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Published on March 17, 2014

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Teachability is an attitude, therefore it is a choice. Are you making the right choices?

Teachability: The Pathway of Learning Ron McIntyre Certified Leadership Coach,Teacher and Speaker Transformative Leadership Group

Accountability How did you integrate “Hope” as a focus on learning into your life this past week? TLG - SYWSYL - 2014 2

What Does Teachability Mean? TLG - SYWSYL - 2014 3 Leaders are teachers and teachable! “Teachability is possessing the intentional attitude and behavior to keep learning and growing throughout life!” • If you want to be successful tomorrow, then you must be teachable today!

Attitude and Teachability TLG - SYWSYL - 2014 4 • Teachability means having a “heart” for learning. • Survey by Leadership IQ: • Of 20K new hires in a 3 yr. period, 46% failed within the first 18 months on the job! • Lack of technical competence was NOT a main reason.Weakness in this skill are was 1 in 10. • Almost 90% of their problems were due to a result of attitude! • Top reason for failure was lack of teachability! • 26% of the people who failed weren’t coachable. • They lacked the ability to accept & implement feedback from bosses, colleagues, customers & others. • Since attitude is a CHOICE, thereforeTeachability is a CHOICE. • Pretending you know it all can sabotage one’s future because it is impossible for one person to know it all.

Traits of a Teachable Person!  Teachable people have an attitude conducive to learning.  Teachable people possess a beginner’s mind- set.  Teachable people take long, hard looks in the mirror.  Teachable people encourage others to speak into their lives.  Teachable people learn something new every day.  Let’s look a little deeper in each? TLG - SYWSYL - 2014 5

Teachable People Have an Attitude Conducive to learning.  Each day is an opportunity!  Attitudes are expectant!  Openness is critical!  If you reach your age of personal comfort with the world, you can stop learning and coast for the rest of your life.  Being teachable depends on capacity and attitude. Embrace an attitude of teachability.  If you don’t have a positive attitude & a teachable spirit, FIGHT for them.  The Choice isYOURS? TLG - SYWSYL - 2014 6

Teachable People Possess a Beginner's Mind-set!  Ability & willingness to learn and put into practice whatever is needed to accomplish your goals.  An open mind is the beginning of self-discovery and growth.  In a beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind there are few.  To maintain a beginners' mind-set, can be difficult.  Keep in mind the following:  Everyone has something to teach me!  Every day I have something to learn.  Every time I learn something, I benefit!  Asking questions does more for development than answering them.  Are you asking questions today? TLG - SYWSYL - 2014 7

Teachable PeopleTake Long, Hard Looks in the Mirror!  Novelist JamesThom,“Probably the most honest,“self-made” man ever was the one we heard say:“I got to the top the hard way- fighting my own laziness & ignorance every step of the way.”  We need to openly and honestly evaluate ourselves on a continual basis.  When we refuse to look in the mirror, we look for people to blame.We keep getting the same result over and over.  William Mayo:“Lord, deliver me from the man who never makes a mistake, and also from the man who makes the same mistake twice.”  How can I be more teachable? TLG - SYWSYL - 2014 8

Teachable People Encourage Others to Speak into Their Lives!  Teachable people need to surround themselves with people who know them well & will lovingly, yet honestly, speak into their lives.  You must be willing to develop strong relationships that can provide the basis for these discussions.  Your friend should have enough courage to speak into your life.  You must be willing to accept the feedback and criticism without defending yourself.  “I don’t trust anyone with power that can’t be checked,” – “Especially ME” – John Maxwell  “Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you would have preferred to talk. Doug Larson  How DoYou Listen to Make a Change? TLG - SYWSYL - 2014 9

TLG - SYWSYL - 2014 10

Daily Practices to Become More Teachable: Preparation Be proactive, prepare. Look for learning moments. Listen for learning opportunities Keep your eyes open. Think through your day with anticipation, not with fear.  “When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare?” – johnWooden TLG - SYWSYL - 2014 11

Daily Practices to Become Teachable: Contemplation  Time alone is essential to learning.  Contemplation allows us to learn from negative experiences.  In science, mistakes always precede discoveries  Questions to contemplate: What can I learn from what I read today? What can I learn from what I saw today? What can I learn from what I heard today? What can I learn from what I experienced today? What can I learn from what I did wrong today? What Can I learn from whom I met today? What can I learn from what I discussed today? TLG - SYWSYL - 2014 12

Daily Practices to Become Teachable: Application  When we learn & apply we have value!  3 reactions to negatives & mistakes: Resolve to never make another mistake, but this is impossible. Allow mistakes to make them cowards. Learn from their mistakes & apply the lesson to their lives, which is profitable.  Make learning a disciplined activity.  Share the discipline of learning.  Share the discipline of being teachable. TLG - SYWSYL - 2014 13

ThankYou TLG - SYWSYL - 2014 14 Thanks for joining us in discussing the topic ofTeachability based on John Maxwell’s book,“SometimesYou Win, SometimesYou Learn”. We can customize a MasterMind group for your company or group based on this or a number of other books from John. We also have a number of coaching frameworks we can bring to your staff and help them grow! Please contact me at: Website: Website: Blog: Email: Phone: 630-935-3326

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