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Published on December 3, 2008

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Slide 1: By: Kara Walsh Chapter 12 "Nutrition Fads, Fallacies, and Scams" Overview: Food Faddism : Overview: Food Faddism What is Food Faddism? How did it start? Where is it found? How does it happen???? What is Faddism? : What is Faddism? Nutrition related myths, fads, and quackery Promoting unscientific concepts that can cause public confusion and lead consumers to make unwise purchases, or jeopardize health. Exploits fears and false hopes How did it Start? : How did it Start? Ancient Greeks/Romans/Egyptians believed diet was primal factor in health, disease, intellect, behavior, mortality. Beauty and good health comes from pain Early Scam Artists: : Early Scam Artists: Sylvester Graham (1794- 1851) Promoted the simple Started exercising near open windows, and promoted regular bathing Created the “Graham Cracker” Scam Artists Cont: : Scam Artists Cont: James Caleb Jackson (1852-1943) “Cured” his own kidney/heart problems by drinking 30-40 glasses of water a day! Created sanitarium (health club) where he offered “water cures” Created granola to supplement graham crackers (first “health foods”) Scam artists cont: : Scam artists cont: John Harvey Kellogg (1852-1943) 1st to make millions from faddism Also used “water cure” for almost every know ailment Created the wheat flake By 1899 the flakes evolved into the cereal based company… KELLOGG’S!!! Major competitor: Charles POST: created “grape nuts” as a cure for appendicitis, malaria, tuberculosis and loose teeth! Where are Fads and Fallacies found?? : Where are Fads and Fallacies found?? Promoted through practitioners, health resorts, retail establishments, trade organizations, media outlets: BOOKS PERIODICALS HEALTH FOOD STORES PHARMACYS/DRUGSTORES CHIROPRACTORS Books : Books Seen as the “Silent Sales Force” $276 million (1996) – health food stores only! “Life Extension” Bestseller 1982/83 Companies designed products to take advantage claims in book Antioxidants, moisturizers, and anti-aging product sales increased Based on animal experiments Claimed one could live to 150!!! Sound Familiar? : Sound Familiar? Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw- “Life Extention” Adelle Davis- “Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit” Lendon Smith- “Feed Your Kids Right” Robert Atkins “Dr.Atkins’ Diet Revolution” Bill Phillips- “Body for Life”???? Periodicals : Periodicals Claims can be made by “independent” authors (if no direct connection between author and manufacture) Ads for supplements placed on pages adjacent to articles boosting their ingredients Protected under Freedom of Press Health Food Stores: : Health Food Stores: In 1996, gross sale of more than $10 billion. No special knowledge or training required. Employees retain info from books and magazines that promote supplements for virtually all health problems. Commonly diagnose and prescribe “General Nutrition Center” (GNC) : “General Nutrition Center” (GNC) Largest health food chain in U.S. and Canada Managers charged with several criminal violations by the FDA, FTC, and Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Simply agrees to pay penalties to settle charges (at one time over 41 unsubstantiated claims existed!!!) 1970s marketed supplement of the amino acid L-tryptophan (38 deaths/ 5000 ill or disabled) Pharmacists: : Pharmacists: Almost every pharmacy sells irrationally formulated products (along with good ones). Chain drugstores are more likely than individually owned stores. Most common reasons for recommending supplements: Stress/ Colds/ Athletic activity Found that only 15% of multivitamins meet approved guidelines Chiropractors: : Chiropractors: Products sold for 2 times the wholesale cost. Most of these are intended for the treatment of disease, even though they lack FDA approval. Product info is communicated by literature, company sponsored meetings/seminars, mail. “Nutrition Consultants” : “Nutrition Consultants” Non accredited correspondence schools offer B.S/ M.S./ Ph.D.s in less than a year. Most textbooks used as curriculum were written for the general public by promoters of dubious nutrition practices. Suspicious headings: “Acupuncture”, “Health and Diet Products”, “Health, Fitness and Nutrition Consultants”, “Herbs”, “Holistic Practitioners”, “Weight Control Services”, “Wellness Programs” Dubious Tests: : Dubious Tests: HAIR ANALYSIS: MUSCLE-TESTING: LIVE-CELL ANALYSIS: FUNCTIONAL INTRACELLULAR ANALYSIS: How does it Happen?? : How does it Happen?? IT IS ILLEGAL TO PLACE UNPROVEN CLAIMS ON A PRODUCT LABEL, BUT… False Information can be found in ANY of these: : False Information can be found in ANY of these: Pamphlets and Newsletters Magazines (articles and ads) Television (commercials and talk shows) Internet Word of mouth/ seminars The “Bad Guys” : The “Bad Guys” National Health Federation (NHF) Citizens for Health (CFH) American Preventive Medical Association (APMA) Rodale Press “Prevention Magazine” Nutritional Health Alliance (NHA) Summary: : Summary: What is Faddism? False claims and scams preying on fears and concerns of citizens. How did it start? It has ancient roots, greed being number. People want to get rich quick!! Where can it be found?? Anywhere but actually on the product label. How?? Many laws to weaken FDA, many committees and organizations fighting for “freedom of speech and press”. Consumer Tips: : Consumer Tips: 1) Read labels carefully! 2) Be suspicious of these headings: “Acupuncture”, “Health and Diet Products”, “Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Consultants”, “Herbs”, “Holistic Practitioners”, “Weight Control Services”, Wellness Programs”, …”Alternative”, “Natural” 3) Avoid practitioners who prescribe vitamin supplements for everyone. Slide 23: REMEMBER: IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS!!!

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