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Published on January 28, 2016

Author: opilipets


1. Class notes Chapter 2: SUMMARIZING AND GRAPHING DATA. Section 2.2: Frequency Distributions Construct a Frequency Distribution. Raw data: 1. Decide on the number of classes you want and calculate the Class Width. assesNumberOfCl ueMinimumValueMaximumVal ClassWidth )( − = = 2. Begin by choosing a number for the lower limit of the first class. Using the class width, proceed to list the other lower class limits. CLASS MIDPOINT Lower CLASS BOUND LOWER CLASS LIMIT UPPER CLASS LIMIT Upper CLASS BOUND FREQU ENCY CUMULATIVE FREQUENCY RELATIVE FREQUENCY 3. Enter the upper class limits. 4. Enter the frequencies for each class.

2. Section 2.3: Histograms Construct a histogram using the Frequency Distribution table above Section 2.4: Other Graphs 1. Construct a scatterplot

3. 2. Construct a Frequency Polygon (using the class midpoint values) 3. Construct an Ogive (Y-axis represents cumulative frequencies)

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