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Published on October 14, 2008

Author: mcmaster_multimedia2



little presentation about the installment of SAW films. :)

25.00 Percentages Reporting 20.00 Suicide Plans and Attempts among Adults Aged 18 or Older from 2004- 15.00 18 to 20 2005 21 to 24 25 to 34 10.00 35 to 54 55 or Older 5.00 0.00 Made Suicide Plan Attempted Suicide

It’s surprising just how many people take their lives for granted. The saw series touches upon several different subjects, adding twists, turns, and terror to the movie while stressing the importance of embracing and cherishing your life. Throughout the four instalments, we have seen traps set for drug users, murderers, rapists, and all sorts of other abusers who are forced to either sacrifice some part of themselves for the chance to live. This take on horror movies is oddly refreshing, bringing an actual meaning to the brutal slaughter films that are popular in today’s theatres.

The mindset of the infamous Jigsaw is simple to understand if you look past his drastic measures to get his point across. Being a terminally ill cancer patient, Jigsaw values every second of his existence and loathes those lucky enough to have their whole lives ahead of them. With this thinking in mind, Jigsaw brings the audience to the horrifying realization that he will play God and give his victims the choice to live or die if they agree to repent for their past lives. Jigsaw, although a wanted criminal, considers his actions not to be evil, and instead insists that he gives all of his victims the choice to live or die.

All of his traps seem to form a series of twists and turns, those that both shock and scare the audience and those that wrap up the movie, yet bring forth more questions to be answered in future instalments. The traps that Jigsaw sets always seem to relate to the victim’s ‘problems’, giving an exaggerated form of the actions the victim takes when doing the crime. For example, in the second film, a drug user was forced to look through a pit of broken, used needles in order to find an antidote to a poison running through his veins.

The SAW films have built up a huge fan base, not just from it’s gore, but from it’s meaning as well. A fan review from the website reads: “.... “choice” is presented as Jigsaw’s way of forcing people to appreciate the value of human life. We shouldn’t take precious life for granted, and he’s out to teach us all a lesson. It’s brilliant.”

Plotline & Meaning of SAW IV Delivered Not as good as the others Horrible

The series is an overall Halloween favourite, loved by thousands of people who show up to every premiere each year a new film comes out. Some watch the film for the intriguing plot and clever twists, while some just enjoy the horror aspect of the film. However, although many people have different reasons for seeing the film, the message does its job in effecting everyone in the theatre and suggests that we cherish our lives, because they could be taken away at any moment. So, LIVE OR DIE, MAKE YOUR CHOICE.


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