all on reason." • Antoine de Saint-Exupéry The Little Prince Instytut Analiz im. Karola Gaussa / all rights reserved / 17

• Contact Mieszko Maj New Business Director Mobile: (+48) 535 690 696 Instytut Analiz im. Karola Gaussa / all rights reserved / 18

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