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Published on December 24, 2008

Author: cometoshare



As the product image had been revealed in the foreign IT website. It has adopted the touch pad of the YP-K3, and all functions.''&g_num=54&re view_num=35 Stylish MP3 Player YP-S3

Samsung released the Stylish Mp3 player YP-S3 at the first half of 2008. Before released, the YP-S3 got attention, as the product image had been revealed in the foreign IT website. It has adopted the touch pad of the YP-K3, and all functions.

YP-S3 the successor of the YP-K3   The overall design of the YP-S3 is the curved type of the YP-K3. The straight line of the YP-K3 has become rounding style in the YP-S3. It gives better grip, and the S3 succeed the 5-way touch pad from the YP-K3 for refinement.

High glossy material   Like the YP-K3, the S3 has adopted high glossy material, so the smooth body is the feature. And there are 5 sensitive colors for the YP-S3 such as black, white, green, blue, and red. The natural color made the body more impressive with the metal chrome line on the body. Multi Player YP-S3   Design is similar. How about the function? Basically, the YP-S3 supports all functions of the YP-K3, and besides, video playing function, and 5 touch games have been added.

Videos Video function can play ‘SVI’ type of files, and there’s a bookmark function which stores some point to move to it later. And DNSe 2.0 function such as normal, drama, and action is also possible. Touch Game There are 5 kinds of touch games such as Baseball, Pizza Delivery, Honeybee, Jungmumun, and, Foodking. The games can be played with the 5-way touch pad, but sometimes, it may cause a malfunction, so you will need some time to be adapted.

Enjoying music with various genres Using the DNSe 2.0, users listen to music with various genres When listening to music, once the DNSe is excuted by pushing a menu button, users can set it to normal, rock, vocal, bass boost, classic, studio, and concer hall, and EQ, 3D detail setting t can be adjusted by user setting. Each sound effect can be set with listening to music, so users can change it as they feel.


Neat elegant design of the YP-S3 The design feature of the YP-S3 is the minimalism which is composed of simple line, and useful. The minimalism has been adopted in the fashion or interior industry, but recently, it is often adopted to IT products.

YP-S3 DESIGN 5 way touch pad is located on the front to express the high class feeling, and at the top and the side, there’s an accessory ring, hold/pow switch, 24 pin standard connector, and earphone er terminal only, so the practical design catches my eyes.

I could feel smooth grip when holding it.

Size and thickness The size of the YP-S3 is 44x95mm similar to the YP-K3 44x96mm. But the thickness is 9.8mm which is 3mm thicker than the YP-K3’s 6.95mm, but it’s still slim with less than 1 cm. With the small size and slim body, it’s not a burden to hang on my neck.

1.8 inch QCIF TFT LCD   The LCD of the YP-S3 is QCIF(176X220) TFT LCD which is for the cell phone LCD unlike the YP-K3 has a full Color OLED LCD. And the size is 1.8 inch which is 0.1 inch bigger than the K3’s 1.7 inch.

NEW MENU STYLE New 3 menu styles have been added to the YP-S3 which make the QCID LCD special. Crystal, my skin, and sparkling shows their own UI. At the crystal, the menu icons are shining like a crystal. In case of the my skin, users can set a image saved in the pictures menu. Lastly, the most colorful sparkling UI is the structure that circular patterns such as bubbles are moving.

24 pin standard connector

The feature of the Samsung MP3 players is that they use 24 pin standard connector for recharging and data transfer. 24 pin connector is mostly used for cell phone charge and transfer, and it means it has a strong point that it’s widely used. So, users don’t need to use data cable provided to recharge and transfer data.

Cradle speaker It’s not the included item of the YP-S3, but a separate item. With this cradle speaker, users listen to the great sound of music. This cradle speaker is design as a circular type, and MP3 players can be plugged in the center. The thing is that it’s possible to connect to the P2 and T10 directly, and it can connect other multimedia devices with other audio cables.

YP-S3 better than the former one

As the successor of the YP-K3, the YP-S3 is appraised as a better product than the former product. It has smoother design, and things such as Videos and touch games which the K3 didn’t have, and supports the DNSe 2.0 with various genres of sound. I hope this perfect S3 will stimulate the people’s desire who want ‘Portable type MP3 player’ to buy this.

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