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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: mcobb50


Cobb Family Foundation Meeting 3/8/14

Agenda   Moment of Gratitude Presentation- Michael C   Open Discussion of Beginning to Focus Funding    Personal or Foundation? Relationship Philanthropy vs. Transaction Philanthropy   Michael‟s Proposal & Other Thoughts Impact Investing – diversification and trial   Principals of Social Enterprise Towards Achieving High Impact Interest & time ability? Grant App Review. Governance. Review of 2013 Grants & 2014 requirements Future Foundation Expansion  What do we want to see? Initial timeline?

“Enlightened collectives will fulfill an important function in the arising of the new consciousness. Just as egoic collectives pull you into unconsciousness and suffering, the enlightened collective can be a vortex for consciousness that will accelerate the planetary shift.” -Eckhart Tolle

Principals of Social Enterprise Toward Achieving High Impact

Family Lenses & Expertise Kristin • Volunteer/Cultural Experience • Medical World • Visible Poverty/Suffering • Interest in People Michael • Organizational Bureaucracy • Higher Education/Teaching • Design Steve • Business Principals • Organizational Leadership & Effectiveness • Discerning Thoughtfulness Molly • EMPATHY • Building Block • Teaching/Education • Distribution of Grants

We are awesome!

Consciousness of Societal Issues„Tipping Pont‟ Sustainability Focus Demand for High EfficiencyBusiness Principals

General Non-Profit Inefficiencies  Lack of Overhead (Development & Capital)     Funding usually restrictive Can stifle innovation Not much emphasis on skill development Mission Drift  Wrong Emphasis!   Alleviating Suffering vs. System Change Chase the money

General Non-Profit Inefficiencies (cont’d)  Good Intentions w/out clarity   No laser focus Growth itself can become a goal =>

Raison D'être Business World  Purpose is clear    Non-Profits  If you aren‟t efficient & necessary you won‟t survive Growth => Purpose Purpose often unclear   High Failure Rate  No mechanism to ensure efficiency as life or death priority Actual Impact is not traditionally a condition of continued existence Low Failure Rate

General Non-Profit Inefficiencies (cont’d) Competition Mindset =>  Measurement Difficulties     Positive effect assumed Measure Bodies/Lives (Superficial) Expensive to maintain Flat out difficult to measure!

ative (IMI) expert group members. The manual does not consider how to measure include environmental or cultural). ng point has been to devise a process of Impact measurement for a VPO/SI wantasure the impact of their investment1 in a Social Purpose Organisation (“SPO”). The PO) and how the VPO/SI itself contributes to that impact (level of VPO/SI). This the “how to” of impact measurement and is often what is most needed by venture opy organisations and social investors in general to get started. Analysis of existing ogies for impact measurement and the experience of working together with VPO/ ed that most methods and tools to measure impact share a general framework. We 5 AN . D MANAGING IMPACT 2. AN AL YS STAKE HO ING LD E RS 3. MEASURIN G RESULTS FYING & ERI .V IMPACT 4 ING LU VA 1. OB SET JE C The 5 steps of social impact measurement G N S TI IVE T VPA ING OR IT RTING N O PO M RE 1 We use investment throughout as including the range of grants, loans and equity.

Effective Mission Impact Efficient Execution

Traits of efficient Non-Profits  Measurement Emphasis  Strong Culture & Identity     Me & My or We ? Vibrancy & Purpose Dynamic Leadership- background, personality Development Commitment    Looking for new ideas Willingness to reform & discard programs „Open Source‟ Principals

Clear Progression: Why -> How -> What Execution • Measurement • Discipline Program • Scale Ideas • Deep vs. Up Mission • Clarity & Sense • What kind?

Whole System Reform Socially Responsible Business Government Reform (?) Flourishing People & Communities Effective & Vibrant Social Sector Conscious Families and Community Groups

Operating Space For Dynamic Foundations Social Enterprise System Change Orgs Dynamic Non-profits Foundations Impact Investing Effective Grants

Review of 2013 Grants & 2014 Requirements

Evolving Focus Area-

Benefits of Focusing  Consensus & „Themes‟ are beginning to emerge  Chance to develop competence

Possible Emerging Focus Areas: Education • Access & Opportunity • Reform • Emotional Learning Personal Development Social Entrepreneurship • Tools to help oneself • Supporting the SE „ecosystem‟ • Belief: dynamic individuals & ideas • Market based sustainable solutions

Social Entrepreneur Ecosystem

Mission Statement Iteration 1: “The Cobb Family Foundation is dedicated to providing funding for high performing and high potential organizations that promote educational opportunity & reform, personal development, and social entrepreneurship locally and around the world. “

Other Potential Focus Areas Access to Alternative/Holistic Healthcare Dynamic International Development Work Others?

2013 Grants by Focus Area 2013 Grants Social Entreprenurship Personal Developmnet Educationial Oppurtunity Capital Campaigns

Not Support      traditional capital campaigns fundraising events the arts research higher education basichealth and human services THOUGHTS????

Impact Investing DiscussionDiversification, Relationships, & Test Personal or Foundation?

2013 Asset Performance & Implications  Steve & Molly

Traditional Approach vs. Impact Investment Approach

Total Foundation Asset Management (TFAM)

Initial Research Funds     KL Felicitas RSF Social Finance SJF Ventures Bamboo Capital Method/Principals   Diversification (Environmental, Social, b y Region etc.) Expertise    ROI   Nascent literature Practitioner 3%-15% SROI (?)

Investment Discussion Points  Do high performing effect strategy? Short-term, longterm?  Impact Capital?  Any potential conflicts with mission currently?  Size as inhibitor?

Relationship Philanthropy vs. Transaction Philanthropy  Concept  Time & Interest in Approach  Governance & Professional Relationships

Future Expansion? Further Capital Investment What do we need to see? Initial timeline & thoughts From HP dividend? Steve & Molly? Everyone?

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