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Information about CH01_6_The_present_tense_of_ser

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: daniellerichards


PowerPoint Presentation: The present tense of ser (to be) (El tiempo presente del verbo ser ) PowerPoint Presentation: s omos ( s ois) s on s oy eres es S er Its conjuga t i o n Ser is an irregular verb. ( yo ) ( tú ) ( él ) ( ella ) ( nosotros ) ( vosotros ) ( ellos ) ( ellas ) *( it ) ( usted ) es ( ustedes ) s on PowerPoint Presentation: SER is one of the “to be” verbs Ser is used to express: What someone or something is Who someone is The origin of someone or something The inherent qualities of someone or something PowerPoint Presentation: SER tells what someone is in terms of their profession or occupation. Ella es profesora. PowerPoint Presentation: S ER tells what someone is. Yo soy el profesor Vargas. ¿ Quién eres tú ? With ser , as with all verbs in Spanish, the form of the verb must “flip” to its “opposite” form when it applies to someone within the conversation. soy somos eres sois es son es son Yo soy María. PowerPoint Presentation: mi teléfono celular. S ER tells what someone is. ¿Qué es eso que tienes en la mano? Es Conversely, if the verb form refers to someone or something outside the conversation, it does not “flip.” soy somos eres sois es son es son PowerPoint Presentation: S ER tells what something is. Esto es un diccionario. ( This is a dictionary.) Esto es una pluma. ( This is a pen.) PowerPoint Presentation: S ER tells who someone is. ¿Quién es usted? ¿Yo? Yo soy Manuel Ortiz. PowerPoint Presentation: S ER also tells our origin . ¿ De dónde eres tú ? La señorita es de Nueva York. Yo soy de . . . Be aware that de must be used in the response as well as in the question. Notice that de means “from” and must be placed before the question word dónde when asking where someone is from: literally, “From where are you?” PowerPoint Presentation: El monstruo es muy feo. Los perros son obedientes. S ER is used with inherent qualities . Somos una familia feliz. FIN: FIN

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