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Published on December 7, 2016

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1. CFO –The Changing WorkTrends

2. The consumerizati on of IT has compelled more CFOs to be actively involved with IT strategies The chief Financial Officer is the key financial decision maker across organizations. The CFO of organizations adds value in different ways and 15% of CFOs are involved in operations. Through 2016 many companies are looking at becoming lean and agile, hence the CFO will be assigned added responsibilities. Therefore he must be able to cope with the new job responsibilities.

3. CFO- One Designation, Multiple Roles Yes, you read it right! The CFO is often taking over technological responsibilities of the organization. As technology is in a state of constant growth there is a need to lay emphasis on its smooth operation. For more information write to us at

4. The Declining role of the COO and increasing responsibilitie s for the CFO Source:

5. CFOs have a deep understanding of the company`s operational unit hence they are the best leaders to oversee technology that integrates with the various units. Technology is both a major expense and capital asset. Who better than a corporate officer with financial expertise to oversee such important and integral assets? CFO- the IT leader

6. With emerging trends CFO is taking over the role of COO, and other corporate officers. One of the reasons why the CFO has taken over the responsibility of managing the technological aspects is that the role of the COO is slowly yet steadily declining. Across organizations, the role of the COO has been removed and their duties are divided between the CEO and CFO. As per research by Crist Kolder Associates only 33% of Fortune 500 companies still have COOs. There has been a decrease of 45% from 2000.

7. How to reach leading CFOS from corporate firms? There are many ways to reach key decision makers from the corporate world. CFOs are amongst the busiest corporate officers and if you wish to reach them for business communication invest in valid b2b databases. The CFO email list from Confaab will help you take your campaigns to the targeted audience effortlessly. For more information call us on : 800 308 1783

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