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Published on November 7, 2007

Author: Nivedi


Sprayer Calibration::  Sprayer Calibration: A Groundwater Protection Practice Pesticide Applicator Core Training Manual Part B, Chapter 5 Calibration: As Easy As 1-2-3:  Calibration: As Easy As 1-2-3 #1 Nozzle Flow Rate #2 Ground Speed #3 Nozzle or Band Width Why Calibrate?:  Why Calibrate? Maximizes value of pesticide Insures legal/label rates Minimizes crop injury Minimizes pest control failure When to Calibrate?:  When to Calibrate? A minimum of once a year Calibration Equipment :  Calibration Equipment Collection containers with graduated measurements Calculator Notepad and writing instrument Stopwatch or wristwatch with second hand Calibration formulas and a current nozzle manufacturer’s spray guide Calibration Equipment:  Calibration Equipment Nozzle tip cleaning brush One new tip matched to other nozzles on sprayer Colored marker flags or rags Unlined, chemical-resistant gloves Information to Record:  Information to Record Nozzle type/number - Are they all same? Nozzle spacing on boom Expected and Measured sprayer speed Pressure at the sprayer; pressure at boom Boom height from target Expected output (manufacturer’s) Measured output Methods for Calibration:  Methods for Calibration Timed-flow Method Ounces=Gallons Method Tank Volume Method Timed Flow Method:  Timed Flow Method #1. Select nozzle type based on Method of application Field conditions Pesticide product Sprayer pressure #2. Select nozzle tip (size) Nozzle tip based on gallons per minute GPM based on: gpa, mph, width Timed Flow Method:  Timed Flow Method #3. Solve the GPM equation GPM = gpa x mph x width 5940 Timed Flow Method:  Timed Flow Method #4. Refer to manufacturer’s chart for nozzle type which delivers GPM calculated in step #3 #5. Test for uniform flow rate from each nozzle Use water; collect from nozzle for one minute; check within ±5% Any nozzle discharge >10 percent of catalog specifications at a given pressure is worn out Timed Flow Method:  Timed Flow Method #6. Confirm actual speed of equipment Measure off distance (e.g. 100 feet) Travel distance at chosen operating speed Record time required Speed (mph) = Distance (feet) x 60 Time (seconds) x 88 Ounces = Gallons Method:  Ounces = Gallons Method Before you begin: Check nozzles for uniformity ±5 percent Check pressure gauges at tractor Check that pressure is consistent with nozzle recommendation Ounces = Gallons Method:  Ounces = Gallons Method #1. Determine inches between nozzles or band width in inches #2. Find corresponding calibration distance in chart #3. Mark off distance in field #4. Fasten one quart container on one nozzle to catch discharge Ounces = Gallons Method:  Ounces = Gallons Method #5. Run the course at operating speed, turning sprayer ON at beginning and OFF at end of course #6. Measure liquid collected (Repeat and average output) #7. Ounces collected = Gallons per acre Tank - Volume Method:  Tank - Volume Method Before you begin calibration: Check nozzles for uniformity ±5% #1. Measure course 660 feet long in field #2. Fill spray tank to known depth #3. Run the course at operating speed, turning sprayer ON at beginning and OFF at end of course Tank - Volume Method:  Tank - Volume Method #4. Measure number of gallons required to re-fill tank to same level as step # 2 #5. Use formula to calculate rate applied #6. If rate needs adjusting, change nozzle, speed or pressure #7. If changes made, run test again Sprayer Calibration Considerations:  Sprayer Calibration Considerations Are all nozzles alike? Check for blockage of the nozzle screen Check the seating of the ball check valve Are the number of acres in a field accurate? Do you keep accurate pesticide application records? In conclusion...:  In conclusion... Pesticide sprayer calibration protects groundwater results in increased income should be done once a year Gather calibration equipment Record information Be sure all nozzles are spraying uniformly In conclusion...:  In conclusion... Calibrate sprayer Ounces = Gallons Method Tank Volume Method If the sprayer output is not what it is supposed to be, check for other problems Sprayer Calibration:  Sprayer Calibration Program developed by Michigan State University Extension Groundwater Team: R.L. Dow, M.C. Gould, H.D. Rouget, S.A. Stuby To compliment the Pesticide Applicator Core Training Manual, E-2195 written by the: Pesticide Education Program

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